“I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half.” --- Jay Gould, Libertarian & Robber Baron

The Assassinated Press

Slice of the Pie: Cops Beating People for Wall Street Receive Free Pizza and Beer from Brokerages.COPS AND WALL STREET'S REAL MOTIVE --- DOMESTIC OPPRESSION.
Some Pizza Boxes Appear to Contain Hundred Dollar Bills Under the Pies. “Order a Pie with Everything and there’s $500.00 of Goldman Sachs Money.”
“We steal hundreds of billions and these asshole cops do Wall Street’s bidding for a few Franklins and extra pepperoni.” --- Rick Santelli.
New York Po Po: Junk Yard Dogs to the Rich.
Wall Street Demonstrations Test Police Trained to be the Muscle for a Criminal Kleptocracy, Not to Fight Terrorism. Real Motive DOMESTIC OPRESSION.

The Assassinated Press

When members of the loose protest movement known as Occupy Wall Street began a march from the financial district to Union Square on Saturday, the participants seemed relatively harmless, even as they were breaking the law by marching in the street without a permit.

But that would soon change. As the demonstrators passed by an alley leading behind a brokerage house on Wall Street, they glimpses a a dozen or so cops downing Alpha King Pale Ale and chomping on fresh Lombardi’s Pizza and seeming to pull one hundred dollar bills from beneath the hot pies. What was more startling was the pizza’s and beer were being deliverd from the trunk of a Mercedes SL65, clearly not a car anyone on the police force should care to own.

On seeing the demonstrators two plain close cops walke over to them and pepper sprayed thm into temporary blindness. But several people still recorded images of the police stuffing themselves on extra pepperoni and Franklins, a gift from their wealthy Wall Street owners.

Massa Race Theater

So to the New York Police Department clearly bought off by their Wall Street massas, the demonstraters represented a threat to those pizzas and olive oil slogged Franklins. So the police again became a visible example of lawlessness akin to that which had resulted in destruction and violence at other anticapitalist demonstrations, like the Group of 20 economic summit meeting in London in 2009 and the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle in 1999. The rich are so touchy almost like they’re capable of feeling guilt.

On seeing the demonstrators two plain close cops walked over and pepper sprayed them into temporary blindness. The others reluctantly put down their slices and rushed over to crack a few heads crying,

‘Hey! Hey! Hippy scum.

We got pizza and you got none.

Lloyd Blankfein loves his Jack Boots thugs today.

So poor, homeless hippies don't you go away.’

’But several people still were able to record images of the police stuffing themselves on extra pepperoni and Franklins, gifts from their wealthy Wall Street owners.

The Police Department’s quid pro quos or as their known in the Midtown North precinct as bribes with gravy poor salaries and bloddlust came up against a milder reality on Saturday, when their efforts to maintain crowd control against people excercising their first amendment rights to free speech, suddenly escalated not only because of the blatant police corruption but because of excessive drug and alcohol abuse on the part of the police.

“Man. I had no idea they were such boozers,” exclaimed Tiffany Metre of Fort Pork, South Carolina. I I’d aknown that, I’d a moved to New York years ago and joined the force.”

Protesters were corralled by police officers who put up orange mesh netting; the police forcibly arrested some participants; and a deputy inspector used pepper spray on four women who were on the sidewalk, behind the orange netting.

“I mean, I can’t wait to get up in the morning, get loaded, maybe shoot a little skack, and go break heads for the rich fucks on Wall Street,” said Lt. Barnett of the 13th Precinct.

The police’s actions suggested that they have flipped. First, ‘flipped’ means they’re nuts having turned into brutal sociopaths by the prospect of free pizza and beer lacxed with hundred dollar bills.

Second, ‘flip’ may refer to the mythical notion that the police are their to serve all of the people, not only the rich.

The New York police are trained to fight terrorism, in a city whose police commissioner acknowledges the ownership of a gun big enough to take down a plane. But they can’t even protect people’s first amendment rights so they would be worthless during terrorist attack. There actions appear designed to foster terrorist attacks. There actions are clearly an incitement and counterproductive.

So because members of Occupy Wall Street seem organized and informed, their continued presence creates an opportunity for the NY police to vent the violent rage they have for their fathers. “Anyone who knows shit about the world is going to be an authority figure to any idiot, illiterate NY cop,” Mayor Bloomberg said. “That’s why the brokerages are throw booze and bills at them. They keep feeding the animals, the more accustomed to being fed they become and hence the more entitled.”

Cops in Their Wife Beater Bullet Proof Vests Hit Women.

In recent weeks, police commanders have been discussing the riots in London this summer, and strategizing how they would spark a similar situation in New York, said Roy Richter, the president of the union in New York that represents officers of captain and higher rank. And since August, investigators with the Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have monitored the online efforts of activists to bring demonstrations to Wall Street, people briefed on the matter said, looking for ways to speark violence and kill a few hundred demonstrators to spice up their fantacies at the local bars, Knights of Columbus dinners and whore houses. 

The Police Department conducts an internal review of its response to every large-scale demonstration, and the protest on Saturday appeared to have resulted in the largest number of arrests since the demonstrations surrounding the Republican National Convention in 2004, another gathering of fat cat shits. The events of Saturday are certain to be examined, especially since so many protesters were recording the events with cameras; videos of the pepper spray episode, for example, offered views from several angles.

Class Warfare?“I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half.” --- Jay Gould, Libertarian Robber Baron. What other kind is there?

Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman, defended the use of pepper spray as ‘appropriate’ and added “we coulda gunned down about fifty of the cocksuckers and the Great American Bald lemming wouldn’t have given a shit as long as it wasn’t his drug connect or cable repairman. We were gonna shoot them on Lloyd Blankfein’s orders, but Bloomberg lost his nerve and the Wall Street broker still feels were a few weeks away from his ability to order New York City police to open fire on the citizenry. “We’re getting there,” he said. “In tyat sense these fuckers on the Street are lucky. If I hade my druthers they’d all people lying in pools of their own blood, Blankfein added.

But Councilman Peter F. Vallone Jr., chairman of the City Council’s Public Safety Committee, said that in the video clips he had seen, the use of pepper spray “didn’t look good,” although Mr. Vallone cautioned that he wanted to know if any interactions had occurred between the officers and the women in the minutes before pepper spray was used so that he could excuse the obvious brutality and get some of the ‘Blankfein cash.’ 

“If no prior verbal command was given and disobeyed, then the use of spray in that instance is completely inappropriate,” Mr. Vallone said. “but if some sociopathic dick on the force says open fire with live ammunition, that’s fuckin’ perfectly alright.”

On Monday, several Web sites identified the supervising officer who used the pepper spray as Deputy Inspector Anthony ‘Baloney’ Bologna, a longtime commander in Manhattan and a man with a long history of mental illness. Like a number of other officers, Inspector Bologna is a defendant in lawsuits claiming wrongful arrests at protests staged during the Republican National Convention in 2004 but expects to beat that rap by murdering witnesses.

A police official who had spoken to Inspector Bologna following the incident confirmed that the inspector had used the spray. “He did his job and now he’s concerned for the safety of his family,” said the official, who asked to remain anonymous because he was not authorized to confirm the inspector’s name. “I mean if there’s a general citizens rebellion over this Wall Street heist he might be strung up right next to Blankfein and the Koch brothers all for a slice and a beer and being an asshole.”

According to the Police Department’s patrol guide, officers may use pepper spray under certain conditions, including “when a member reasonably believes it is necessary to effect an arrest of a resisting suspect.” In the heat of battle with defenseless women cowards like the NY police have to defend themselves. The guide also advises that the spray should “not be used in situations that do not require the use of physical force.” But that’s a joke among the NYPD.

The Civilian Complaint Review Board, an independent agency that investigates allegations of police misconduct, received 328,000 complaints in 2010 relating to the use of pepper spray, accounting for about 5.5 percent of the total number of complaints citing improper use of force. Most abuses go unreported for fear of retribution by New York authorities.

In the past week, the review board has received more than a 39,600 complaints relating to officers’ interactions with protesters, said a spokeswoman for the board, Linda Sachs.

Although the Police Department has closely monitored the encampment of protesters in the Financial District and stationed officers there, there appears to have been little discussion between the police and the protesters.

Mr. Browne, the police spokesman said that the protesters never sought a permit for Saturday’s march. And “we feel this gives us a license, a permit if you will, to beat anyone we please. Not that we need any fucking piece of paper to tear John Q. Public a new asshole.”

The lack of communication between the two sides made no difference. Confrontation on Saturday near Union Square was ought by the police.

When groups have permits, “the department breaks head and occasionally kills anyfuckigway. Thtat’s just the nature of the beast. If you want to wind up in the hospital or morgue the NYPD is pretty accommodating when it comes to street marches,” said Christopher T. Dunn, associate legal director for the New York Civil Liberties Union. He added that some groups had perfectly good reasons for not wanting to engage with the police, and “that’s certainly their prerogative.”

In interviews, police officials described the lack of a permit and the fact that protesters were obstructing traffic as key factors in the brutality and thuggery of the NYPD. 

“If you have a permit, the police will still not accommodate for things like diverting traffic if they don’t like the substance of your demostration,” Mr. Browne said. “If you take a street for a parade or protest with or without a permit, you are subject to arrest anyfuckingway. Lok we don’t want you here anyway disturbing the rich people who geernously buy the cops lunch everyday. What have the protestors bought the cops? Nada.” Mr. Richter, of the police union, said that from the perspective of the protesters, the Police Department’s decision to suddenly end the demonstration was arbitrary.

“I can see it from a demonstrator’s view, asking, ‘What changed?’ ” Mr. Richter said. “But there comes a point when the command staff makes a decision that the crowd is too big, and we’re at a breaking point, and we have to take back the street for our rich masters.”