The Assassinated Press

When the Kleptocrats Cry and Whimper About Their Individual Rights That They themselves Have Perverted Or Eliminated For Their Own Ends, Don’t Come Whining to the 99% For Mercy.

The Assassinated Press

We’re more likely to cut out your tongue out and stuff it up your ass. Cut off your balls and feed them to them to your guard dogs. Hang you. Burn you. Gun you down in your homes once we figure out which one you’re hold up in.

That’s the nature of a mob. Sissy activists can wax about non-violence now. But that will be ineffective. The repression will get greater. Already has.

Police forces armed like Navy Seals. Domestic spying using advanced technologies. Assaults by corporations on individual rights even as they claim the rights of individuals. A bought Executive. A bought Congress. A bought electoral process. Disfunctional or non-existent regulation. Wall Street perfidy. Union busting. The Supreme Court lined with corporate/fascist state sympathizers. Quantum easing eating away at what little money working people earn. Attacking and marginalizing those that would speak out. Foreclosure, homelessness and even starvation afflicting a growing number. Etc. Etc.

This is the stuff mobs, even revolutions, are made of.

Maybe the kleptocracy should rethink its tactics before it’s too late. I don’t give a shit how much circus you throw at the hoi poloi. At the end of the day, we still got your sulfurous white asses outnumbered. Toss in looting and we pretty much got everybody. All 99%. Your junk yard dogs will be helpless. They’ll defect to our side to save their skins.

And you, you kleptocratic fucks. You’re creating an atmosphere where we care as little about your well-being as you’ve always NOT given a shit about ours.

Oh, you used to make a PR show of it with your Ed Bernays hustle. But now you’ve exposed your selves as the naked, avaricious monsters you always were. “As goes GM so goes the Nation.” Fuck. The statement doesn’t preclude GM being worker owned. We just might have to take GM and another thousand corporations from you worthless kleptocratic cunts.

Must be getting boring at the top to provoke 300 million people in America and 7 billion people worldwide, so you could steal the last dollar, the last rupee, the last drachma, the last germinating seed.

What are you, the kleptocracy, going to with Greece’s Hellenistic heritage? Shit on it like you shit on everything else. Shit on it with McDonald’s and Disney. The rich and uncultured. Charge admission to the cradle of democracy you openly reject, while sending your proxy armies to destroy democracy where ever it manifests itself.

Push harder. I’m, getting old and I want to get in on the slaughter. I want to see you and your families suffer. The lines will be long. Crazed. Uncontrollable and out for blood. The crowds will be enormous. The spectacle will be, as they say, for the ages. Children will shed their conception of video game violence by witnessing the very real violence brought down on you.

Isn’t this the way you’ve always wanted it, but never envisioned yourself as the victim.

Oh! And about coming clean now. Forget it. It’s too late. We’d tear you to pieces today for your crimes anyway. We’d pop you like a boil wedged in Mammon’s pimply ass crack.