The Assassinated Press

Congress/Obama’s Military Lock Down of American Citizens Designed to Protect Wall Street Banksters/Corporate Kleptocracy from Attack.
Like Egypt, Generals In Control of US Security.
How Is Terrorist Defined? If You Breath, You’re Already a Terrorist. Just Depends on When and Why They Want to Get You Out of the Way.
Facts for Four Year Olds --- Elected Officials Are Lying Cunts for the Rich.

The Assassinated Press

I recently found two fraudulent charges on my Verizon bill. Verizon allows third party billing and the charges were from a company called Compufix, a Canadian affiliate of Dell Corporation.

I quickly ascertained that thousands of people had been swindled by Compufix through Verizon. There are several class action suits against Compufix and Verizon in the works. I quickly signed on to two which seemed appropriate to my situation.

By doing so I became a potential ‘enemy combatant’ in a terrorist war against the United States. If it can be demonstrated that either Verizon, Compufix or Dell have contractual arrangements with the US military, US intelligence or the Office of Homeland Security etc, I and my fellow class action suitors can be declared a threat to the national security of the United States just for speaking out against being defrauded by Verizon and Compufix and thrown into prison without a trail or potential release.

And, as it turns out, all three of the above companies suckle at the government teat. It’s called corporate welfare. And I’m a terrorist as all of you are now.

Of course, schmucks like me are not at much risk. But there are categories of US citizens that will receive the brunt of this new set of laws to protect the wealthy few against the increasingly impoverished many.

Wall Street Occupiers I imagine are at risk. As are Islamic rights groups, trade union employees, educators, veterans, rights lawyers and advocates for the poor.

Already, the poor in African American neighborhoods are being targeted even before the new law takes effect being set up in sting operations for allegedly planning bomb attacks and assassinations so sophisticated even the Mossad couldn’t pull them off much less their sloppy cousins at the CIA.

Risky Business.

If you want a barometer of how frightened the kleptocracy is consider this law. Everybody’s ass is up for grabs. There is no longer is habeus corpus, right to a trial or due process.

If a populist were elected president and rightfully saw the wealthy as the threat to US National Security that they are, he could march them off to camps. Hence, we get Obama, Romney, Gingrich and Santorum et al. Whores all, prepared to protect those that have brought this country and the world to its economic knees by their crimes.

Obama! Romney! That’s a pretty anemic line of defense. There are not too many flat out wealthy people working for the federal government when all of them are taken into account. Even fewer at the state and local level. The numbers indicate that the 99% when they become acutely aware that they will no longer able to feed their families because of the criminality of the one percent will happily lock up the Chuck and David Koch, Lloyd Blankfein, Jamie Dimon, Hank Paulson, Dick Cheney, Barack Obama, Timmy Geitner, Jon Corzine etc. etc. ad nauseam. Fuck! Most people with even a cursory knowledge of their crimes would like to see them hang like Hussein and Mubarek.

Backs Against the Wall Street.

The kleptocracy is walking a very thin and desperate line here. They may get caught up in the very legislation they wrote unless they keep paying off the generals with bribes, quid pro quos, paid golf junkets, honorariums and board seats.

Like Egypt US Generals Are In Charge.

I mean, like in Egypt now it’s literally up to the generals here in the US. Think Greek or Brazilian or Chilean military juntas of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Eisenhower’s warning about the military industrial complex will come full circle as in the 2016 election two military men, one Democrat and one Republican square off for the presidency. Or maybe the usual toadies will still suffice depending on the docility of the Great American Bald Lemming.

Quick to Embrace the Egyptian Model.

You might say they can’t incarcerate us all. But perhaps they already have. Certainly, some folks like Anonymous and the Wall Street Occupiers have put their asses on the line, but most of the population is petrified with fear while doing with less and less and in some cases quietly dying off.

Nowhere is the latter more evident than among armed right wing groups that oppose the federal government and by logical extension corporate welfare. These groups may as well be wearing frilly skirts and throwing ‘tea parties’ given as much of the heavy lifting they’ve done to take on Wall Street and the Corporate Kleptocracy that owns the Fed. They haven’t done shit.

Their right wing shock jocks become hysterical schoolgirls over FEMA detention camps when in reality one of their own, Oliver North, drew up the plan for Ronald Reagan for locking people up and throwing away the key. The plan is called Rex84/Nighttrain and was originally intended to lock those protesting US training and funding of death squads in Central America and those who opposed the contra war and those who would oppose a direct invasion of Nicaragua by Uncle Slimey.

Now, The US has become the police state the Sandinistas were always accused of.

Sittin’ On My Gun Barrel Hopin’ I don’t Blow My Ass Away. The NRA and Anal Suicide.

The US kleptocracy is in a panic. Woefully outnumbered and woefully outgunned. But so far the Second Amendment has been treated like little more than a paper dinner mat at Arby’s. Second Amendment advocates have once again demonstrated that they are just a bunch of dickless wonders out of fear, pretending to be ignorant of the nature of the current crises facing America, ready to blame the folks who once again have begun doing all the heavy lifting against the murderous rich..

The Great American Bald Lemming in profile is a Twit. Straight on, a Twat. Fuck y’all. And may all of you get the rich man’s lickin’ you so richly deserve.