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Local Police Forces Use Domestic Violence as Their Model

The Assassinated Press

“Do as I say!” “Don’t make me hit you!” “Don’t make me shoot you!” “Don’t make me choke you!”

All familiar refrains to the battered wife or girlfriend. It’s the wife that’s making the husband pound the shit out of her. It’s the girlfriend who disregarded her fiance’s orders that gets the buLlet in the head. It's never the fault of the one doing the actual brutalizing or the actaul killing.

So with the police. The same refrains. “Stop resisting,” cops yell at a man shot 11 times lying lifeless as they handcuff him. Angry cops feeling dissed counting on the badge to give their loser lives some meaning. Jealous sociopaths who hope with a badge and a gun they can destroy someone’s happiness, abort their normalcy, feel like a man.

Cops are the wife-beaters of the public thoroughfare.

Here are five main traits of a wife beater:

· Someone who seeks to control

. · Someone who thinks a wife’s duty it is to serve him without explanation or hesitation

· Someone who thinks no one is as good as he is

· Someone who feels disrespected all of the time

· Someone who has a fascination with fire arms and knives

Now who does that sound like? The motherfucking police right.

Control - check. 15 cops sitting on a 16 year old kid's head taking turns beating the living shit out of him. Domestic violence.

Serve - check. Despite the asshole canard protect and serve, cops think the public exists to serve them and will take any and every opportunity to remind us of it. “Get down! Get Down!” “But officer, I’m the mail man.” What? Cops just like to see people prostate themselves before them like their some sort of Wall Street Oligarch or Silicon Valley snitch.

Better than everyone else – check. Won’t listen to a word you have to say even as you explain you are entering your own house. Eight week course and the shitheads are as arrogant as a FOX News Talking Ass.

Low self-esteem – check. Since by their actions they have already ruled out ‘protect and serve’, why else would you become a Swiner?

Firearms and knives – check. The smaller, the dick the higher the caliber. That’s why Swine Departments around the country lobby for excess US military hardware.

There you have it. Cops are the little more than wife beaters and our society their domestic household.