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Bill Maher Gave Obama One Million Dollars to Avoid Doing Time for a Drug Bust.
HBO Comic Caught in NSA Sting.

The Assassinated Press

You think the NSA has no domestic agenda? Think again.

Bill Maher host of the popular, Real Time with Bill Maher, has given the NSA a lot of thought. It was NSA transcripts of telephone conversations implicating Maher in a relatively minor prescription drug and marijuana bust that eventually led to Maher giving a pro-Obama Superpac one million dollars.

To avoid possible jail time and worse the loss of his show, Maher acquiesced to a suggestion from the White House that he give a million dollars to the pro-Obama Super Pac, Priorities USA Action.

Apparently one of the super-pacís priorities is to save Maherís ass.

Since Maherís current net worth is $23 million dollars, the shakedown for a mere one million in exchange for no jail time, fine or destruction of his career must have seemed like a gift from on high, if only Maher were a believer and didn't simply get high.

Maherís alleged drug connect, Jesse Palance, was not so lucky --- or rich. He is currently serving three life terms in solitary confinement at a maximum security shithole somewhere in the Southwest.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons would not reveal which prison Palance was being held in, only that an inmate with that name was currently incarcerated in a privately run facility contracted by the Federal government.

Private industry and their toadies in the Republican Party are reportedly eager to get in on some of this newfound extortion money. Already a maze of outsource contracts, the Koch brothers have made a tentative offer to buy the NSA in its entirety from the Obama administration, but may have to wait until a Republican candidate wins the presidency in 2016 though a coup has not been ruled out.