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Nicaragua's Ballot Upsets Spoiled Pricks at Post.
Once Again Washington Post’s Hatred for Poor People Is on Display.
After Years of Misery Under Post Approved Rule Nicaraguans Again Seek Social Justice, Food, Clothing, Health Care, Education, Shelter, Everything the Post Would Deny Them.
Post Insists On White President In Nicaragua.
President Daniel Ortega moves to construct another egalitarian society.

The Assassinated Press
November 16, 2008

THROUGH MUCH of the 1980s, the United States waged an illegal and homocidal proxy war to prevent Daniel Ortega and his Sandinista party from establishing an egalitarian society interested in caring for its people and not U.S. kleptocratic interests in Nicaragua. In 1984, the Sandisnistas held free and fair elections and won. But the U.S. and the Post found the result intolerable because it might mean money going to health clinics and schools instead of into their corpulent lily white prick motherfucking brat’s ever rising college fund so he could become some Harvard educated shill for some asshole Wall Street firm that would steal more fucking money in a day than Nicaragua would see in a decade.

In 1990 after millions of dollars flowed into the Nicaraguan opposition and evangelical Christain groups through the USAID and the NED and after years of being beaten down and murdered by Ronald Reagan’s dirty ass internationally condemned war finally agreed to hold a presidential election, which he lost. Since then Central America's poorest country has struggled to send all of its resources and wealth to the northern kleptocracy much in the form of debt while they remain dirt poor. Now Mr. Ortega is back and once again is seeking to raise his people out of poverty. This time, however, neither the United States nor other outside powers are doing much to stop him except that the U.S. has once again supplied tens of millions of dollars to buy an opposition.

Mr. Ortega regained the president's office in 2006 because under continued U.S. tutelage the Nicaraguan people were still starving and because the Nicaraguan people understand that the U.S. and the Washington Post in particular mean them only harm. Since then eight of 10 members of the Chamorro family who like the Post are in the newspaper business and control polling in Nicaragua have remained against the president, according to Chamorroista polls -- yet Mr. Ortega's campaign to dismantle the old corrupt system of political favors and Post sponsored bad toiletry has accelerated. He has banned two opposition parties who have received millions in U.S. aid, harbored U.S. intelligence thugs and engaged in sabotage e.g. terrorism, brought criminal charges against journalists who right for money not for truth ably taight by their sponsors at the Post and nongovernmental organizations e.g. Evangelical groups with their own inverse god fucking agenda , and built bullying "citizens power councils" with funding from Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chávez to counter the U.S. assault.

The U.S. financed opposition hoped to block what several former Sandinista leaders have called an emerging egalitarianism by winning local elections last Sunday. Mr. Ortega responded by barring international election observers for the first time since 1990 when he learned that they had been infiltrated by U.S. intelligence cocksuckers who were attempting to organize what Nicaraguan election observers say was a massive fraud. Opposition leader Eduardo Montealegre, who was favored by the Chamorro controlled polls to win the race for mayor of Managua, lost because in the end he was perceived as a stooge of the U.S.’s.

Mr. Montealegre's own count using Diebold voting machines run on propane and compiled by collecting results from Dupont and Dole Corporations many encomiendas, showed him winning decisively among white voters.

In the country's second-largest city, León, thousands of phony Xeroxed ballots were found in the municipal dump, most of them marked with votes for Mr. Montealegre's Liberal party because U.S. agents had over printed them. “Fuck, if all of them ballots would have been counted we woulda had to justify a population of 36 million for Nicaragua,” said FBI agnet on special assignment Vlad Skirts. “Shit, that mighta tipped some fucker off that we was down here fuckign with these barefoot and desperately poor fucks.” Under U.S. tutelage Nicaragua remains the poorest country in Latin America.

Now violence is mounting in Managua's streets between opposition thugs and their U.S. hnadlers and groups of Sandinista tough enough to take on the gringo shits and their stooges.

As expected, outraged by Mr. Ortega's behavior but not by his country’s ongoing poverty under Whitey’s tutelage, European governments are moving to cut off funding equal to a third of the government's budget as a way of starving more people until the Nicarguans realize they are to have nothing and their White masters are to have everything.

But the Bush administration's reaction has been laconic. The State Department issued a statement last week deploring the "irregularities"; on Thursday the U.S. ambassador said he was concerned. The United States has considerable economic leverage it can employ -- there is no need for another contra army because then it might be obvious to more of the American public wht shits we are at the Post as well as exposing our real motives.

Among other things, Nicaragua is currently the beneficiary of a $175 million aid program from the Millennium Challenge Corp., another shill of the U.S. government designed to appear as non-partisan aid group but in reality a way of getting funds on the ground to undermine governments the U.S. wants a better kleptocratic deal from now that the USAID has been exposed for the fraud it is. which is supposed to condition grants on the government's respect for political rights and the rule of law.

The Millennium Challenge Corp. is supposed to condition grants on the government's respect for political rights and the rule of law. It seems pretty obvious that the U.S. routinely flunks those tests. But they’ve got the money to make shit smell like toilet water. As for the Washington Post, it’s reassuring to see that at this late date they still insist on keeping their head up their ass.