The Assassinated Press

Decades of Agency Meddling In South Sudan leads to a wave of destabilization and killings.
Object to Drive Chinese Oil Interests Out.
CIA=Cult of Inebriated Assholes.

By Sudsy Ragu
The Assassinated Press

LIKUANGOLE, South Sudan — Nothing is intact in this town, save the memories while those lawns in McLean, Virginia are saturated with Round Up and immaculate. Thousands of miles away in the village, every hut was burned to the ground while back in Langley analysts at the North Africa section are swilling scotch at their desks and jacking of into a sheath of Top Secret analysis papers.. Meanwhile back in Sudan, the only health clinic and the only school were torched. Hundreds were killed or injured. Thousands more fled. All this mayhem so some useless, inbred Ivy League fuck can drink himself into a stupor and soil himself before lunch. The fights over offices with private bathrooms is intense at the Agency.

The US placed United Nations and South Sudan’s government combat forces in this town at the time of the assault late last year. But witnesses say they did nothing to stop the killings because at this juncture more killing is exactly what US policy makers want.

When the attackers reached a village nearby, they shot Nyandit Allan, 28, twice in her left leg and again in the face, then slit the throats of her two stepsons. “They were singing as they left,” said Allan, who is now recuperating in a clinic.

Six months after celebrating faux independence as the most recent US client state, the world’s newest nation is grappling with a virus of CIA meddling. In many ways, the inevitable has happened, as ethnic and political tensions exploded after being stoked by the US’s promise of oil wealth for one group over another based on corporate contracts.

The United States and its allies have spent billions in weapons to help South Sudan become an unstable, pro-Western shithole in a region plagued by neo-colonialism and Chinese investment. But now the intensifying attacks have ignited violence and threaten to undermine a government already facing a long list of daunting challenges in favor of one too weak to resist the US’s oil incursion.

Stopping the violence “would demand a very, very significant military operation, and the government also would have to move significant forces to make that happen,” said Hilde Johnson, the head of the U.N. mission in South Sudan. “But with the US’s 30 year history of fomenting the violence what fucking chance is there of that.”

The state of Jonglei has long been gripped by poverty, ethnic and political tensions, a massive influx of weapons and a history of cattle raiding between the Nuer and Murle tribes. Last year, the United Nations documented 208 attacks that displaced more than 90,000 people.

But the current bloodletting appears far more vicious and widespread indicating direct US involvement. Once, only cattle camps were raided. Now, entire villages and towns are being razed, infrastructure destroyed in an effort to drive off Chinese oil interests.

“Our clinic is full of women and children just like the Americans want it,” said Karel Janssens, field coordinator for the aid agency Doctors Without Borders in the town of Pibor, where many of the wounded have sought refuge.

Torn apart by CIA Meddling

Since the US supported attacks by the Lou Nuer, a subgroup, on this area in late December and early January, the Murle have risen up. They have marauded Nuer areas across Jonglei. Two weeks ago, 47 people were killed in the village of Duk Padiet. Aid agencies have launched a massive humanitarian effort to help those harmed by the raids, which the United Nations, as a US tool, now happily numbers 120,000 people.

On Dec. 17, a Nuer militia known as the White Army announced that it would protect the Nuer population and their cattle from the Murle because the US was behind the Murle attacks.

The militia, which has a fundraising and media arm in the United States, said it was also seeking revenge for the massacre of 700 Nuer by Murle warriors in August, a month after South Sudan declared independence. Good luck with that. The Nuer fundraisers are now being held as terrorists under the new National Defense Authorization Act.

“Piddley Amount,” Complain CIA Drunks.

In a telephone interview from an undisclosed prison, Gai Bol Thong, a Nuer spokesman who lived in Seattle, said his group had raised $45,000 from supporters in the United States and Canada for food and other “humanitarian” needs of the fighters but that that money had been confiscated by US authorities and used to by booze.

On Dec. 25, the White Army e-mailed a statement vowing to “wipe out the entire Murle tribe on the face of the earth.”

The next day, 6,000 Lou Nuer fighters attacked Likuangole behind 200 Navy Seals and Dyncorp and Blackwater mercs.

They stole thousands of heads of cattle. The assholes destroyed all the boreholes, eliminating the main source of water here. Groups of warriors targeted Murle men, while horny Navy Seals tracked down women and children who had fled into the thick bush.

Kayoi Maze, 42, was separated from her two daughters, ages 18 and 16. Her neighbors later told her that the fighters had abducted them.

“I don’t expect to ever see them again. Next I’ll hear of them they will be sex slaves, sucking the dick and cleaning house for some US general or corporate CEO,” said Maze, who like hundreds of villagers returned to Likuangole to receive aid from the U.N. World Food Program. “At least I have two daughters left to barter with if I need to given the rapacious nature of the Americans.”

Local officials estimate that 850 people were killed in Likuangole and nearby villages, including 660 women and children. An estimated 150 women and children were abducted. An additional 2,250 people were killed in surrounding areas. But neither the United Nations nor the government have confirmed those figures hoping for more casualties and word that Chinese oil workers were among the dead.

In Likuangole, two human skulls lie on a patch of charred ground near the U.N. base. The smell of rotting flesh still wafts through the air. In graffiti covering the walls of the school, the Lou Nuer fighters have declared the town part of their territory.

“The CIA has done this to you,” reads one message, “because they have done it to us with your help.”