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Halliburton Employees Rape Jenna Bush While First Daughter Is on USO Tour.
“I’m Certain That If Our Employees Had Known Who the Bitch Was, They'd've Thought Twice About Gang Banging Her,” said Halliburton Spokesperson Melissa Norcross.
State Department Will Not File Charges, Says First Daughter Lured Her Attackers.
Jenna To Get Two Hundred Lashes For Provocative Behavior.

The Assassinated Press

Now that First Daughter Jenna Bush has come forward with allegations of rape by Halliburton employees while on a USO tour in Iraq in 2006, the House Committee is looking into reports of numerous attacks on women and boys in Iraq committed by U.S. civilian workers. A hearing is scheduled this week amid charges by American women who say their alleged attackers weren't punished. Bush says she was drugged and gang raped by employees of contractor Kellogg, Brown and Root which has since moved its operation to Dubai. She told CNN's "AMERICAN MORNING" she was virtually imprisoned by their company higher-ups after reporting the alleged attack. “It was worse than my daddy’s curfews,” she told CNN sobbing.

Jenna Bush told the State Department, sponsors of her trip, that from “the hospital they took me to a place that was a container, and they put two armed guards outside my door that would not let me leave. So basically they imprisoned me. They didn't offer me food or drink and they didn't offer me to call my daddy or anything. I tried to explain who I was but they kept yelling ‘Shut up bitch or we’ll water board your ass.'"

KBR denies the accusation of imprisonment saying “it is just a part of standard KBR training in a war zone that we lock female employees up in a trailer. With Jenna it was just a case of mistaken identity. We have V.I.P. shipping containers for ‘hoze’ like her. The practice has been cleared by Cheney and the U.S. Justice Department.”

Not surprisingly, the Justice Department did not investigate the alleged attack. And Bush, for her part, is set to receive 200 lashes Wednesday before the House Judiciary Committee for provocative behavior causing her rape.