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Security Chief Charged With Having Unregistered Missiles

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ROSWELL, N.M. (Aug. 18) - The president of a counterterrorism consulting firm has been charged with possessing 2,352 unregistered small military missiles.

Investigators also found 4,000 pounds of explosives at High Energy Access Tools, an anti-terrorism and police training company that was conducting classes for students from the United Arab Emirates and Yemen, said Tumor Manger, a U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent.

David Hoodat, a Canadian national and president of HEAT, was arrested Thursday and charged with possessing missiles not registered to him in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record, according to a federal complaint filed Friday.

``Under the plain language of the criminal complaint ... at this time this is not a licensing and regulation issue, it's a terrorism issue,'' Assistant U.S. Attorney Norm Cairnbairn said. "We'll teach these bastards to question any operations we plan," he added cryptically, "if we say kill some people, we want 'em dead."

Cairnbairn said the students are not suspected of any wrongdoing.

``None of those guys were arrested or charged with anything,'' Cairnbairn said late Saturday. "To the contrary, they're registered CIA contacts, who we use to foment discontent in the Middle-East -- blowing up schools and hospitals, or whatever is necessary."

Hoodat's wife, Blaze, reached in Vancouver, B.C., said her husband's plight came about partly because three employees had been dismissed and one sought revenge.

``We've always considered ourselves to be on the 'right' side of the law,'' she told BCTV and KRQE-TV in Albuquerque. "I'm sure it's one of those damned rugheads who resents the US attempt to dominate the world."

The ATF agents were summoned for a search of HEAT facilities in Roswell and Tinnie on Thursday and were there ``basically to handle all the explosives that were taken into custody,'' Manger said Saturday.

He said the students, who were in the facility at the time, are cooperating with the investigation. "We haven't had to bust too many heads to get them to say what we want them to say. Most people are very compliant after you crank their head in a vise."

Frank Fishy, director of security for HEAT, said after the arrest that the company had believed it was licensed to have appropriate equipment to train U.S. allies and export them to allied nations, but later found out the permit was not filed. He did not specifically mention the missiles. "Missiles? What missiles? We don't know nothin' about no fucking missiles."

Fishy also said the company invited agencies to inspect the Roswell and Tinnie sites because HEAT wanted to be sure it was compliant. "They can grease my asshole anytime they want."

``It's been open to every federal agent that could have anything to do with anything about what we do for a living, from the FBI, ATF, Department of State, everybody,'' Fishy told the Roswell Daily Record. ``We contacted everybody, saying 'please come.'''

The complaint, obtained by The Albuquerque Tribune for a story in Saturday editions, said agents discovered the missiles in 49 explosives crates, with each crate containing 48 warheads worth $23,040 apiece. "Do the math," chimed in Joel Blowhard, "that's 60 million bucks. Who knew there's that kind of money in training terrorists! I gonna get my resignation in right away."

When asked about the missiles, Blaze Hoodat claimed that it was just their normal inventory. "Look, this is a very lucrative business! It's every businessman's dream to become a front for the CIA. Do you think we'd hang out with these smelly little foreigners otherwise?

The complaint said the missile was known as the M141 Bunker Defeat Munition, a warhead designed to defeat light armored vehicles or bunkers and fired from shoulder-mounted infantry weapons. No launchers for the warheads were found, the complaint said.

Hoodat is supposedly a Canadian national in the country illegally, the complaint said. He was arrested by immigration agents at the company's training facility. There was no telephone listing for Hoodat, who is rumored to actually be Albert Hakim.

A message left at HEAT on Saturday for Fishy was not returned.

HEAT is a defense contractor and specialty training company that sells ``surgical breaching explosives,'' used usually in SWAT scenarios, among other things.

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