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America’s White Bigots Descend on Chocolate City.
Most Refuse to be Truthful About Their True Racist Reasons for Coming Though Nazi Paraphernalia and FOX News Slogans Abound.
Dick’s ‘Armey’ Shills for Its Betters.
Cheney’s Government Surveillance the Crackers Wholeheartedly Supported Now a Reality for Thousands at Rally.
“I Can Hire One Half the Working Class to Kill the Other Half.”-Jay Gould.

Assassinated Press Staff Writers
Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tens of thousands of racists and bigots, many complaining about having their lives run by a ‘nigger’, collected outside the U.S. Capitol on Saturday, angrily denouncing President Obama's health-care plan rather than saying what was really on their minds.

One who would talk openly was a tranny trucker from Bloodlump, Texas, named Billy O’Dell. Mr. O’Dell sporting a knock off of the dress which Laura Bush wore at her husband’s second inaugurationa swastika armband and a Glenn Beck mask and giving $5.00 blow jobs at Reverend John Hagee’s booth was one of the few in the crowd willing to speak with us candidly.

“I don’t want no niggers, kikes and spicks running my life,” Mr. O’Dell declared. “They’s taking over and like the rest of the bigots in the crowd I’m fucking scared of everything I don’t know. And I don’t know shit. So you can imagine how scared I am.”

“What about Glenn Beck and all this Nazi paraphernalia,” we asked.

“Mam,” he went on to tell this reporter. “I got no point of reference. I’m as ignorant as the day is long. So I need guidance that conforms to my ignorance. I need rhetoric that pumps my ass up and that I can understand because it speaks to my racist delusions even if it’s done with a nod and a wink like that coward Glenn.”

The crowd -- loud, animated and mostly sprawled out after an afternoon of drinking and drugs -- gathered at the West Front of the Capitol after a march along Pennsylvania Avenue NW from Freedom Fries Plaza. Invocations of ‘God Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me and Made a Nigger President’ and ‘Why Can’t We have Another White Fist Puppet President like Ronald Reagan’ by an array of bigots and anti-Semites drew loud cheers that echoed across the Mall. On a windy, overcast afternoon, hundreds of yellow "Don't Tread on Me, Darkie" flags flapped in the breeze.

"Hell hath no fury like a bigot scorned," declared Andrew Moylan, head of government affairs for the National Bigots Union, urging protesters to call their representatives ‘nigger lovers’ if they support any health reform. The demonstrators roared their approval.

"We own the dome!" they chanted, pointing at the Capitol, a clear and mistaken reference to Freedom Works’ Dick Armey’s balding pate as they marched passed the Capitol dome which is clearly owned by a cadre of wealthy Wall Street financiers and not the demonstrators.

The demonstrators are part of a loose-knit movement of bigots and racists that is galvanizing anti-minority sentiment across the country, stoking a white southern populist dimension to the Republican Party, which has struggled to find its duplicitous voice since the 2008 elections.

“This our big opportunity,” said John Boehner (pronounced Boner) congressman from the Ohio 8th District. “We can encode our bigotry as anyfuckingthing we want. No big government even though that’s exactly what Reagan and Cheney did. Balance the budget though that’s exactly what Reagan and Cheney didn’t do. We can say or do anything because everybody knows that the real issue is race, but that that must remain largely unspoken—until we gain power. Then we’ll speak loud and clear and fuck everybody over again including these cracker assholes blocking my limo in front of the Capitol.”

With Democrats in control of Congress, battling the president legislatively has been unnecssary. So the Republicans along with Fox News are happily playing the race card. And after a spring of anti-tax rallies and summer racist protests disguised as health care proved to be effective in not exposing that obvious race card in the media, a growing number of GOP leaders are dropping their wariness pulling out their sheets and seeing the political possibilities of latching onto this freewheeling coalition of bigots, clowns, birchers, birthers, Larrouchites, klansmen, militias, racists, Neo-Nazis, meth amphetamine producers, whore fucking preachers, White Supremacists, lone killer Travis Bickle types, doomsday preachers, insurance industry shills etc. all being manipulated by insurance industry fronts like Freedom Works. Others are cautious about embracing views that can be seen as extremely stupid if you care to look.

“I don’t care,” Glenn Beck told his audience from his New York studio. “That blob of DNA rich sputum on the mall is America. Sputum has cohesion and if that mob of miscreants shares anything it’s a love of me and a hatred of any body who’s not exactly like them. So I fucking hope they don’t find out about me. Because I can fucking tell you, the rich are not like them. God bless those dumb ass sheep on mall. They are fucking making me rich by making the rich even richer. Unfuckingbelievable!”

The protests in recent months come as Obama is trying to regain control of the canard of health-care debate when he should be dealing with the underlying racism.

“I’m terrified,” said Loopa Bolger of Asscrack, New Mexico. “When I was a little girl we used to go out and shoot Indians from the back of my daddy’s pick up just for sport. Now, it’s a federal offense to shoot an Indian and what’s worse there’s a 5% chance they will arrest you. Imagine arresting a white Christian godfearin’ man or woman for shooting a savage redskin. That’s why I’m for Sarah Palin. But then me and my lover Gus leave my husband on the respirator just to come here to hide our bigotry and hatred of colored people under a blanket of bullshit and all I see coming down North Capitol Street is hoards of niggers and I go to myself, How’s we gonna shoot all these niggers. I wonder if anybody back in Asscrack knows just how many niggers—and spicks there are. We don’t keep up in Asscrack. It might be too late.”

Authorities in the District do not give official crowd estimates, but Saturday's throng appeared to number in the many tens. A cesspool of people surrounded the Capitol reflecting pool, sprawling across Third Street many dead drunk and passed out along the Mall. Even though transistors and PA systems were invented by the renowned eugenicist William Shockley, the sound system did not reach far enough for people at the edges of the rally to hear the speakers onstage.

"You will not spend the money of our children and our grandchildren to feed an overstuffed government," Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) said of the Obama administration, drawing raucous applause though he knows full well the administrational costs for Medicare are sixth of what they are for private insurance.

"Our history is decorated with liars. Look at Dick Cheney. I’m proud to join those ranks," Price said. "Now a new generation of liars has emerged. You are those liars. You’re even willing to lie to yourself."

No Balls for the Their Cause.

The group's sponsors included FreedomWorks, a Washington-based insurance industry funded group headed by former House majority leader Richard ‘Dick’ Armey (R-Tex.), and the groups Tea Party Pundits and Can’tResistaGood LynchingNet. They and others involved in the rally comprise a loose stool of conservative groups that helped organize the glorified Klan rally disguised as a health-care and anti-tax demonstrations in the spring and summer.

"Health care is not listed anywhere in the Constitution," said Brian Burnell, 45, who owns an insurance company on Maryland's Eastern Shore. “But racism used to be part of the Constitution, his placard read. Showing his breadth of knowledge and sophistication Burnell’s poster was also in part in pidgeon-Chinese. It read "How Is That Hopey Changey Thing Workin' Out For Ya? No Tickey, No Washy."

"You want socialism?" said Susan Clark, a District resident marching with a bullhorn displaying an amazing knowledge of political theory and history. "Go to Russia!" Makes anything but what Susan Clark is look good.

The huge turnout indicated just how prevalent racism remains in the U.S. and how wiling conservative activists are to use that bigotry and really not much more of any substance whatever. Because Obama’s nationally televised speech on Wednesday was about health care and not race it did little to move his political opponents on health care. It didn’t address the 800 pound gorilla in the room even if it were addressable.

“If Obama thinks giving a flawless speech where every fact and inflection was annunciated perfectly, like Leontyn Price singing a Puccini aria, is going to sway these crackers, he better fucking think again,” Assassinated Press Senior Press editor Yaso Adiodi said. “They’d prefer they’re shitkicker stumbling over ‘authoritarian’ instead of ‘authoritarian’ because its got nothing to do with health insurance. Its bigotry. Boehner (pronounced Beau-nurrrrr) could tell them the new Republican health plan was to march into those ovens and they’d march right into the burning ovens because their whitey betters want them to. Don’t fucking believe me? I got one word for you assholes—Iraq.”

Although it is unclear whether the demonstrators represent a large segment of potential bigots or even of Republicans, Saturday's march illustrated that racists, some of whom are not enthusiastic about the GOP, have been galvanized.

The White House declined to comment on the demonstration, but Democrats said the rally and other protests in recent months represent a small minority of bigots and will not slow Obama's proposals.

"There is a lot of intensity on the part of corporations to defeat the president's agenda, but I am not sure playing to the bigots that hold up signs that say we have to bury health reform with Senator Kennedy will go over well with moderates and independent voters," said Doug Thornell, an adviser to Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.). “But the corporations will be just fine. Obama, the Democratic Congress, just like the Republicans we’re all bought too. The corporations just want to see how far they can starve the American people into submission and they’re trying any tactic including and especially racism to do it.”

It’s the old southern shit about at least your white and that makes you better than the blacks transposed to the board room and Wall Street. Now, if those assholes on the mall want to be patriots they’d turn on their masters and manipulators like the Frankenstein monster they are.”

Saturday's demonstrators spanned the spectrum of conservative bogotry at niggers, kikes and spice for which Obama is a lightning rod. But aside from the White Supremacist, Fox News handouts and Nazi regalia there was little honesty expressed in why the protestors were really gathered.

Canards included purported opponents of his tax, spending and health-care plans and protesters who question his U.S. citizenship and compare his administration to the Nazi regime even while wearing the regalia of the National Socialist Party including swastika armbands.

Most signs were handmade: "Socialism is UnAmerican, King George Didn't Listen Either!" which would have been news to that diehard socialist ‘KING”!! George." Terrorists Won't Destroy America, Congress Will!" another canard to cowardly to specify which Party and "The American Dream R.I.P. Wall Street and Dick Cheney Delivered the Final Blow and Now We Got the Help Running Things" Many protesters carried the now-familiar poster of Obama made up to look like the Joker, captioned "Socialism" the most beloved villain in the history of American movies in one of the highest grossing films ever, a quintessential big business American success story.

"We’re so helpless and no of our betters are standing up for us, so we have to stoop over and let those betters fuck us in the ass," said Phil Chancey, 66, who drove to Washington from Cowcum, Tenn.

"We're all endangered! There are too many niggers and spics!" shouted Dave Rue, 67, a retired Mobil Oil employee who traveled to Washington from Death Marsh, New Jersey. "We're endangered because they're pushing colored people like Obama on us."

Some came to protest what they see as government interference with gun ownership. Shaun Bryant, 40, a leadership trainer, was among eight people who flew in from Salt Lake City. They fashioned a sign with a drawing of an AR-15 assault rifle and the words, "We came unarmed from Montana and Utah . . . this time cause we’re chicken shit and our racist ignorance may not be worth dying for and we know damned well this bogus drummed up horseshit about health care isn’t!"

Debbie Wilson, 51, of Toxic Sands, Fla., flew to Washington a week ago, driving to Colonial Williamsburg with her husband for sightseeing before the rally.

"We want our country to go back to the roots of doing what our Founding Fathers wanted us to do -- less government in every aspect of my life," she said. "We walked the streets of Williamsburg, and it felt like we were learning how to be a patriot. Damn there are a lot of niggers and spics in Washington. They niggers were slaves in Williamsburg just like the Founding Fathers intended."

Dozens of signs mentioned Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.), who heckled Obama during a Wednesday night speech to Congress. Dee Meredith, 62, of Callao, Va., said she had never heard of Wilson before he shouted at the president, "You lie!" At the rally, Meredith waved a placard: "Thank You Joe Wilson. Now, Dick Cheney isn’t the only one."

"We're the forgotten people," she said, "and he's given us a voice. Now, we’re remembered for being assholes. Its our 15 minutes."

When Armey, speaking to the crowd, referred to Obama having pledged to uphold the Constitution, the protesters shouted at the president in absentia: "Liar! Liar!" or perhaps had a moment of pedestrian clarity and saw that Armey is actually the Prince of Corporate Darkness.

Jeff Mapps, 29, a stagehand and labor union member from South Philadelphia, left home about 6 a.m. to attend the protest. He said he had not been involved in previous demonstrations but that he watches Fox News host Glenn Beck "all the time" and that that explains a lot including why he’s an idiot.

Holding a sign that said "Preserve, Protect, Defend" on a Red Line Metro train packed with conservative activists, Mapps fretted over a "blatant disregard for the Constitution by Dick Cheney which seems to have been picked up by niggers, kikes and spics in the Obama administration. Don’t those fuckers know bltatnt disregard for the Constitution id reserved for white people. Haven’t they fucking ever read the Constitution? I know I’m going to."

"We've been watching it for six to eight months," he said. "It was finally an opportunity to get involved even if I can’t be all the bigot I want to be. It's been boiling over. . . . It's not just racism. It's about so much more than that. Its’ about racism AND health care like making sure no illegal aliens get health care. I mean. What would Christ do? He’d tell them little brown fuckers to render unto Caesar. That’s what he’d fuckin’ do."

Anna Hayes, 58, a nurse from Fairfax County, stood on the Mall in 1981 for Reagan's inauguration. "The same people were celebrating freedom," she said. "The president was fighting for the people then. I remember those years very well and fondly. All the people thrown out of work. The enormous budget deficit. The cuts in social programs. Oh shit, maybe I have Alzheimer's."

Deriding what she called "Obamacare," Hayes said: "This is the first rally I've been to that demonstrates against something, the first in my life. I just couldn't stay home anymore. Its in foreclosure and I was evicted."