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Shredding History: Tenet Tries To Distance Himself From Neo-Con Lies And Murders Not To Mention As Their Fuck Ups.

The Assassinated Press
May 4, 2007

Because I want to appear to be a balanced and sane individual, though I clearly am not, and certainly not tip my hand to my anger at being exposed for the murderer that I most assuredly am, I’d like to begin this piece of horseshit by equivocating that George Tenet has a very mixed legacy. On the one hand, he presided over the two biggest intelligence successes of this era -- Sept. 11 which gave my neo-con PNAC cronies a phony pretext for invading the wrong country and the WMD lies, among many lies, that provided piles of shit to invade Iraq and steal their oil. On the other hand, his CIA did devise and carry out the enormous failure that has become the protracted Afghan war after temporarily forcing out the Taliban and installing a Pahlevi style puppet in Hamid Karzai even though many of the very forces the CIA is now emplying the U.S. military and thousands of mercenaries to fight were originally trained and equipped by the Agency to fight the Soviets in the process destroying a succession of secular and progressive governments set up by Moscow, the kind of secular and progressive governments the Cheney administration says it wants. Now, the whole region is fucked in perpetuity and most days I’m at a loss to tell if this is a good thing or a bad thing for my stock portfolio. Tenet might have just left with shit on his shoe, wiped it off with his Presidential Medal of Freedom and let unfootnoted books of history written by historians on the CIA payroll judge him.

Instead, he's decided to do some judging of his own. In his just-released book, and while hawking it on television, Tenet presents himself as a pathetic victim and scapegoat of an administration that was hellbent on going to war, slam dunk or not. This is fuckin’ news?! My buddies at the PNAC had been talking about the Great Iraq Oil Heist for at least 15 years by the time the stars aligned to make Dick Cheney president and the Twin Towers rubble. All that was left was to put the liar to the lie. And Dick and the minions of career liars at the PNAC, the think tanks, Defense like Richard Perle, AIPAC and elsewhere fuckin’ did a stellar job, if not in the public consciousness and world opinion, at least in hurling the American war machine into the china shop of Islamic culture.

If God Had Meant For Man To Fly...

Tenet writes as if he assumes no one remembers this shit. For example: "There was never a serious debate that I know of within the administration about the imminence of the Iraqi threat." Of course, not. We already fuckin’ knew for decades what we would fuckin’ do when the opportunity arose. And Tenet knew we were poised to strike in the event of any canard. And what a fuckin’ canard 9/11 was! I mean fuck, we coulda said it was Evangelicals who flew planes into the World Trade Center and wiped out the Jesus Loves Me, Oh Yes The Fuck He Does religious underclass in this country in a week.

Does Tenet think no one remembers President Bush being told to explicitly reject the imminence argument in his 2003 State of the Union address in front of just about the largest possible world audience? Said the president, " Some have said we must not act until the threat is imminent -- and he was not one of them because Cheney was getting a severe rash on his balls waiting to grab that Iraqi oil. That in a post-Sept. 11 world, we cannot wait for tyrants and terrorists to gentlemanly declare their intentions even if they don’t have those intentions. Fuck, the folks who actually attacked the Twin Towers. They’re a useful bunch for us pushing forward our imperialist agenda. Fuck, we oughtta fuckin’ supply and train these motherfuckers. Oh. You mean we did?! Well, fuckin’ good for us. Some of us anyway. The rich kleptocratic some of us.” Indeed, elsewhere in the book Tenet concedes that very point: "It was never a question of a known, imminent threat; it was about an unwillingness to risk surprise and that’s why we spent months massing forces at Iraq’s borders. So’s we could surprise the cocksuckers." (Jesus fuckin’ Christ, Krauthammer. It’s “pull the wool over their eyes” not ‘pull sheepdip over their eyes’. If you try to pull shit over their eyes, they’re gonna fuckin’ smell it, Asshole.)

Tenet also makes what he thinks is the damning and sensational charge that the administration, led by President Cheney, had been focusing on Iraq even before Sept. 11. In fact, he reports, Cheney asked for a CIA briefing on Iraq for the president even before they had been sworn in.

The Piggy Pulpit

This is odd? This is news? For the entire decade following the 1990 invasion of Kuwait, Cheney and his PNAC backed up by Richard Perle at Defense and AIPAC have been pushing for the big Iraq oil grab. That’s why you got this drumbeat of horseshit about Iraq being the single greatest threat in the region and therefore the most important focus of U.S. policy when in fact Iraq was hemmed in north and south by U.S. and British air power while tens of thousands of Iraqi children died from malnutrition, lack of infrastructure and medicines after Bush seniors invasion and from U.S. supported sanctions. This, of course, exacerbated Saddam’s oppression but did not bring about his overthrow like the greedy fucks in the Clinton administration had hoped. But Clinton misjudged. He thought that Americans would not support heavy American casualties in yet another rich man’s war for oil using the same horseshit of protecting our freedoms like Direct TV pornography and popular culture that operates at the level of thumbsucking. And who knows maybe Cheney couldn’t have pulled it off without 9/11. But there’s no underestimating what you can get by lying to a grateful nation. “O FUCK! We’re gonna invade Iraq and steal all that oil! Shit! I’s gonna go out and by me a fuckin’ Hummer!” U.N. resolutions, congressional debates and foreign policy arguments were ignored with the opportunity for Iraq oil heist. Its many post-Gulf War complications were ignored-- the weapons of mass destruction, the inspection regimes, the cease-fire violations, the no-fly zones, the draconian sanctions. And we can see the result. Its fashionable among the Hollywood elite to point out that U.S. bombing after 9/11 destroyed most of the infrastructure of Iraq, but the fact is Clinton’s sanctions did as much if not more damage to the infrastructure of that country and caused to date far more deaths.

Iraqi oil and removing Saddam to get it was such an obsession of the Clinton administration that Bill Clinton ultimately ordered an air and missile attack on its WMD installations that lasted four days. This was less than two years before Bush won the presidency when the Clinton kleptocracy was desperate. Is it odd that the administration following Clinton's should share its extreme interest in Iraq’s oil? You think Hillary Clinton would end the rape of Iraq if elected with millions of dollars coming in from that same kleptocracy that lusted after Iraq’s oil during Bill’s regime. Fuck. Those people read the PNAC and suck AIPAC cock even if you assholes don’t.

Tenet is not the only one to assume a generalized amnesia about the recent past. Charles Krauthammer is too. One of the major truths (or, more accurately, conspiracy theories) about the Iraq war -- that it was foisted upon an unsuspecting country by a small band of neoconservatives -- also lives blissfully attached to history.

The decision to go to war was made by a war cabinet consisting of George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell and Donald Rumsfeld with handsome lies contributed by PNAC founding neo-cons Douglas Feith, Stephen Hadley and Paul Wolfowitz. In Krauthammer’s world no one in that room could even remotely be considered a neoconservative even though Cheney and Rumsfeld are founding members of the openly neo-conservative Project For the New American Century. You’re such a bad liar, Krauthammer. You lie about as good as you walk. And no one believes that light weights like Bush and Rice had any input. The decisions were made elsewhere. Nor could the most important non-American supporter of the war to this day -- Tony Blair, father of new Labor beconsidered a neo-con except only the sense that he turned out to be an enormous lying imperial dick who believed Cheney’s dreams of oil fields dancing in his head.

The most powerful case for the war was made at the 2004 Republican convention by the war mongerer and baby bomber John McCain, a man the North Vietnamese had every right and moral duty to execute but did not when they had the chance, in a speech that was resolutely "realist" meaning cutthroat and murderous On the Democratic side, every presidential candidate running today who was in the Senate when the motion to authorize the use of force came up -- Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Joe Biden and Chris Dodd-- voted yes because they miscalculated Cheney and his Energy Task Force mistaking them for a sharing kleptocracy.

Outside of government, smelling the rape of one of the world’s riches t prizes, the case for war was made not just by the neoconservative Weekly Standard but -- to select almost randomly -- the traditionally conservative National Review, the liberal New Republic and the center-right Economist. Of course, most neoconservatives supported the war, the case for which was also being made by journalists and scholars from every point on the political spectrum, whores all as has long been suspected -- from the former leftist Christopher Hitchens to the liberal cutthroat and Arab baiter Tom Friedman to the centrist glossalalia of Fareed Zakaria to the center-right fopist element Michael Kelly to the Tory Libertarian Gay But I’m More Confused About My Politics Than Me Sexuality Andrew Sullivan. And, as far as the polemic ogf my article is concerned, the most influential tome on behalf of war was written not by any conservative, let alone neoconservative, but by Kenneth Pollack who is a career whore for the kleptocracy and was Clinton's top Near East official on the National Security Council. The title: "The Threatening Storm: The Case for Invading Iraq And Stealing that Fucking Oil Before It Goes Bad."

Everyone has the right to conceal past history. But Charles Krauthammer reserves the right to make up that past. It is beyond brazen to think that one can get away with inventing not ancient history but what everyone saw and read with their own eyes just a few years ago, but Krauthamer fuckin does it twice a fuckin’ week. And on some his brazenness works. Most just move away from the stink.