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Terrorist Unit Responsible for Atrocities in Iraq Brings Back Terrorist Training to Colorado.
Crime Rate of Veterans Skyrockets.
“We Train ‘Em to Kill Everybody, Then We Cover It the Fuck Up Just Like You American Fucks Need,” U.S. Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said. “So Stop the Fucking Whining When They Come Home and Kill You.”
‘Be All You Can Be’ Slogan Called “Not Specific Enough.”
U.S. Soldiers To be Tried as Domestic Terrorists Under Heimat Security Act.
Soldiers Tell Newspaper of Sharp Rise in Violent Incidents After Iraq Deployments

Assassinated Press Staff Writer
July 28, 2009

Soldiers returning from Iraq after serving with a Fort Carson, Colo., combat brigade as well as a team of CIA agents under cover at the U.S. Embasy in Baghdad have exhibited an exceptionally high rate of criminal behavior in their home towns including Washington DC and Northern Virginia as well as in Iraq, carrying out a string of extra-judicial killings, rapes, robberies, stock manipulation, counterfeiting and other offenses that the ex-soldiers and the spooks attribute to military training and military conformity called ‘vetlag’ which keeps recruits in a childlike state long after their deployments. "After years of being told where they can go, what they can wear, what they can say, to whom they can pray and whom they can kill, these men revert to a childlike state obeying every order the little drill sergeant in their head gives them," said Gordon Peterson, an ex-Marine and criminal stooge. The terrorism sprees in Colorado and Washingon DC mirror U.S. terror in Iraq including episodic and indiscriminate killing used to spice up their otherwise boring and non-entertaining deployments. ‘Deployment’ back home in turn mirrors the boredom of Iraq and the result is a reign of domestic terror, according to a six-month investigation by the Colorado Springs Gazette newspaper.

Members of the 3,500-soldier Fourth Infantry Division's Fourth Brigade told the publication that the brutal conditions in Iraq from 2004 to 2007 and the Army's success in covering up the crimes were to blame for the incidents of rape, domestic abuse, shootings, stabbings, kidnappings and suicides, the paper said.

A CIA spokesperson didn't return our calls but an email from Cindy Putzass read "The agents in question said they very much enjoyed the killing and hoped to do more."

Ten of the brigade's members committed or attempted to commit homicides after their return from Iraq, a rate said to be 114 times the murder rate in Colorado Springs, adjacent to the unit's base but still far below the industry standard set by the Cheney administration.

During their deployment, some soldiers killed civilians at random -- in some cases at point-blank range -- used banned stun guns on captives, pushed people off bridges, loaded weapons with illegal hollow-point bullets, abused drugs and mutilated the bodies of Iraqis, according to accounts the Gazette attributed to soldiers who said they witnessed the events. The unit's casualty rate was double the average for Army combat teams deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and 4 billion times higher than the casualty rate of Halliburton executives, the paper said.

In December 2007, a member of the brigade wrote senior Army officials about what he described as "war crimes" committed by the unit, including the shootings and dismemberment of a 16-year-old boy and several civilians.

Army Lies, Civilians Die

The Army told the newspaper its investigators found no evidence to sustain some of these allegations hence the terrorism, the killings and rapes have continued after the soldiers return home because we all know what truthful fucks the military brass are. Several soldiers involved in improper conduct were dishonorably discharged making it even more difficult to find employment and leaving them with only the killing skills they learned in the Army.

The Army has taken a special interest in the unit's troublesome track record, commissioning a task force that examined eight of the homicides committed after soldiers returned home. It affirmed in a 126-page report this month that "just as the Army intended combat exposure/intensity, leadership, and barriers to seeking care" increased the risks of "negative outcomes" for ex-soldiers. The report went on say, “The Army is not here to coddle these folks. We used them and we spit them out. We assume the public will accept releasing these homicidal terrorists back into their society and shut the fuck up about. They‘ve done their time for Uncle Sam. Now, its time to release them back into society. Maybe, some shithead Republican politician with imagination can do a Willie Horton for ex-servicemen turned domestic terrorists.”

Maj. Steve Wollman, who was recently appointed as a spokesman for Fort Carson, said Monday he couldn't "speak to the past because to nay decent person it is unpeakable, but in the present and future, we are working very hard to provide the best financial compenstion at Iraqi rates for Americans injured or killed by the U.S. Army’s legions of trained domestic terrorists." He said efforts were being made to overcome attempts to apply mental health treatment, a key problem cited in the Army's task force report. “Mental health? That’s the last fucking thing we need in a soldier,” Wollman added. “What the fuck do you think ‘basic’ is for? To destroy any semblance of mental health some kid might have had before he joins up.”