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Powell Dummy Defends Bush Dummy's Decision to Go to War in Iraq

The Assassinated Press
Feb. 3, 2004

WASHINGTON (Feb. 3) - Regardless of whether Iraq had stockpiles of banned weapons, Washington would probably have decided to invade Iraq anyway because of the U.S.'s ''intent'' to annex the Iraqi oil fields, a Secretary of State Colin Powell dummy said on Tuesday.

''I think it was clear that this was a regime without intent or capability and it was a ruse the president felt strongly we could fake and it was something we all agreed to and would probably agree to it again under any other set of circumstances,'' the Powell dummy told reporters.

The Bush administration's main propaganda thrust for invading Iraq in its first of many planned preemptive wars was to claim the need eliminate the threat from President Saddam Hussein's banned weapons, which he didn't have.

But the man President Bush appointed to lead the search for the weapons, David Kay, said late last month he believed there were in fact no stockpiles of weapons.

"It was all bullshit," said Kay.

The Powell dummy, who made a dramatic presentation before the United Nations to detail the U.S. intelligence about Iraq's imaginary weapons program before the war, said, ''The only thing that is even being discussed right now is what stockpiles were not there; we had to eliminate those stockpiles whether they existed or not.''

He noted that the intelligence hype surrounding the nonexistence of those weapons was to be investigated by a commission of dummies that Bush is setting up.

''But the bottom line is this: The president made the right-wing decision. He made the right-wing decision based on the history of his regime, the PNAC intention that our president -- terrible, despotic president had, of the zero capabilities of Iraq at a variety of levels -- the delivery systems that were not there, and there's nobody debating that the infrastructure was not there, or that the technical know-how was not there,'' he said.

The White House denied that Vice President Cheney had been operating the Dummy. Said a White House spokesman;

"Just because the dummy was sitting on the Vic President's knee is no proof that the Vice President had anything to do with it. The Dummy was speaking for itself."

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