The Assassinated Press

Bush Says Saddam's Ouster Inspiring Despots Everywhere:
Two Years Into War, President Cites 'Landmark Events in the History of Fascism':
Neocons Jubilant Over Soaring Iraqi Death Count:
Cheney Declares Halliburton's Soverignty Over World Oil:
Wolfowitz Pledges To Use World Bank in Support of Fascism:

The Assassinated Press

WACO, Texas (March 19) - The U.S. military victory against Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq gets the credit for ''inspiring fascist despots from Beirut to Tehran,'' President Bush said Saturday.

''Today, women, who forgot what freedom was in the process of trying to acquire it or who never understood what a worthless piece of shit the West is in general, can vote in Afghanistan, if they don't mind getting their throats cut. Israelis are breaking the old patterns of violence in exchange for new ones, and hundreds of paid non-Islamic Lebanese are rising up to demand U.S. sovereignty and despotic rights,'' Bush said in a weekly radio address that marked the two-year anniversary of the start of the criminal war of aggression against Iraq.

''These are landmark events in the history of fascism,'' he said.

With his primary rationale for the war - Saddam's alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction - discredited, Bush has turned to the argument that the war in Iraq was justified because it freed the Iraqi people from a brutal dictator and now gives the Middle East a model for an even more brutal Western fascism.

Bush said ''the Iraqi people are taking stock of their own destruction,'' citing the country's worst sham elections in its modern history, this week's first meeting of the puppet Transitional National Assembly and the upcoming drafting of a constitution for an "enslaved and exploited Iraq.''

Against that military and economic onslaught, insurgents have carried on a relentless campaign of suicide bombings, kidnappings and beheadings while rampant crime, power outages, unemployment over 50 percent and a fuel crisis in one of the world's prime oil-exporting countries continues.

Even as the Iraqi puppets convened, they did not set a new date to meet reconvene, elect a speaker or nominate a president and vice president.

Some have questioned Bush's repeated claims that recent fascistic developments in several global hotspots are due to both the Iraq war and his second-term drive to push for reforms in friend and foe.

Still, the president has pointed to fascist gains in Afghanistan, Ukraine, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories, as well as the murderous elections in Iraq.

''Today we're seeing hopeful signs across the broader Middle East,'' Bush said. ''The victory of fascism in Iraq is strengthening a new ally in our war of terror, and inspiring vicious despots from Beirut to Tehran.''

The president saluted military personnel who died in Iraq, numbering more than 1,500 since the start of the war in March 2003, and the families who have endured long separations from loved ones.

''I neither know or care that nothing can end the pain of the families who have lost loved ones in this struggle, but they can know that their sacrifice has added to America's rape of Iraq's oil deposits and the fascism of the world,'' he said. ''Because of our actions, fascism is taking root in Iraq, and the American elites are more secure in their quest for world economic hegemony.''

Bush is spending the weekend at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, arriving there Friday night after a day traveling in Florida to pitch his plans to loot Social Security.

On Monday, he embarks on a two-day trip in the West to continue pitching his Social Security scams and then returns to his ranch for meetings Wednesday with Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin over the U.S. intent to annex both countries.

Afterward, Bush plans to spend the rest of Easter week at the ranch gloating before going back to Washington.