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US Steps-Up Its Sabotage Campaign Against Venezuelan Government
Conoco Phillips, Venezuelan Oligarchs Aid Sabotage
Number of Venezuelans with Access to Clean Water and Electricity Increased Exponentially Under Chavez
Venezuelan Oligarchs Declare Poor Venezuelans Are Unworthy of Clean Water. Uncle Slimey Agrees.

The Assassinated Press

One of the US’s most notorious campaigns of sabotage in the Western Hemisphere is ithe ongoing campaign to destroy Cuba’s infrastructure. The US corporate line is, “Either you accept our sole ownership of your greasy little island’s resources under the guise of investment or we will make it your little shithole uninhabitable. We’ve done it many times before and we’ll fucking do it again.” This has been the message of America’s corporate elite to anyone that dare stand up to their hegemony and corporate army, junk yard dog US military.

The Cuban Project, also known as Special Group Augmented or Operation Mongoose (Spanish: Operación Mangosta), was a covert operation of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) developed during the early years of President John F. Kennedy's administration. On November 30, 1961, aggressive covert operations against Fidel Castro's communist government in Cuba were authorized by President Kennedy. The operation was led by U.S. Air Force General Edward Lansdale and went into effect after the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion.

Operation Mongoose was a secret program of terrorism against Cuba to remove the communists from power, which was a prime focus of the Kennedy administration, according to Harvard historian Jorge Domínguez.[1] A document from the U.S. State Department confirms that the project aimed to "help Cuba overthrow the Communist regime", including its leader Fidel Castro, and it aimed "for a revolt which can take place in Cuba by October 1962". U.S. policymakers also wanted to see "a new government with which the United States can live in peace".

The program of murder and sabotage was exposed by the Church and Pike Subcommittees as well as the Rockefeller Commission way back in the fucking 1970’s. But none of this exposure slowed down the CIA driven carnage one iota as it spilled over into the US as Miami Cubans working for the Agency planted bombs and assassinated perceived opponents on the front lawns of America. Didn’t read about? Then you’re an ignorant shit.

Ever since Hugo Chavez was elected President a campaign of US organized sabotage has plagued Venezuela. So little regard does the US and the US media have for the Venezuelan people that they will make Venezuelans lives a misery in the act of doing the bidding of their corporate masters.

The latest incidents involve the destruction of a water main and a cyber-attack on Venezuela’s electrical grid and suspicious pollution of reservoirs.

Though this kind of sabotage is de rigeur for Uncle Slimey, the attack on Venezuela is particularly vicious and widespread. Oligarchs who work with American intelligence do not fulfill their contractual duties leaving water improvement projects in the lurch and the people suffering all to make the current Maduro/Chavismo government look bad.

Of course under US tutelage and the old oligarchs the situation will become far worse for the vast majority of Venezuelans as they were before Chavez. US corporations just don’t give a shit since their hierarchy is top heavy with socio-paths.

A call to CIA headquarters solicited this off the record response from an unnamed source. “Sabotaging Venezuela? Prove it asshole. We only last fucking week fessed up to fucking up Mossadegh in Iran in 1953. 1953, dick face! I wasn’t even born in 1953. You’ll be dead by the time the truth comes out about our sabotaging Venezuela and assassinating Chavez unless Wikileaks has got something. So go fuck yourself. And how did you get this number?”

Water supply and sanitation in Venezuela has been extended to an increasing number of people during Chavez’s presidency in the 2000s. Currently five private companies or consortiums operate water plants in Venezuela servicing 20% of the population.

“Hey. It fuckin’ beats what we fuckin’ tried to do to the Bolivians in Cochabamba in 2000,” Bechtel executive Justin Stinkhole told the Assassinated Press. “We fuckin’ bought the water supply and then made it so expensive many Cochabambans couldn’t afford Bechtel’s water. You know what happens when a living being doesn’t have water? It fuckin’ dies. But we don’t care. But the little brown fuckers drove us out. Can you fancy that? They preferred water to Bechtel.”

“We won’t cease our campaign of sabotage until 100% of water and electricity are in private corporate hands preferably the bloody mitts of US Corporations,” a Conoco Phillips Executive Byron Fuk DaPore. “We just won in court, kinda, and we intend to take back our property even if that means fucking up every Venezuelan in that goddamned country. We’ll teach ‘em to take our shit. They’ll be lucky if any Venzuelan has water after we get through with them. Oh. That’s the way it was before Chavez? That’s one of the reasons he was elected. Do you think that means a termite’s quim to a sociopath like me? ”