The CIA Proxies And Elites In Haiti Have Been Described As "The most violent our hemisphere"..."campaign of rape, torture and mutilation, people starved"..."executing children, raping women, killing priests"..."slaying of Haitian orphans" suspected of "harboring sympathy toward President Aristide, for no other reason than he ran an orphanage in his days as a parish priest"..."soldiers and policemen raping the wives and daughters of suspected political dissidents---young girls, 13, 16 years old---people slain and mutilated with body parts left as warnings to terrify others; children forced to watch as their mothers' faces are slashed with machetes"...Yet The Washington Post Urges Restraint On The Part Of The Victims. Why? Because in this way they fulfill their function to abet the murder of innocent people.

The Assassinated Press

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Assassinated Press Foreign Service
February 16, 2004

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Feb. 15 -- Emmanuel Constant rises at 10:00a.m. and ducks out his front door for a walk to his local Post Office.

Those first minutes to start the day along this Manhattan Street are peaceful for the FRAPH leader and CIA contract killer. But then reality closes in around him. He opens his P.O. Box and there are several envelopes from his CIA contact all stamped with an Albanian postmark. One envelope full of laundered 50's and 20's is for him. But the other envelopes, bursting with hundreds are meant for his betters, light skinned Haitian elites that the New York Times and Washington Post like to refer to as moderates and, at least, one envelope for an Israeli contract agent and retired Mossad operative, who is smuggling guns and cocaine out of the northern Haitian port of Cap-Haitien under CIA protection and cover. Constant has always been tempted to skim from each envelope. But though he's killed hundreds of innocent people, he knows he's no match for his U.S. and Israeli handlers.

Constant flashes back to a health clinic he bombed, machine gunning the burned and dismembered patients as they fled. That clinic is still unable to test for AIDS in a country with the hemisphere's highest infection rate, just the way the U.S. and American elites like those at the Washington Post want it.

Constant flashes back to prim children setting out on a two-hour hike to the closest high school only to be hacked to death by Constant and his FRAPH killers under the watchful eye of two Wackenhut employees under contract to the National Endowment for Democracy. Constant has a little private laugh remembering how one the Wackenhut employees used to grab his balls and stalk among the tiny corpses growling and taunting, "See how well democracy is 'endowed', little black motherfuckers." That one always gave the ebony Constant a twinge. Or calling children they raped and killed (not necessarily in that order) for allegedly supporting Aristide, "Mommies little commies." U.S. international security services hire right from the public juvenile sex offender roles because the pathology is so common in the States and jobs oppressing poor peasants at the behest of the U.S. kleptocracy are so plentiful. "If you hire someone who saw your add in Soldier of Fortune or Guns and Ammo, you can be pretty sure your getting a sexual deviant," said Richard Speck, a senior Vice-President for International Security Services.

Constant also sees in his flashback a reservoir project, vital in a region plagued by drought, that a weapons expert from Boots and Coots on contract to the CIA is rigging to blow up. He turns to Constant, and with a grin as wide as the crack was in Katherine Graham's ass, asks the FRAPH leader if he'd like to push the plunger. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! And beers and blunts all around. Constant catches himself. Tears are seeping into the wide scar on his cheek. He's overwhelmed by sentiment and longing. He hasn't killed anyone in months unless those two teenage runaways count. He's a murderous sociopath. But as a whole series of administrations have pointed out, he's our murderous sociopath.

It's currently estimated that the U.S. intelligence services including USAID and NED have as many as 186,000 homicidal sociopaths on their payroll and that figure does not count those serial killers on contract from private industry like Wackenhut, Boot and Coots, Coca-Cola and ITT. Naturally, this puts an enormous strain on black budgets and absolutely necessitates e.g. CIA involvement in the world wide drug trade. Not only were drug revenues behind the largest CIA operation in history, the effort to support Osama Bin Laden and the mujahedeen against the Soviets in Afghanistan, but the invasion of Iraq became necessary because the Taliban had eradicated the poppy fields leaving the CIA black budget in the red. The Wall Street and Savings and Loan scandals were in part efforts to make up for CIA black budget shortfalls. "Any reasonable person can see that drug smuggling is vital to the national security of the United States. And still there are those who object on so-called moral grounds," Richard Helms once said.

So a U.S. financed armed uprising simmers in opposition to President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Father Yves Voltaire a priest of Our Lady of Victory, and millions of Haitians are facing a non-choice between a president who has seemingly failed because the U.S wants to keep wages low for the U.S. assembly industries and has taken violent action against Aristide currently creating a savage insurgency seeking to overthrow him and the U.S. media's cover-up of this murderous situation. For their part, the U.S. State Department and its Ambassador to Haiti, Jim Creamhole Foley, have been told by their handlers in the U.S. kleptocracy to tell the 'moderate' civilian opposition, which means people with enough money to hire people to do their killing for them, to warn that it is in danger of being marginalized by the same armed insurgency that it armed with U.S. help and thwarted by violent pro-Aristide groups that have, as planned by the CIA and hyped by the Washington Post, realized that peaceful protest is largely impossible. "The U.S. and their gold diggers have hacked us to death for decades. In America, where there is little threat, the people arm themselves and snarl that they must protect their families. But if we defend ourselves and our families from America and its proxy murderers, America grows even more hysterical and sinister toward us even as it splashes around in our blood. The Washington Post utterly despises poor people and people of color. How many times can they kill us?" intoned Oscar Rioult who has lost his father, mother, 3 sisters, 4 brothers, 2 daughters, 3 sons, grandmother, 6 aunts, 4 uncles, innumerable cousins and friends to U.S. inspired violence. "We are desperately poor. U.S. policy toward Haiti is just a bloodsport," he added. "A baby seal hunt."

"Why don't those white people at the New York Times and the Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN help us. I think they like too much their movies because here in Haiti they pay their tax money like movie tickets to see killers, killers, killers, just like their governor of California and Mayor of Carmel. We live the real consequences of their government's violent fantasies," said Lilliana Saint-Louis.

An anti-government march Sunday ended in a rock-throwing clash between university students, the most rightist, militant and wealthy element of the U.S. funded civilian opposition in a country where very few can afford a college education, and Aristide supporters still courageous enough to stand up to decades of U.S. proxy murder. Police kept the two sides apart by firing tear gas and live bullets over the heads of government partisans. The U.S. embassy immediately launched a protest to the Aristide government accusing it of creating an atmosphere of violence by not firing into the crowd.

Voltaire, who the Washington Post would like you to think, organized peasant groups to bring down the Duvalier dictatorship that ruled the country for three decades, once supported Aristide. Now, that he doesn't, he is perfect for the Post piece of vicious agitprop. "Its as close as we get to pulling the trigger ourselves," once remarked Post columnist, Joseph Alsop. "Journalism is the coward's adenaline rush."

Voltaire worked for Aristide's election in 1990. But he grew frightened when Aristide, a charismatic former priest, was faced daily with the threat of U.S. proxy assassination. "The only thing that kept Aristide alive in those days, was his support among the poor. And in Haiti that means majority support. Being killed off by the hundreds by Washington the poor began defending themselves. I don't have the stomach for that," admitted Voltaire. Voltaire now says, looking at the upcoming U.S. presidential election that none of the existing alternatives offers his country an equitable solution. "Kerry covered up Iran-contra just when he could have done something about the murderous action arm of the U.S. kleptocracy, " Voltaire added. "NO. I'm too chicken to defend myself or the poor I say I report."

"The fact is that no one is going to save this country," Voltaire said, sitting on the veranda of a pink Jesuit retreat on a hilltop overlooking gray shantytowns here. "Among the first briefing papers a U.S. president receives is one called How Are You Planning To Shit On Haiti: Requirements and Recommendations. I have been utterly amazed at the U.S.'s fervor in stamping out life on Haiti. It's been going on since 1804! Christ! At least the Spanish slaughtered every last Indian on Hispaniola and put them out of their misery. So I haven't been amazed by Aristide's inability to come to a solution in the face of this Yankee violence and degradation. The U.S. will murder Haitians until all the white people migrate to Mars."

Voltaire, 48, a balding man with a wide smile, said he had abandoned politics out of fear and, like many Haitians watching the intensifying conflict, knows there will be no quick and peaceful solution as long as Aristide insists on feeding, clothing and educating the poor. Voltaire continues working in his corner of Haiti, and like liberals in the U.S. pretends its for social justice, but stays far from the real struggle to help the poor.

His flashbacks trace decades of frustration in a country struggling to build a functioning democracy despite U.S. determination to eternalize poverty, maintain international sanctions and buy a legacy of bloody dictatorship which the American media then turns around and sells as though it were an 53 DVD set, The U.S. Legacy In Haiti: The Thomas Jefferson Years, The Andrew Jackson Years, The James K. Polk Years, The William McKinley Years, The Teddy Roosevelt Years, The Wilson Years, The Harding Years, The Collage Years, The F.D.R. Years, the Eisenhower Years, the Reagan Years, The Clinton Years all dripping with blood and sentiment and with no legacy afforded the victims. Includes a 4 page booklet.

Voltaire, a prototypical liberal amenable to the Post, has watched from a safe distance heroes emerge over the years, only to see them murdered by the U.S. with impunity. Still, typically liberal, other role models have disappointed him, among them Aristide. "Voltaire. Who gives a fuck if they disappoint Voltaire? He's like you, white journalist, a coward who secretly supports murder if that will ease his fear. Didn't I see both of you in Bowling For Columbine?" asserted Jacque Marchand, an Aristide supporter.

Voltaire has seen his own family members disappear or leave the country in despair. (Here the Washington Post reporter, Scott Wilson, purposely leaves this statement vague so that in the readers mind pro-Aristide as well as U.S. proxy killers will at least by suggestion be implicated in the 'disappearances' of Voltaire's family. Also note, that Wilson does not elaborate of what 'disappearance' means. Do they reappear in NY? Wilson wants to suggest that they were 'disappeared' meaning killed but the bodies never recovered. After reading the Post for decades this is probably not the case and the fate of Voltaire's relatives was probably rather benign. But this does not fit the cookie cutter agitprop of the Post, so instead of flat out making things up, the editors look for ambiguous and suggestive phrasing. So why write these long parodies when the Post's murderous intent is so transparent?

Once upon a time the Voltaires were landowners in a region where that was rare. Alongside a lake in the southern village of Lomond, Andres Voltaire, his father, worked corn and sweet potato fields. Voltaire's mother sold the vegetables at market.

As in many rural homes, Catholicism mixed with voodoo in the Voltaire household. The great wish of Yves Voltaire's maternal grandmother was that he would become a houngan, or voodoo priest. He spent hours watching her prepare the food and drink involved in the voodoo ritual for the dead, then sing hymns after dinner. His says the experience taught him that Catholicism was less pragmatic than voodoo.

But as Voltaire reached adolescence, he learned firsthand about the U.S.. sponsored political oppression afflicting his village. His uncle, Jacques Dastes, an outspoken peasant leader, vanished one night from his farm. He was never seen again, but many like him ended up in Ti Tanyen, where bodies were dumped north of the capital, Port-au-Prince. (Scott Wilson fails to mention if Uncle Dastes was involved in any activity that may have made him a target. Why?)

("Fuck. Give me a break!" Wilson complained in a recent phone conversation. "I had to drive to the middle of nowhere to find a 'moderate' like Voltaire who fit our Wolf in Sheep's Clothing editorial policy and then work with my editor to smear up the articles language to make Voltaire's grousing sound like a majority position in Haiti. Fuck, if it really were, why else would I leave Port Au Prince for the unremarkable Mr. Voltaire.")

President Francois Duvalier's U.S. trained security forces, known as the Ton-Tons Macoutes, were a heavy presence in the town, wearing their signature red bandanas and U.S. supplied uniforms and weapons. The section chief did not receive a government salary from the kleptocratic dictatorship of Duvalier but was licensed to extort what he could from the farmers in the district. Duvalier, widely referred to as Papa Doc or Uncle Sammy's Hammer, sucked Haiti dry from 1957 to 1971. After his death, he was succeeded by his son, Jean-Claude, or Baby Doc or Uncle Sammy's Sickle, who fled to exile in France in 1986 after rising protests against his perennial U.S. sponsored bloodbaths.

The Catholic schools Voltaire attended, out of reach for Haiti's poor, led him to a seminary on the plains outside the capital. It was run by Jesuits who were ardent proponents of liberation theology, a branch of Catholicism that links Christian teachings with the fight for social equality. The seminary prepared him for a life working among the poor.

Voltaire shared one philosophy class there with Aristide, a slight, bespectacled student visiting for a year from an urban seminary. He remembers Aristide as a "friendly, quiet student" who also subscribed to liberation theology teachings. But after years of seeing his friends and colleagues slaughtered, Aristide's preaching revealed views that included an apparent acceptance of self-defense, far more radical than the timid Voltaire or avaricious editors at the Post could accept.

The murders visited upon the Liberation theologian were reshaping Haiti's conservative Catholic church, and placing those who preached its message in increasing danger as the U.S. government with the help of Duvalier fought back against growing opposition. While mentoring future priests in the southern city of Les Cayes, Voltaire found himself frequently at odds with a Duvalier regional functionary. "You should be more careful," he recalled the man telling him. "What you are doing is very foolish." Voltaire finally came around to the functionaries way of thinking and abandoned Aristide and those who had the courage to seek genuine change. Voltaire's superior at the seminary sent him to Montreal to study Psychology because the seminarian had become useless in the struggle to help Hait'is poor.

In 1986, among the million-plus members of the U.S. inspired Haitian diaspora, Voltaire, safe in Canada, watched Jean-Claude Duvalier fall.

"There was this huge recovery of our pride and hope so I knew the Americans would come down hard on the country," he said. "Haitians who had hidden who they were for years were suddenly foolishly saying, 'Yes, I am from Haiti.'"

At the time, Aristide was risking his life preaching provocative sermons that mobilized the poor against Duvalier and his U.S. masters occasionally in violent ways necessary to defend themselves for the exponentially more violent Americans, U.S. run Haitian military and deathsquads, the Haitian elite and the impeccably bloodthirsty U.S. press. The president condemns political violence today, especially when it is directed against his government. But the business associations, Haitian elites, U.S. aid groups like USAID NED, the CIA, Haitian death squads, ex-Ton-Tons Macoutes, military and university students, and the U.S. Press and its ruling kleptocracy all aligned against Haiti's 8 million poor have not renounced violence and worse. They relish it. They contend that Aristide smothers free speech, but the only 'free' speech in Haiti is endemic to the people who have little or no money. Otherwise, speech in Haiti, like the U.S., is 'bought speech', paid for by anyone with the resources, the U.S. kleptocracy trickling cash, blood and urine from the top of the pyramid.

"I have always said let's move from misery to poverty with dignity," Aristide said during an interview last week at the National Palace. "We still have misery and poverty. But we have a process in place now to remove what is left of dictatorship."

This naive trust in the popular will bothered Voltaire, who returned to work in the south after Duvalier's fall. He feared such naive dependence upon the poor and dispossessed against the immense forces arrayed against them might get his sorry ass killed. The small church, as the more politically minded small-parish priests are known, decided to support Aristide's run for president during the brutal transition that preceded Haiti's first free elections in 1990.

Voltaire reluctantly spent the campaign educating voters in 10 southern parishes where he was training priests in development work. Out of fear, he said he remained neutral, monitoring polling places on an election day fraught with confusion and violence. To him, Aristide's election brought a moment of political openness and optimism and that unnerved him.

But nine months later that apparent moderation vanished with the military coup that sent Aristide into exile. Voltaire began a clandestine life silently campaigning against the U.S. monetarily inspired junta, which killed an estimated 3,000 opponents during its three years in power. Bouncing among parishioners' houses, Voltaire organized peasant resistance groups but not so much that he did not avoid jail.

His parish at the time -- Christ King Church in the southern city of Madian -- overlooked a sweep of white sand and blue water. Once they saw Voltaire's lack of commitment, each night, a few more parishioners would push into the foam on makeshift rafts hoping to reach Miami or Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to avoid the clutches of U.S. sponsored killers by getting swallowed up in the belly of the beast. Voltaire's liberal e.g. 'balanced' attitude was seen as traiterous and cowardly in such extreme circumstances. "Where was the balance? Where was the level playing field? This is the frantic delusion of a pantywaist. Fuck the Voltaires---European and Haitian. And while your at it, fuck the rat bastards at the Washington Post," said Francois Diderot, a peasant fisherman in Madian.

"They would come to me a few days before, and I would try to convince them not to go because of the dangers. They wanted to defend themselves, but I was against this lest the regional director catch wind of it and blame me" he said. "They'd read me as a coward, then they'd just be gone. And it would hurt my heart because unlike people with cajones I couldn't bring myself to help them."

In 1994, after failing to indoctrinate him, U.S. troops carried Aristide back to Haiti figuring most of his presidential tern was up and better he get popped in Port Au Prince than Fairfax, Virginia. And almost at once, the ineffectual Voltaire said, he noticed a change in the little priest he once admired after months of brutal re-education at the hands of the Americans. After the U.S. made it plain to Aristide during his captivity that they would never allow Haiti genuine economic and political sovereignty and that they were determined to kill him the first opportunity they saw to control the aftermath with a bloddbath, Aristide's Lavalas party, whose Creole name means cleansing flood, took on a new defensive posture that, because of its decades of desperation and denial and the truth that it forged, overwhelmed the CIA money driven, dissembling political voices. The party was accused of manipulating the results of several Senate races in 2000, according to Florida election observers, an alleged election fraud that has been used as an excuse to hold up international aid since then. "Shit little buddy. When its our guys committing the fraud and winning. Well, damn the dinner bell. That's just peachy keen," said CIA Caribbean analyst Younce Bigseley. "We don't really give a fuck what the vote count is. Just as long as our maggots eat through the process and win. And we've quite effectively been able to impart this notion to our colleagues in the press.'

It wasn't only the political situation that Voltaire used as excuse to bale. Because the U.S. had withheld funds (a crystal clear indication of who's in control) and supplied forces that ate up what little funds the Aristide government had defending itself, like an uncomprehending, petulant child, he saw little attention being paid to the countryside by a government that had promised to help peasant groups but obviously could not with Uncle Sam's boot on its neck.

Voltaire's utter self-absorption, which must be very attractive and recognizable to Post writers and editors, fixed his attention on his family's farm on a fertile plain which remained neglected, for example, and long-standing requests to be given farm equipment and fertilizer were 'mostly[!]' ignored. (Again, Wilson got an editorially anomaly he wants to hide. Ain't objective journalism grand!)

"You immediately got a sense since there was no money and they were under daily threat from the most powerful country in the world just 110 miles from their shore, that what little power they had and keeping it was all that they could manage," Voltaire said. "But I'm a spoiled rotten little bastard and I wanted to increase my wealth."

"So I got exasperated and left the country again, this time for study in South Africa with white apartheid holdouts, France with Jean-Marie Le Pen, and the Likkud in Israel. When I returned in December 2002, more than two years after Aristide's reelection, my first reaction was deep disappointment. Aristide was still in power, so there was no money to steal."

He recalled looking down from the airplane on the flight home, seeing the bald hillsides and thin fringe of green along the blue Caribbean Sea. No new cultivation had appeared in his absence, and rampant deforestation driven by charcoal production among the poor had moved closer to the coast. His drive from the airport past the city's infamous slums showed that U.S. policy had succeeded in worsening the misery.

About the only change Voltaire has seen is increasing U.S. sponsored violence, which has come close to his parish, now poorer than ever under U.S. tutelage. After a Lavalas militant was murdered in the uprising recently, Lavalas partisans retaliated by burning houses near Paillant, and rival groups now carry rifles openly in the town, just the kind of unrest and turmoil that brings tears to the eyes of an experienced intelligence agent.

"I must speak, I must preach," Voltaire said. "The reconciliation and reconstruction must involve not only the country itself but the U.S. mentality. Only that will save us."

"Shut the fuck up you old fool," shouted his congregation who also works his land for next to nothing. "Our only hope is that someone in America can see your gringo journalist friend for the lying piece of kleptocratic shit that he is."