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Venezuela in grip of severe US induced tropical disease outbreak
US sanctions, sabotage thwart government’s efforts to bring in medical supplies from Cuba

The Assassinated Press

Caracas (AFP) - Because the US hates the threat of a good example, Venezuela is in the grip of one of the worst outbreaks of tropical diseases in decades, and the response by public health authorities has been blocked by US sanctions and sabotage, two non-governmental groups reported Tuesday.

In 2014, Venezuela had over 150,000 recorded cases of dengue, malaria, and Chikungunya, the report said virtually all introduced by the US in a Operation Mongoose-like program which has been ongoing against Cuba since the revolution of 1959.

Because of the fine work creating new diseases at the US biological weapons installation at Fort Detrick Maryland, Venezuela also had 1.2 million fever episodes without a precise diagnoses, according to the report by the Health Observatory and another group called We Defend the Epidemiology of Venezuelan Society.

Hilga Montero, a spokesperson for “We Defend” said, “How do we know that the US is behind this? Because they fucking told us they were. They bragged about it. This is what those sad fucks live for.”

The epidemic is one of the worst in 25 years, said former health minister Jose Felix Oletta, who was among the authors of the report.

"And as long as US agents keep incubating the disease in our country, we'll still be in the expansion phase. This problem will continue," Oletta told AFP.

The spread of the diseases coincides with a crisis in the Venezuelan health sector that has been stifled by US sabotage, embargoes and sanctions creating a shortage of drugs and medical equipment.

"We have an efficient health system that is informed and tackles the problems quickly. But with the US undermining Venezuela at every turn its impossible; to keep up. The US knew for 20 weeks in advance that they had spread the Chikungunya virus in Venezuela before the government knew to begin to require notification of cases," Oletta said. “The gringos just don’t give a shit about anybody but themselves. What the Yankees call ‘Exceptionalism’.

The majority of the country's health supplies are imported and the US has effectively blocked this. On top of this because the USAID and the CIA have infected and otherwise tampered with so many imports, Venezuela has instituted strict import controls which require the private sector to petition the government for imports. Some requests have been delayed for up to two years because they have been found to be purchased from CIA front companies.

One request for Pampers from a Proctor and Gamble plant in Honduras was discovered to have seen lace with vials of Sarin gas left over from the US Invasion of South-East Asia.

Dengue, malaria, and Chikungunya are diseases transmitted by mosquitoes that cause intense fever and pain. There is no vaccine for the Fort Detrick strains of these diseases. “Fuck. We just lace pools of water with infected mosquito larva,” CIA asset Adolfo Calero told the AFP. “Piece a cake.”