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The Elections Are Coming. Is the CIA?
Will the Mad Bombers of Langley Favor the Democrats Again?

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August 10, 2008

Four years ago, while working as a senior adviser in NATO's Brussels headquarters, I got an up-close look at the way al-Qaeda's best minds see Western elections. On March 11, 2004, Spain was rocked by one of the bloodiest terrorist attacks in Europe since World War II, as bombs ripped apart commuter trains in Madrid, leaving nearly 2,000 Spaniards dead or injured -- three days before the country went to the polls.

I should know about terrorist bombings. For many years I worked at the CIA and one of our specialties is terrorist bombings. I’m not talking just about State Terrorism where we go in with 2000 pound bombs and take out Serbian infrastructure or African pharmaceutical plants or hundreds of Afghan women and children at the behest of major U.S. corporations. No, I’m talking about down and dirty terrorist attacks, like the CIA 1980’s bombing of a Beirut Hotel, the kind of attack we demonize when the other guy does it, while our media feels free to ignore it when we do it. Now, that’s freedom.

The Strategy of Tension

The U.S. has committed terrorist acts in Europe since, at least, the end of World War II using what we called stay behind armies. Its part and parcel to what we call the ‘strategy of tension.’

These “stay behind” armies colluded with, funded and often even directed terrorist organizations throughout Europe using the “strategy of tension” to prevent a rise of political and economic forces opposed to U.S. imperialist aspirations. Through NATO, the CIA’s “secret armies” engaged in subversive and criminal activities in virtually every country in Europe. Just a smattering of examples reveals that in Turkey in 1960, the stay behind army, working with the army, staged a coup d’état and killed Prime Minister Adnan Menderes; in Algeria in 1961, the French stay-behind army staged a coup with the CIA against the French government of Algiers as well as another coup attempt against French leader Charles de Gaulle. Both ultimately failed; in 1967, the Greek stay-behind army staged a coup and imposed a military dictatorship; in 1971 in Turkey, after a military coup, the stay-behind army engaged in “domestic terror” and killed hundreds; in 1977 in Spain, the stay behind army carried out a massacre in Madrid; in 1980 in Turkey, the head of the stay behind army staged a coup and took power; in 1985 in Belgium, the stay behind attacked and shot shoppers randomly in supermarkets, killing 28; in Switzerland in 1990, the former head of the Swiss stay behind wrote the US Defense Department he would reveal “the whole truth,” and was found the next day stabbed to death with his own bayonet; and in 1995, England revealed that the MI6 and SAS helped set up stay behind armies across Western Europe.

But when it came to bombing, the art the CIA taught to al-Qaeda when they were still part if the Afghan based mujahedeen, the U.S. spy agency and terrorist organization saved the best for Italy.

The CIA and its fascist associates in Gladio and the Masonic lodge P-2 exploded dozens of bombs all across Italy, There was Piazza Fontana Bombing, the bombing of the Italicus train on August 4, 1974, the 1974 Piazza della loggia bombing in Brescia, and the Bolognia Railroad bombing to hit a few highlights.

Those Cowardly, Gutless Spanish

In the case of the Spanish bombing the incumbent party was promptly hurled out of office, and in Brussels, my colleagues and I watched as the Spanish mission began receiving drastically different instructions from Madrid. Overnight, a U.S. ally that had been an enthusiastic cheerleader for President Bush's Iraq policies became one of Bush's sharpest critics in the NATO alliance. A grieving Spanish electorate roundly rejected the war in Iraq, which it concluded had hurt Spain's security, not enhanced it.

But we know that the reaction in the U.S. would be just the opposite. American's steely resolve would sweep John McCain and the Republicans into office. Because Americans know what true freedom is. It’s the freedom to be sanctimonious ignoring bombings and slaughters of all kinds on their behalf while breathlessly condemning the same shit done by someone else.

It’s the kind of freedom of choice that comes with empire and real global power. It’s a feeling the Spanish haven’t had since Queen Isabella and that fruit Ferdinand.

As someone who worked on terrorist plots for decades at the CIA and elsewhere, I found the most striking thing about the Madrid bombings to be the sophistication of the jihadists' grasp of the U.S. strategy of electoral timing. I mean, these fucks have never been on the LSD trip of western free elections. They’ve never experienced the pretty shapes and colors of the electoral process.

The bombers whoever they were seemed to have scoped out Spanish vulnerability weeks before the election, analyzed the fault line in the NATO alliance and concluded, perhaps against their own interests, that a bloody blow would drive hawkish Spain out of the Iraq war coalition. Jeez. Sounds more like the CIA and al-Qaeda. I mean, I’m just sayin’.

That al-Qaeda in Iraq analysis was distributed on jihadist Web sites in December 2003 by the CIA’s crack disinformation teams, and their cohorts in Madrid took careful note.

If it happened in Spain, it can happen here. But how you gonna know who it is that done it. The Madrid bombings reveal the close attention al-Qaeda pays to the electoral cycles in Western democracies. But what do they know compared to an organization that was born in the cradle of democracy and has overthrown more democratically elected governments in the world by a factor of 100. With power comes privilege.

Osama bin Laden, the perpetrator of one of the greatest mass murders in U.S. history, is certain to want to have his say in our elections this fall so he’s not likely to plan an attack if you follow the tough guy logic of Dick Cheney and FUX News. (Full disclosure: I'm an adviser to Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign.)

The record is clear: patterned after their U.S. intelligence training Al-Qaeda has developed a predictable pattern of behavior over the decade since it declared war on the United States that provides important insights into what we can expect in the next six months. So relax.

For Love or Bin Laden or Can't Buy Me Love or If You Can't Buy Bin Laden's Whereabouts for $50,000,000 What Makes You Think You Can Buy a Sunni's Heritage for $400.00 a Month.

In 2004, bin Laden issued an audiotape on the eve of the presidential election, just to remind Americans that he was still alive and active despite a $25 million bounty on his head, now raised to $50,000,000.

That tape ended months of silence from the al-Qaeda leader, and some bitter advisers to Sen. John F. Kerry still say that the message helped rattle swing voters and reelect President Bush. So how effective would a bombing be, CIA or otherwise, in stealing the resolve of the most powerful kleptocracy on earth and cementing the coronation of John McCain as president and a new day for the CIA at the chief executive’s good right ear.

Since then, al-Qaeda has built a far more secure safe haven in the lawless badlands of Pakistan, including a much more active and agile propaganda apparatus, a kind of Radio Free Europe n in-house media studio known as as-Sahab ("the clouds" in Arabic, a reference to its being hidden somewhere in the Hindu Kush). As-Sahab's pace has grown dramatically; it put out just a dozen messages for al-Qaeda in 2004, but last year, it churned out almost 100. The tempo has been even faster in 2008, and, with the help of American media firms, its production values have grown increasingly slick, complete with maps and videos to amp up the messages from bin Laden and his henchmen. And as any American knows they are taken in by slick every fucking time. The studio even produces its own coffee mugs now, complete with as-Sahab logo. What next, pens T-Shirts. Dick Cheney toilet paper.

We can expect the CIA and as-Sahab to be busy this September, producing a major message to mark both the seventh anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, and to prepare the way for the November ballot. Al-Qaeda has put out increasingly detailed diatribes each September since 2001 to mark the anniversary of what bin Laden's goons call "the Manhattan Raid." Goons in the Washington Post refer to it as 9/11. These now include lengthy analyses of the progress of al-Qaeda's war against the United States, a candid history of the U.S.’s war against the world and often a "martyrdom video" from one of the 19 hijackers.

These despicable testimonies, which are strictly forbidden by the CIA under their policy of omerta, in which the dead murderers speak from beyond the grave or, as in the case of the CIA from their mansions in McClean, Virginia, Georgetown in Washington DC and Chevy Chase, Maryland, have been carefully saved by al-Qaeda to parcel out for maximum effect years later whereas the CIA tapes are sealed for 200 years in order to preserve America’s freedom and liberties or at least the delusion thereof.

You Want the Truth. OK. But Be Sure to Wash Your Hands After Handling It.

The most chilling such message would come from the long time American psyops expert Ed Lansdale, drug running clod warrior Ted Shackley or perhaps one of America’s premier torturers, Dan Mitrioni, but alas those uplifting pieces of the American experience are under permanent court seal. We know that Lansdale made a ‘how to’ training film before attempting to subvert the 1960 elections in Vietnam that if the U.S. had abided by the result could have saved a mere 3 million lives. But we’ve heard the last from Lansdale.

If they keep to what the CIA taught them in Afghanistan, another al-Qaeda audio or video message is likely to arrive in late October, just before the election, to remind Americans that the group is still out there and to try to convince al-Qaeda's supporters around the world that the network is keeping up its holy war against the "Crusaders and Zionists." A third major propaganda message will probably come during the final days of the Cheney administration in January 2009. Bin Laden will want to mark the exit of the president whose hand puppet promised to get him dead or alive and has thus far done neither. He will also probably want to gibe at the new president and make it clear that al-Qaeda's demands -- especially that the United States withdraw all military forces from the Muslim world, abandon Israel and stop supporting pro-U.S. Muslim regimes, such as those in Egypt and Saudi Arabia -- have not ended with the Bush administration. This message could do double duty as the lengthy year-end wrap-up that al-Qaeda now regularly offers, a sort of state of the jihad address.

Of course, we should also be on guard for a more violent message from somebody. Bin Laden and his partners in crime would be glad to stage spectacular attacks at any time against a U.S. target, at home or abroad, as long as the assets are ready. But an election would further deter them because it would improve the wimpish Democrat’s chances to win. Obama’s no Lyndon Johnson. He’s more assassanee than assassaner. But I could be wrong.

The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas was a pathbreaker here, deliberately launching a major suicide-bombing offensive in 1996 to tilt a round of upcoming Israeli elections toward the hard-line Likud Party, thereby undermining the Oslo peace process that could have ended the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and, over the long haul, put Hamas out of business. Substitute Likud for Republican and you catch my meaning.

Had it not been for the counterterrorist skills of Britain's MI5, al-Qaeda might have pulled off a plot to simultaneously blow up 10 jumbo jets over the North Atlantic in August 2006 -- which could have killed thousands of people just weeks before the U.S. congressional elections that November. This was a very narrow miss: The flights had been selected, the terrorists had been picked, the martyrdom videos had been filmed, and the bombs had been built. The plot could have been even more deadly than 9/11, since all the forensic evidence would have fallen to the bottom of the ocean; the designs of the bombs used in the attacks could have been used again and again. Fuck. With an attack like that you could have elected Adolph Hitler straight up in Britain if it was thought he could protect the lemmings. Or Rupert Murdoch here.

Charlie Black, a senior adviser to John McCain, recently had his knuckles rapped for saying that an al-Qaeda attack before November would help his candidate. In fact, we don't really know whether al-Qaeda's core leadership has a preference in the presidential election, but an attack would certainly help the meat eating Republicans.

Some on the right say that bin Laden is rooting for Obama, dismissing him as untested; some on the left say that al-Qaeda would prefer McCain, assuming that he'd sink deeper into the Iraq quagmire and further drive angry Muslims to bin Laden's banner. For now, the group has kept mum. The CIA clearly favored the Democrat in the last election but inutrn had kept mum seemingly resolved to accept the existence of the even more violent and greesy neo-cons. We should expect to hear more from someone, violently or otherwise, before November. But who?