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Obama, UAE Sheikh and Former Blackwater Founder, Eric Prince, Discuss How to Murder Dissidents, Thwart ‘Pro-Democracy Groups’, Torture and Kill Labor Leaders in Middle East.
Prince’s Company Reflex Responses Trains Force to Invade Libya, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan.
Eric Prince and Obama Pray Together at Banquet Then Fondle Each Other.
After ‘Tamale Powder’ bin Laden Photo-Op, Navy Seals Seek to Have Their Porn Returned. Elite Unit takes Obama Administration to Court to Get Back their Jizz Covered Tapes Used to Frame bin Laden. CIA Requests Seal’s Bestiality Tapes for its Bestiality Research Center.

Soldier of Fortune Magazine special to the Assassinated Press

President Barack Obama met with Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates and former Blackwater founder, Eris Prince, on May 6, 2011, at a meeting in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

The unholy trio met at Prince’s compound 20 minutes outside of the capital. Prince reportedly gave Obama a tour of his extensive collection of human genitalia. They then dined on the grilled fetuses of fatally wounded guest workers.

Then the three got down to business. They discussed how to expand NATO-led military operations in Libya and other developments across the region including how to suppress any genuine democracy in the region and to make certain authoritarian and kleptocratic regimes modeled after the US remained in power.

The United Arab Emirates is one of two Middle East countries, Qatar is the other, participating in NATO-led military operations in Libya, and sent French and US built aircraft to help oust Kadhafi and replace him with a puppet willing to significantly lower the standard of living of the average Libyan in much the way it is now done in the US through financial markets and the international corporate kleptocracy.

The White House issued a brief statement on the talks, calling them productive, wide-ranging and focused on common strategic interests in the region. But it did not mention Libya or detail what was said about the massive increase of military operations there.

Press Secretary Jay Carney said the discussions would cover the range of developments across the region. "I think the region is the focus of those conversations and Mr. Prince’s expertise in murder and torture will play a key role there.  Regional security in general would probably be the principal focus, so that would not be limited to one country. You know, Uncle Slimey fucks up anybody that gets in his way," he said.

Eric Very ‘Princey’: Stages Crucifixions Using Filipino Guest Workers for Obama

A more detailed statement by the Emirates News Agency said President Obama, the crown prince and Eric Prince (no relation to The Crown Prince) discussed UAE support for efforts in Libya along with continued oppression backed up by murder in his own country, Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Israel moves designed to encourage authoritarian and kleptocratic regimes such as the US to sell more weapons and devote more troops to the region.

Onward Christian Bulges

Meanwhile, after the ‘Tamale Powder’ bin Laden photo-Op, Navy Seals are seeking to have their porn returned. Elite unit takes Obama Administration to Court to Get back their jizz soaked masturbatory material. The CIA sought to block the request claiming the Seal’s Bestiality Tapes belonged in the sober up room at its Bestiality and Anal Extrusion Research Center in Langley Virginia.

The news agency account also mentioned separate meetings Eric prince and the UAE leader had with other U.S. officials, including Defense Secretary Robert Gates and U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, which it said focused on killing anyone who got out of line.

Prince to Murder UAE Citizens and Guest Workers, Export War in The Region

There was no indication of the extent to which the talks covered internal events in the United Arab Emirates or specifics about unrest in nearby countries such as Bahrain and Yemen. Prince is putting together a private army of Colombian and. And South African mercs to murder the populace or guest workers if the slightest whiff of dissent is detected.

UAE police were part of a Saudi-led military force called in by the Bahrain government in March to help put down demonstrations by thousands of people demanding political reforms from the kingdom's Sunni-dominated government.

The UAE has not seen the kind of pro-reform unrest that has occurred elsewhere in the Middle East and North Africa because the government has been ratcheting on dissidents until their limbs separate from their torsos.

Five activists in the UAE, including prominent Internet bloggers, were detained after signing an online petition urging political reforms. The government recently dissolved the board of a prominent legal group and then dissolved the members of that board in a vat of acid.

Tuesday's Oval Office meeting marked the second time in two weeks that President Obama has met with an Arab Persian Gulf state leader and Eric Prince. 

  Earlier this month, Obama and Qatar's Emir Hamad Bin Kahlifa al-Thani along with Eric Prince, who has become somewhat of a roving ambassador for the US, discussed Libya, other regional developments and the Israel-Palestinian perpetual war profiteering process.

At that meeting Obama and Prince were seen fondling each other. “We have a lot in common,” Obama offered.