The Assassinated Press

Alex Jones Just Looks Miserable, Frothing like Old Yeller. Rabies?
Alex Jones bloviates about the corporate aristocracy yet is too cowardly to do anything about it.
Radio talking head criticizes Bohemian Grove, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Koch brothers, Genesis Communication Network etc. but as yet has not fired the shot heard around the world which frees us from this corporate aristocracy.
Instead, Jones while simultaneously getting rhino hynied by all four Koch boys, wails and flings feces as Piers Morgan, rest of America look on in utter belief.

The Assassanated Press

Limbaugh. Jones. Beck. Fat white men with rabies.

Alex Jones got just what he was after. Publicity. The portly radio talk show host is frothing all the way to the bank. I haven't seen anyone ready and willing to be such a public douche for money and attention since Scott Disick.

Glenn Beck seeking to rehabilitate his image after losing his top rated FOX TV show even weighed in claiming Jones’ medical condition helps gun control advocates.

“A well-regulated militia,...”?

Truth is neither of these assholes gives a rat’s ass about gun ownership much less the Second Amendment which along with Antonin Scalia, neither has read.

Giving radio head.

Jones wants to take over Limbaugh’s spot as the number one sinkhole for paranoia on the radio.

Likewise Beck wants to get back into good graces with the big money, the high profile world of TV. One can hardly imagine an individual who was too much of a career liar and deluded shill for power for Rupert Murdoch.

But witness Beck. Beck’s on air mental illness was infectious, a rare medical anomaly, but he still got canned. Or he got canned because his brand of school girl, sissy panties paranoia and race and gender baiting was putting Murdoch and his companies at financial risk.

You can’t blow out what’s not there.

Yes, survey after survey demonstrates that Americans are ignorant about virtually everything. That’s why we were so easily enslaved by a corporate aristocracy. A simple patina of an expert class in any discipline of consequence you care to choose doing the bidding of his rich sponsors was pretty much all it took.

Jones' mix of fact and fiction is a tried and true method of government psyops.

So-called guns rights are not the ably defended by the Alex Jones’s, or NRA, or gun owners of the world. The effective propaganda, the source of the paranoid delusions about having your guns taken away, is the domain of Madison Avenue and K Street.

Madison Avenue writes the NRA’s copy. K Street, quite literally, writes the laws.

If you think self-interested, soulless swine like Jones or Beck or Limbaugh are the only ones who are doing it for the money, you’re only focusing on the kindergarten of corporate greed.

Guns don't kill people. Corporations kill people.

There’s trillions to be made in the gun trade when you consider foreign arms sales. But Uncle Slimey’s not scared.

He carefully calibrates the amount and nature (usually older hardware except for Israel) of weapons he will ship any regime he seeks to control. Then he just lays back and waits for the opportunity to attack his old customer. After all, the sucker was armed. (See Bill Hicks ‘Pick Up the Gun’ Jack Palance, ‘Shane’

Likewise Uncle Slimey does not fear his own electorate. The American people, by and large, can’t even figure out who’s fucked their anuses raw while the corporate aristocracy laughs all the way to the bank that they also own. “Ouch! My ass is bloody” cries the Great American Bald Lemming and then blames immigrants, women or the Jews. The Lemming’s even got the Jews and Arabs scapegoating his Rapture. That’s cowardly as well as being nuts. The Middle east ain’t going nowhere, much less upstairs/downstairs for a bunch of wacky, gap toothed, tabacky chewin’ hicks for Jesus. Netanyahoo, AIPAC and the Likud would be all too happy to give evangelicals their Armegeddon if it meant the Israelis controled the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, Jordan, the Sinai, Iran, Syria and all of Central Africa long after the Christian morons had evaperated into their simpering after life.

The more Zionist among the Israelis know that, say, bombing or even attacking Iran will not mean Armegeddon and the Rapture. But they are willing to play that bloody delusion to get what they want.

Gun owners are cowards. Flee corporate chalenge.

Not one. Not one! Corporate criminal has been taken out by our so-called virtuous, law abiding gun owner no matter how felonious, even murderous has been the behavior of the corporate aristocracy.

Jones calls Koch brothers mainstream conservatives because he can intuit their checkbook --- and he's a coward.

The Koch brothers who murder everyday for the lack of what is to be found on this internet still feel that propaganda is enough to keep them safe from attack.

Alex Jones gets a bit of what harm the corporate aristocracy is up to. He’s done shows critical of those old saws, the Bohemian Grove and the Council on Foreign Relations. But he hasn’t taken up one of his guns and moved to take back his campaign to free us from the rich that control every aspect of our lives.

And he won’t because Jones is a career blowhard only interested in ratings and attention. And by extension their won’t be another 1776 until Americans can identify the enemy, the corporate aristocracy, and stop playing lap dog to them.