from a recent chat list: "Fascisti Americani! It is so wonderful to read your hateful and inhuman messages regarding the person that almost all Europeans consider to be a hero for his defense of freedom of the press by releasing hypocritical cables that put the lie to your gonvernment’s defense of their many aggressions around the world. So vaffanculo Americani! May you be rendered sterile for your unbridled hatefulness and vile expression as your plastic empire crumbles around you and the rest of the world dances with joy!

The Assassinated Press

Eat Pussy, America. Americans All Pussy. No Riot.
US and its flunkies defend Pussy Riot while the rest of the world defends Assange.
FOX loves it some Pussy.
PR Speak or Free Speech. America is a Cunt. O Excuse me --- Pussy.

The Assassinated Press

Revolt in Russia - the charisma of protest
Revolt in Russia – pissed on by Putin
Revolt in Russia - We Exist!
Revolt in Russia – Riot! Riot! From Putin Got Scared by Pussy Riot

Revolt in America - the charisma of protest
Revolt in America – pissed on by Wall Street
Revolt in America - We Exist!
Revolt in America – Riot! Riot! From Jamie Dimon Got Scared by To Be Announced

Pussy Riot. Pussy Riot. Pussy Riot Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy. I spit it at every Christian acquaintance I run into,“Ain’t it just awful what that atheist Putin’s doin’ to them Pussy Riot girls. Pussy, pussy, pussy,” and stand back and watch all them upstandin’ Christian cunts blanch.

Fur Pie

But my dear asshole Christers, are these not our not so fresh cunty symbols of free speech. This Pussy Riot. Pussy, pussy, pussy. Are they not the adolescent rebellious snatch your great country and Madison Avenue now defend and promote under the auspices of free speech even though they did spout their vitriol in a church. In the former Soviet Union. Where churches were often shuttered for being the slaughter houses of superstition that they most assuredly are. Now, Russia has caught up to America in pussy Hail the marketplace.


How low Ameruca done sunk! Hundreds of millions of guns and not one bankster dead at the hand of an impoverished NRA cracker or his dead wife, or the US criminal justice system for that matter. Now that’s a stat. That’s spineless on steroids. That’s Pussy.


Obama and Holder, black by current standards, are too pussy and bought off to fuck with Wall Street. White America is too pussy and bigoted. So bigoted they’re willing to watch blue blood dog upchuck like Romney and Ryan accelerate the day when their sons and daughters will be literal chattel owned by the one percent with all of the rights the one percent would like to offer Julian Assange and are currently offering Bradley Manning.


Them Chicken-Fil-A guts are gutless gas bags, Pussies, when it comes to standing up for themselves..

Nappy dugout

Yeah! America is number one. Number one in long, dallying grease farts. And simulated Pussy

. Cooch

Christ, just two days ago Holder the Pussy announced the Justice Department had decided that Goldman Sachs could walk and not the perp walk. Today, Corzine and MF Global walked thanks to Holder. Both stole depositors money You white gun-toting folks ought to get some money cause no one but a Pussy would let Wall Street berk steal their cash and walk. Learn what a bank account is. Or at least stop spending it all on guns, meth and Wild Turkey, you pussies.


Yet, because the US banks weren’t offered a taste of laundered Iranian money they went after the greedy Brits at Standard Chartered and made them share to the tune of $340,000,000.

Hoo hoo

Madonna supports the Pussy. But she doesn’t support Assange. No. No free fuckin’ publicity in that. Why doesn’t Madonna defend Assange or Bradley Manning for that matter. Because she’s quite literally a pussy who only does things for PR attention and the money that that attention garnishes.


Same with any celebrities without the balls to confront US policy from Russell Crowe and his ignorant, ahistorical defense of US sponsered thugs in Africa, to Toby Keith who knows which side lady liberty is buttered on and buggers her there for the fan dollar, to Stephen Colbert and his US military scripted shows.


Why does Colbert have the musical taste or a pre-pubescent girl? Why does Colbert have the taste of a pubescent girl who is predisposed to love Pussy Riot? Is it a repressed musical fetish for young girls? Or is it a diabolical plan for Colbert to lure his young fans into his mild pussy-left positions.


How about an even swap. Assange goes to Moscow and the Pussy Riot goes to LA along with their crack PR team.

As Riot says in their song “Raze the Pavement.”

“It is never too late to become a dominatrix”

Or was that Madonna. Or my favorite girl group, Pink Taco.

As William Blake is a grand visionary, Ayn Rand is a grand delusionary.

And Paul Ryan is part of that delusion. What is a delusionary, you might ask? Simple a delusionary is one who creates a world in her or his mind and then believes the rest of the planet must conform to it or suffer dire consequences. These people if they gain any control of elements of society do irreparabale harm by bending society to conform to their delusion.

The “ineluctable modality of the visible”

Or what’s right before their eyes has no bearing on the way they view the world and in fact all of the world must conform to them and cease to exist in its own right or cease to exist all together usually by violent means.

My way or the highway preferrably as road kill

Now, its obvious I am comparing Rand’s (and Ryan’s) tiny reptilian brain to that of the classic imperialist whose premier trait is a lack of understanding or even the will to understand the “other.”

This imperialist dimension has now overwhelmed all, ALL, of western epistemological thought and action. The West in particular the US never really possessed not even in part, the natural relarionship with the “other” including Nature itself to carry on a dialectic.

The West, in particular its financial centers, military and industrial fraternities have become like bulls with a burlap sack over their head after being blinded by frustration and rage losing numerous battles to subdue nature and mankind, some through unintended consequences, most through blind brutality. And there’s the US’s obvious loss on both fronts with new great economies on the rise and political and cultural defiance from the world’s poor to the accrelerated real time destruction of the planet. America is a cunt.

America is a RANDy Cunt

. So perhaps Ayn Rand is our perfect symbol: short sighted, selfish, childish, manipulative, vengeful, imperialist, ignorant and with a pussy that stank to high heaven and made the saints weep.