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After Failed Coup in Ecuador US Left to Ponder Whether CIA Has Outlived Its Usefulness.
Private Contractors Make Case: “Privatize American Coups and Maximize Efficiency.” Cite Successful Contract Murders of Key Whistleblowers.
Blackwater/Xe, Dyncorp and Triple Canopy Point to Their Roles in Successful Honduran Coup.
CIA Admits ‘Brain Drain’ to Private Sector Contributed to Failed Coups in Venezuela and Ecuador.
Ecuadorian Police Involved in Coup, Trained at Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation/School of the Americas

The Assassinated Press

Maria Esperanza, a spry woman in her 70s invites me to dinner in her modest home in a suburb of Quito, Ecuador.

I am always struck by how many homes of the poor and working class have photographs of John F. Kennedy next to none other than Jesus of Nazareth often with images of departed loved ones propped on tables below. Maria’s house is no exception.

Kennedy is revered as a ‘saint’, literally, by many in Latin America. The people in general are unaware that many of their loved ones depicted in photos were victims of the his policies which accelerated a legacy of US coups and brutal dictatorship in the region. And only recently have courageous leaders like Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales and Rafael Correa stepped forward to put a stop to the brutal dictatorship of American capital in Latin America.

I ask Maria who the two young men are in the photographs and she replies her husband Juan and his brother Carlos. “They were killed by the military after the coup that overthrew Arosemana.”

In short, they were early victims of Kennedy’s Alliance for Progress and USAID. The USAID is a ‘diplomatic’ arm of the CIA, DoD and other US intelligence services. USAID stands for United States Agency for International Development. The fruits of development are meant to flow just one way. To North American corporations and banks.

One of the Alliance for Progress’s major accomplishments was training, equipping and financing local Latin American police forces and the military to serve powerful elites in the region and protect the interests of US corporations in the name of stability. This training was and is often accomplished by bringing South American law enforcement and military personnel to the United States to train at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation formerly known as the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia and on other bases throughout the US.

Here is where valuable contacts between possible future coup makers among the Ecuadoran recruits and US intelligence and the military are made. Here the egg is laid that if and when the moment demands will hatch into a coup plot.

Thus, we have events in recent days developing in Ecuador. As in Chile in 1973 or more recently Venezuela and Honduras the police were in constant contact with the US embassy. It has been described as a “dependency” “on the United States for the payment of informants, training, equipment and operations.”

“We work with the government of Ecuador, with the military, the police, for purposes very important for safety,” said U.S. Ambassador to Quito, Heather Hodges.

However, the diplomat told reporters she would not comment “on intelligence matters.”

Known that “Her Excellency” Hodges did not miss an opportunity to stimulate the sordid work of American intelligence personnel and to exacerbate the debate over the debate on a draft separation of Guayaquil promoted by some on the right.

Through USAID and NGOs Hodges supplied right-wing extremists with funds to develop propaganda programs.

But as Eric Prince said from his palace in Dubai “The coup failed. One out of three” a clear reference to Honduras being the only successful coup attempt lead by The CIA directed at Latin American countries in recent years.

Dyn corp CEO Stephen J. Cannon went a step further. In a n open letter to the Wall Street Journal for Ocober2, 2010 he wrote, “It’s about time the CIA admit private security firms like Blackwater/Xe, Triple canopy and Dyncorp have decimated the ranks of government intelligence services rendering them incapable of simple coups against third world backwaters much effectively fighting our wars. Here at Dyncorp we have thousands of years of CIA, DOI, DoD, ONI, NRO, NSA etc. etc . ad nauseam experience. We’ve hired away anybody who is anybody.”

Leave the Killing to Us

Former CIA operative Stephen Cash who now directs Blackwater/Xe operations in Afghanistan is even more blunt. “Those fucks in Langley couldn’t even knock off a little shithole like Ecuador. The time has come for a wholesale change. “

Cash and other former military and intelligence types now working in the private sector believe that all US intelligence, coup and war fighting capability should be in corporate hands. This they believe will drive costs down especially salaries for private contractors known as mercs.”

“It’s time to eliminate the middle man,” Cash said. “In the past, the US government and US intelligence did the bidding of the corporations. The time has come when corporate CEOs with major interests in a country can sit down with major national security companies and decide where and what pressure should be applied including coups and military action to protect America’s national security interests. This will foster competition for wars and coups and keep costs down.

“This will allow Congress and the President to focus on more important issues like prayer in schools and gay marriage,” Cash said. "Leave the killing to us."