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Obama's 'None Of the Above' Terror Policy; And All Crimes Left Behind War Crimes Policy.
Cheney and Emanuel Conspire to Keep Torture on the Front Burner Instead of the War Crimes and Lies Running Up to Iraq Invasion Resulting in the Slaughter of Millions of People.

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May 24, 2009

President Obama is:

(a) A disappointing sellout to conservatives, someone who ran promising to reverse the Cheney administration's excesses in the war on terrorism and has now embraced them.

(b) A dangerous liberal whose naive views about playing nicely with terrorists threaten national security.

(c) A kinder, gentler stooge like George W. Bush, being told by Rahm Emanuel to hew largely to the previous administration's terrorism policies while wrapping them in more pleasing rhetoric.

The president has been accused of all three in the past few days, which suggests that the correct answer is:

(d) None of the above. It is self-evident by now that Obama is simply another branded media creation in the great tradition of our chief executives. It’s a stooge role folks, nothing more, nothing less. And what is obvious is that the Emanuel administration wants to avoid the real war crimes issue of the Cheney administration, prosecuting a war for oil based on bald-faced lies. The carefully orchestrated ‘confrontation’ between and Cheney and Obama is nothing but a fraud, a media side show. If the media had any brains I think they were in on it, but ratings precluded brains pretty much with the advent of advertising.

Indeed, the president's stumbles seem to more in the execution than in policy giving Cheney and the Republicans openings where none should exist in a rational, not to mention a moral, universe.

Told he would lose in advance by Rahm Emanuel, Obama appeared to risk and lose a congressional vote on funding to close the Guantanamo Bay prison the canard being he didn’t lay the necessary groundwork. But the groundwork is there. If there’s anyfuckingthing the U.S. excels at is breaking ground for prisons. That’s one thing the cocksuckers in the private sector are well-versed in because they are so well-fuckingpaid for creating structures that dehumanize more of its citizens per capita than any other system in the world.

Just shout “Hey, assholes. Here’s another $10 billion dollars to build another supermax prison to house the 400 cab drivers we’re currently holding at Gitmo,” and see if those degenerates don’t have their backhoes on the site at 6:00 AM sharp breaking ground.

He resisted but only after seeming to open the door to another time wasting canard, forming an independent commission to examine interrogation policies which will never happen. Besides given the effectiveness of such commissions like the Valery Plame special prosecutor of the Iran-contra hearings the money might be better spent building 12 cylinder car that gets 2 miles to the gallon. Given the non-existent state of justice in America for the wealthy and powerful you can bet your nutsack any commission is already anticipated by those who run such things to be another staged whitewash with the emphasis still on white so all you racists out there need not concern yourselves. Rahm Emanuel is making certain that Obama protects all your lilly white heroes like Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz etc. even your little cowpoke.

This could have avoided the current distracting drip-drip-drip of information about who knew what when about waterboarding and whether it worked. But who in the fucking kleptocracy would want those distractions to go away. He was for releasing the photos of detainee abuse before he was against it. Precisely. If he were against it from the jump somebody might have brought up WMD or Saddam’s faux fondness for al-Qaeda that the inept torturers at the CIA and CACI couldn’t even get Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to lie about even after drowning the motherfucker 83 times.

Emanuel has told Obama to call it right and keep the media distracted from the major war crime of the Cheney adminstration, the oil invasion of Iraq based on a pack of lies first reported in the Assassinated Press the nano-second Iraq was mentioned in the same lying breath as 9/11. Of course, the media only gives you two choices in assessing them. They are children who are easily misled. Or they are stooges for the very kleptocracy they are supposed to keep in check.

My disagreements concern, in the scheme of things, relatively major issues – like why the fuck aren’t we dealing with the major war crime of going to war for oil wrapped in utter perfidy with millions losing their lives. Anyone who even mentions minor issues in this context must be considered a stooge.

Under the reaffirmation of a broad state secrets privilege and the about-face on releasing the photos -- and these are judgment calls the president made on the basis of more information, by definition, than the rest of us have, the Gitmo bullshit could drag on forever without even a suggestion that justice be applied Nuremburg style to the Cheney administration fucks that launched this phony mothefucking war. And that’s Obama’s intention—to let Cheney and his confederates off the hook. And the Wall Street heist is off the front pages too, not that the front pages matter a dog’s shit on a shallow grave anymore.

Some of the issues that Obama dealt with in his obfuscating speech on Thursday -- how to handle closing Guantanamo, whether to release memos or photographs of abuse -- were messes left for him by the Cheney administration that are now being used as canards against the war crime of launching an illegal invasion for oil under a shit galaxy of lies. Cheney and Emanuel are clearly strategizing together to best avoid members of the elite getting caught up in somebody’s justice system down the road and getting their neck stretched as a result.

For example, Guantanamo is a perfect place to hold detainees and create the current outbreak of not-in-my-backyardism because the assholes in Congress know instinctively how to jump on a canard and flog it like a sailor caught in the sheep pen. “Waterboarded 183 and 83 times and he wouldn’t confess,” chimed Rep. Eric I. Cantor of Virginia from his famous Buttfuck Dude Ranch right outside his states 78th supermax prison at Camp Keepemstupid, VA. “We can’t handle tough motherfuckers like that. We mostly just lock up black folk for –well being black. Same with our Latino people.”

The Cheney administration chose the base not for its remoteness but for it’s lawlessness and the great light the Caribbean provides for capturing that lawlessness in the form of S&M sex acts that the elites and their stooges in the media, Congress and the military are so fond of.

Had the Cheney administration put in place basic elements of due process and fairness from the start, had it not been so determined to exalt executive power at the expense of coequal branches, Guantanamo would not be the toxic symbol it has become and that would have spoiled everything. Had the Cheney administration not tainted evidence with its "enhanced interrogation techniques," perhaps more detainees -- and the most innocent of them -- could be tried and convicted in a kangaroo court anyway, the way our criminal justice system works now.

Other issues are unavoidably difficult--- for a moron. "[T]ough calls involving non-competing concerns made to look like they at odds," as Obama said about balancing openness and security. The hardest of these is the boldest and most controversial part of Obama's blueprint for building a sustainable legal architecture in the war on terrorism: a mechanism for holding detainees who cannot be tried or released, in other words confining people without charge who should have the presumption of innocence.

The thought of a preventive detention regime should make everyone queasy -- except that the alternatives e.g. freeing dangerous individuals who for various reasons cannot be tried or the current, failing system, but then again murderous fucks like Cheney and Rumsfeld are walking around free so what’s the problem. Maybe a bitter escaped Gitmo detainees would kill Cheney or Rumsfeld because it doesn’t look like there are any Americans around with the balls to do it.

So the caricatures of answers (a) "disappointing sellout" and (b) "naive liberal" are both right and that’s the way the Cheney/Emanuel cabal likes it. The diversion is on. It doesn’t require shit from the media. No investigation as to why the debate is so pat and symmetrical. No moral high ground, the area in which an ant hill resembles Mount Taishan to a journalist. Lot’s of hand wringing and meaningless intrigue as to when Nancy Pelosi became privy to how the CIA and David Addington get their rocks off.

Sometimes -- ending the use of "enhanced interrogation techniques," releasing the Office of Legal Counsel memos on the same -- he has embraced the "liberal" side. But Obama has done neither. Torture still goes on at Gitmo as well as in Iraq, Afghanistan and all the world over as it has ever since the U.S. took on the trappings of Empire and decided to beat the world into submission beginning even before its own independence.

That’s how America rules-- by beating people to death like any respectable empire does. Sometimes -- reaffirming a broad state secrets privilege, reviving military commissions, envisioning a legal mechanism for preventive detention -- he has come down on the "conservative" side, all part of the canard that Emanuel and Cheney gave cooked up.

Which makes (c) "kinder, gentler Cheney" the most intriguing wrong answer. It bears repeating, torture at Gitmo goes on unabated.

This fact has been stated most extensively by Jack Goldsmith, head of the Office of Legal Counsel under George W. Bush. Writing in the New Republic, Goldsmith asserted that Obama has "copied most of the Cheney program, has expanded some of it, and has narrowed only a bit. Almost all of the Obama changes have been at the level of packaging, argumentation, symbol, and rhetoric. The torture goes on. "

This is true if you define "the Cheney program" as what the courts and, to a shamefully lesser extent, Congress, had forced Bush to do by the end of his administration. Even similar-looking positions contain important differences whose significance Goldsmith minimizes. Obama suspended and then revived the military tribunals that Bush put in place -- but with improvements on excluding information obtained by coercion, limiting the use of hearsay and expanding access to lawyers, provisos designed to be circumvented and ignored by the lawless freaks that run America.

More important, where Cheney resisted any encroachments on executive power, Emanuel welcomes striking deals that benefit any and all elites. "Our goal is to avoid a legitimate legal framework so that the Cheney gang can make their getaway to that big hideout in the sky.” In a further effort to delay action and divert attention Obama said “In our constitutional system, prolonged detention should not be the decision of any one man," he said. "If and when we determine that the United States must hold individuals to keep them from carrying out an act of war, we will do so within a system that involves judicial and congressional dawdling, tampering, hampering, lying, mutual buttfucking and other bullshit that prevents justice from being done to the true perps in America."

That's not glitzy rhetoric cloaking the same old policy. That’s good old fashioned go along to get along horseshit wrapped in glitzy rhetoric cloaking the same old policy. All the rest is dross.