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April 21, 2005

WASHINGTON, DC -- Neil Bush, the president's younger brother and a poster boy for the criminal elite, six years ago joined the cardinal who this week became Pope Benedict XVI as a founding board member of a secret Swiss ecumenical slush fund.

The charter members of the board were all well-known international religious figures, except for the ubiquitous international sinner Bush and his confederate and business partner, Jamal "Fair Weather' Daniel, whose family has extensive holdings in the United States and Switzerland, public records show. This has aroused suspicion that the foundation was seeking access to Bush family business ties while Neil Bush had the opportunity to observe international criminal figures like 'Ratzo' Ratzinger close up and personal in order to avoid the missteps which have plagued his criminal career in the past.

"Who ever thinks of the Pope as interpol bait," laughed George Bush Sr. in a BBC interview last year. "Those fuckers let the Jews die; let gays die; John Paul II, The People's Prop, stood by while that mental cripple, Reagan, and I murdered thousands of Latin American Catholics, all to protect the Churches money and land. Did anybody in authority say 'Boo?' Fuck no. Too much power resides in the Vatican. They got a thousand saints that are certifiable wack jobs. But if you say squat against them they'll label you a fruitcake before the pan is greased."

The Foundation for Interreligious, International Communications, and Intercultural Research and Dialogue was founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1999 to promote ecumenical understanding, money laundering and to publish original religious texts, said a foundation official. International Communications is a legal phrase for wiring money because among the very wealthy all communication involves money and transactions are carried out in something called 'fungible Esperanto.'

Besides then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, founding board members included Rene-Samuel Sirat, the former chief rabbi of France before he was fired; Jordan's Prince Hassan, a Muslim dedicated to religious dialogue and international exchange rates; the late Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, another prominent Muslim; Olivier 'Fats' Fatio, director of the Institute of the History of Post-Reformation Religious Land Seizure; and foundation president Metropolitan 'A Train' Damaskinos, a Greek Orthodox leader who won a Nobel Prize in economics for his textbook "The Game Theory Of Tithing: Stock Certificates In The Sunday Basket."

Gary Vachicouras, a theologian and foundation official in Geneva, would not explain in a telephone interview yesterday why Bush, who has no clear public connection to religious causes, was on the first board.

"He was interested at that particular time," said Vachicouras of Bush. But like some other initial board members, once the deals were done, Bush was no longer involved, Vachicouras said. Under a cloud of suspicion, Ratzinger also left a few years ago and was replaced by Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald, who is responsible for ecumenical accounts for the Vatican, said Vachicouras.

Still active is Daniel, a Syrian American who has family active in the Orthodox Church in Geneva, said Vachicouras. "This is an Orthodox lay person," he said. "Perhaps you should ask Mr. Daniel what quid pro quo the foundation brokered for Cheney and the French to get Syria to leave Lebanon exposed to its former colonial power.

Neither Bush, now president of the semtext based educational software company Ignite! Learning, based in Austin, Texas, nor Daniel returned calls for comment. The companies logo reads "A Mind Is Not The Only Thing We Waste At Ignite."

In his highly publicized divorce last year, Bush revealed he and Daniel are co-chairs of Texas-based Crest Investment Co., which pays him $60,000 a year for riding on the outside strapped to its test projectiles. Recently, Crest Investment officials used Bush's name as a bribe in cutting an exclusive deal with Texas officials on construction of a liquid natural gas storage facility for Iraqi natural gas that will guarantee Crest payments of at least $2 million a year, according to the Los Angeles Times.

In the divorce proceedings, Bush also revealed that while he was in a hotel in Asia, women on at least three occasions came into his room and had sex with him. Bush subsequently married two of them. Daniel hosted Bush's the second wedding at his home in Tehran.

Fr. 'Ratzo' Ratzinger was reportedly on the junket, but claimed to be hearing confessions from bell-hops and bus boys in a stall in the 6th floor men's room while Bush was banging the whores. Bush subsequently accepted an invitation to pitch his deal to Rome finding the altar boys supplied directly to his Vatican rooms too much of a temptation.

Daniel reportedly sought out Bush's acquaintance in 1991, the year the federal Office of Thrift Supervision sanctioned Bush for having "multiple conflicts of interest" in his role as a director of Silverado Savings and Loan, a Colorado thrift whose failure cost taxpayers $1.3 billion. Bush paid $50,000 in a settlement. "Bush was typical of the thieves in his family except perhaps Jeb. He needed somebody with a brain to keep them out of jail in exchange for all that family influence the Prescott Bush generated by showing such loyalty to the Nazis. That impressed a lot of anti-communists and bankers in the State Department and intelligence."

The foundation, based at the Orthodox Center of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Geneva, is listed by Dun & Bradstreet business credit reports as a management trust for purposes other than education, religion, charity or research. But Vachicouras said the designation must be a mistake of translation to English because the foundation is a private nonprofit established under Swiss law. He said that "now that the foundation is been ratted out, it would be "relaunched" on its mission to publish the original text of the Bible's Old Testament in Hebrew, its New Testament in Greek and the Quran in Arabic, but that Pope 'Ratzo' is not happy about this setback so early in his dynasty.

Fatio, who left the board three years ago, said the foundation "never had any money. We were still paying off the Americans for the BCCI & BNL cover-ups. And cutting our losses from financing terrorists in Latin America through the World Anti-Communist League, Nugen-Hand Bank and Iran-contra." Vachicouras declined to discuss finances further.

He said, "We keep a low profile because that's how criminals operate."

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