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Jonestown II—Drinking the Kool-Aid.
Burn the Koran, You Fucking Asshole! Burn It, Baby!
Would There Have Been a 9/11 Without White, Imperialist, Chauvinist, Tools Like Terry Jones . Maybe because the US and European Kleptocracies Had Long Raped and Oppressed the Middle East.
New Cold War Getting Hotter Than the Last as Uncle Slimey Sees a Weaker Opponent. And World Sees a Weaker Uncle Slimey in the Likes of Rev. Jones.

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One would assume he is on the payroll of Dick Cheney and his oil barons and the military industrial complex and others with an interest in stirring up the Muslim world if the Rev. Terry Jones wasn’t such a two bit operator. His congregation is so small apparently even Jesus Christ doesn’t put much faith in him.

Adorno got it wrong when he stopped at what he called ahistorical rationalism. Unaccustomed to dealing with out and out morons despite his sojourn in the US, Adorno failed to take into account ahistorical irrationalism which is a lack of historical context exacerbated by being a self-righteous idiot.

So burning the Koran becomes fighting back. Fighting back? Last time I looked we had several hundred thousand troops and mercs all over the Muslim world. The US supports or has supported oppressive Muslim regimes from Saudi Arabia to Indonesia to Somalia. How the living fuck is burning the Koran fighting back? Pardon Massa Jones but you is one dumb cracker.

America got spanked for supporting despots and killing and stealing from the Muslim world. And another good spanking is exactly what America needs. And Terry Jones is happy to oblige.

Dumb Is the New Smart

There is no shortage of American idiots. Jones has already signed to appear on 'Dancing with the Stars.' But America and white America in particular at this moment needs to get spanked, real hard. And if that spanking takes the form of more dead US troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen and soon Iran, then so be it. Burn that Koran Terry, you dumb motherfucker! Burn it!

America is prime for a spanking. The notion that a Koran burning by a church with a congregation of 50 could hold the media hostage is a certain sign of Uncle Slimey’s weakness. The kleptocracy has won. They looted the treasury repeatedly, they bankrupted the world, they sent the jobs away to be performed by unregulated slaves and they subsidize and profit from a world full of imperialist wars from Congo to Afghanistan. Money Trillions . Terry Jones Nothing.

What’s poor little asshole Terry Jones and the rest of America including the media got? Koran burning? Fucking pathetic. Money-- Trillions . Terry Jones-- Nothing.

Jones told a small but boisterous lynch mob of admirers, "Well, I guess it turned out we ain't superior to the niggers but we still got the spics and the ragheads. We gotta be better than them."

Hey Terry. Yeah You Asshole. Maybe Your Little Tantrum Will Get Mama Dumbfuck's Boy Killed. After All Her and Beck and Limbaugh ARE Your Inspiration.

But Terry and his congregation will have their day in the sun. It’s like getting on Springer without the battery of interviews and liability waivers. For a brief moment, they’ll be bigger than Beck and Palin combined. If only Glenn had thought of it instead of embarrassing himself with his mediocre rally. Beck gave a speech that was somewhere between Gene Hackman accepting the academy award for the French Connection and Gilbert Gottfried on the Pamela Anderson Roast.

And Terry’s weeny roast hasthe kleptocracy beside themselves with joy. Ca-ching! And why shouldn’t someone be happy even if the kleptocracy is the source of so much of America’s current unhappiness. Terry don’t know. The media won’t say. And god don’t give a shit.

Drop trow and bend over America. Your multi-purpose asses is about to get abused again.

Oh, and Terry, I’ve mailed you my Koran. But you might want to have one of your congregation open it. Make it somebody whose wife you covet or a poor tither.