The Assassinated Press

'Here Comes the Sun.í Here Comes Ra.

The Assassinated Press

I put all of my faith in the Koch Brothers, Fox News and Jim Inhofe and my house burned down in a wildfire, a tree fell on my car during a freak storm, my corn crop evaporated in the field, my mother died of heat stroke and Iíve been without power for three weeks.

I put all of my faith in Lloyd Blankfein, Tim Geitner, Larry Summers and Jamie Dimon and my house is in foreclosure, Iím unemployed, my kid is selling heroin to pay off his college loans. Our local police and fire departments.have been disbanded and I was robbed and set on fire on my way back from 2000 hours of community service a judge gave me for joining the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

I put all of my faith in Boeing Corp., Lockheed, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Kindasleazie Rice, G.W. Bush, Barack Obama, Rober Gates and Leon Panetta and got my face blown off in Iraq and my son killed in Afghanistan. I came home and found my job was terminated; that my wife was fucking the local Baptist preacher, my neighbors had stolen my marijuana plants and my daughter was prostituting herself to pay off her student loans and applying for permanent residence in Costa Rica.

I put my faith in Jesus and Uncle Slimey, and they gave me the Koch Bros., Cheney and Blankfein while the Sun God Ra glared at me without mercy the whole time. .