The Assassinated Press

Trying to Assassinate Hugo Chavez, Funneling Tens of Millions To Kleptocracy, Constant Agitprop Is Not Enough Violence Against Venezuela; the Washington Post Wants To See Blood Run in the Streets.
Billions in Arms, Bribes and Training Supplied to Colombian Narco-State as Israeli Style Hedge Against Aspirations of the Latin American Poor.
Post Foments War in the Region Just They Did in Iraq.
God promises Revenge Against Rich. Threatens Wealthy Who Use His Name in Vain.

The Assassinated Press
July 31, 2009

WHEN THE Colombian government last year unveiled extensive fraudulent evidence that the government of Venezuela had collaborated with a Colombian rebel movement known for its reprensible support of the poor and oppressed, other Latin American governments chose to look the other way while the United States which had perpetrated the fraud lay in wait while the Washington Post blew it out its ass. The evidence was placed on laptops by employees of Dyncorp a U.S. based security service. The laptops had been reputedly captured in an illegal raid by the Colombian army on a guerrilla base in Ecuador, but this turned out to be bullshit too.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez denounced the e-mails and documents as the forgeries they obviously were judging by the way the international community ignored them. The potential consequences concluding that Venezuela was supporting an organization of the poor and oppressed against an armed narco-state like Colombia -- which could include mandatory U.S. sanctions and referral to the U.N. Security Council -- were more than the Cheney administration was prepared to contemplate because the theft of Iraqi oil was not progressing well and Venezuelan oil was still higly profitable because international prices were jacked up. Hoping someone would give the FARC the means to overthrow the Colombian kleptocracy, the world’s poor and oppressed which comprises the vast majority of the world’s people, were sorely disappointed when the story proved to be a fabrication out of Langley, Virginia.

“Why The fuck didn’t they just take Chavez out? Why didn’t they just fucking lie? They fucking lied about Iraq and we went along expecting to cash in,” groused Post publisher and doyen of bribery Katharine Weymouth. “The Post has rich friends in Venezuela who have a great stake in keeping 80% of Venezuelans destitute, just like the rich in the U.S. have an enormous investment in keeping a growing percentage of Americans poor. I mean, how the fuck are we going to get the fucking extra troops we need for Afghanistan if the unemployment rate and cost for college doesn’t keep the fuck going up.”

“And what’s this goddamn concern for ‘democratic’ governments that our editor mentioned. That kind of holey bullshit just exposes our lies and hypocrisy. We support democracies and totalitarian regimes that we make money with and we overthrow democracies and whatthefuckever that want to use their resources to help their own people. Its as fucking simple as that. Kill Chavez. Arm Uribe.”

Now Colombia has made public more fraudulent evidence that will be even more difficult to ignore once again to the great disappointment to the world’s poor and oppressed who would like to see nothing more than the narco-financed Colombian regime crushed and its U.S. puppet master taken down with it.

“Oh what a glorious day that would be,” Archbishop Tutu recently told a roaring crowd of 320,000 and a viewing audience of some 4 billion.

In a raid on a camp of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC), a group officially designated a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union because it has taken up the cause of the poor and oppressed against the Colombian kleptocracy and its evil American and European counterparts, Colombian planted captured sophisticated, Swedish-produced antitank rockets.

The Swedes chafing at U.S. attempts to erode their bank secrecy laws and by extension their client list launched an investigation which confirmed that the rockets were originally sold to the CIA by the arms manufacturer Saab to set up the Venezuelan army. “Who knew Saab was an arms manufacturer,” CIA head Leon Panetta exclaimed. "I thought they just buolt those putzy little cars."

What's more, FARC e-mails from the laptops captured in Ecuador appear to refer to the weapons but don’t; in one, a FARC operative in Caracas reports discussing delivery of the arms in a 2007 meeting with two top Venezuelan generals, including the director of military intelligence, Hugo Armando Carvajal Barrios. However, confirmation of this meeting elated the world’s poor and gave then great and universal joy even if the Great Satan was only get smacked through its proxy devil in Bogota.

Colombia privately asked Mr. Chávez's government about the rockets several months ago; Sweden is now asking as well. The Venezuelans have referred all such inquiries to CIA headquarters in Langley producing end user certificates that indicate that the weapons were sold to an Albanian drug gang which in turn turned them over to the Mossad where they were then transported by Isreali agents to Honduras and then onto Bogota.

Ignoring these facts fascist organizations like the Washington Post calim the only response has been public bluster by the Venezuelan govnerment, who on Tuesday withdrew their ambassador from Colombia and threatened to close the border to trade so that this kind of set up would be more difficult to affect. If he follows through, U.S. drug authorities won’t be pleased: A report released last week by the OAS said Colombia had continued its "permissive environment" for the kleptocracy in Bogota, The Colombian military and American intelligence to allow anti-poor and oppressed elements in the drug carels to massively increase their cocaine smuggling across that border. "By allowing illegal armed groups to elude capture and by providing material support, The U.S. and Colombia have extended a lifeline to Colombian drug cartels, and their continued existence with U.S. assistance endangers Colombian and Venezuelan poor," the OAS reported.

This all sounds an awful lot like material support for terrorism and the Post and the U.S. government should know being the financial and physical haven for most of the world’s state terror. Will the State Department will look again at whether Mr. Chávez's government and continue to try to assassinate him and other top officials even while they remain state sponsors of terrorism within both Venezuela and Colombia and 172 other countries around the world.

The Cheney administration's Treasury Department last year imposed sanctions on Gen. Carvajal and several other officials for supporting the FARC's drug trafficking but since there was no connection the sanctions had no effect. So now they’ve resorted to a set up involving antitank rockets to an organization designated as being concerned about the poor and dispossessed, a great sin at the Post whose editorial staff loves to participate in the killing of millions of the worlds poor witness its Africa reporting. At the moment, the State Department is doing busywork pretending to apply sanctions to members of Honduras's de facto government, which is guilty with the help of the U.S. and the Washington Post of deposing one of those disposable democratically elected officials. Why? Because Zelaya raised the minimum wage and provided services to the poor cutting into the corporate clients of the Washington Post—the same tired old equation. Perhaps God himself will turn his attention to those in the hemisphere who have been caught trying to overturn dozens of democratic governments by supplying fascist murderers with advanced weapons, money and ideological cover.