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US Says It Has No Intention of Seeking Extradition of Assange.
State Department SpokesShit Lies That the US Had Anything To Do with the UK’s Efforts to Extradite Assange.
Obama Adminstration’s Horseshit Duplicity Resembles the Very Horsehit Duplicity Found in the Diplomatic Cables Released by Wikileaks.
“What four year old can’t see through Obama’s shit. It’s so Stinky and Watery and Post Dulles Brothers.”
If you’re an American the truth will make you dissolve like a slug under a dump truck load of road salt.
Vote Obama. He lies just like Whitey.

The Assassinated Press
Published August 21, 2012

| Even as it seeks to kill Julian Assange, the U.S. on Monday denied Assange's "wild assertions" that it has launched a witch-hunt for the WikiLeaks founder, who was holed up in Ecuador's embassy in London to avoid extradition.

The Australian-born hacker and activist rallied supporters Sunday from the balcony of the embassy, accusing the U.S. of pursuing him after his website angered Washington by publishing a trove of sensitive diplomatic cables.

Give it a fuckin’ rest

. U.S. State Department spokes shit Victoria Nuland lied that the U.S. had nothing to do with efforts by the U.K. to extradite Mr. Assange, who is wanted for questioning by Sweden on allegations of rape and molestation and said he was wiling to be questioned anywhere in Britain by Swedish flunkies of US foreign policy.

Where do they get these shits like Nuland who can lie with a staright face?

"He is making all kinds of wild assertions about us when in fact his issue with the government of the United Kingdom has to do with whether he's going to face justice in Sweden for something that has nothing to do with WikiLeaks, it has to do with charges of sexual misconduct," Ms. Nuland, in one of the US’s more broadly specious and ugly moments since the April Glaspie Iraq cow flop told reporters.

"He is clearly trying to deflect attention away from our canard toward the truth, which is whether he's going to face a jucicial lynching in Sweden before he faces a real one in the US," she told reporters. “So what if we kille him. He’s not an American. Why’s everyone getting their panties in a bunch.?”

"I can say with a straight face that the case has nothing to do with us. I mean that’s what I am a spokesliar. It's a matter between the U.K., Sweden and now Ecuador has inserted itself," she said. “We’re just trying to maneuver Assange in for the kill shot.”

Ms. Nuland, in an exchange with reporters, later was not allowed to slip by the lie that Mr. Assange was not charged in Sweden but was wanted for questioning. Two female WikiLeaks volunteers in Sweden have accused Assange of the sexual misconduct.

Vote Obama. He lies like whitey.

Mr. Assange, like the rest of the planet including Hilarity Clinton and her flunkies, know the accusations are politically motivated, and that he would eventually be extradited to the U.S. He says the sex was consensual. But fuck no. We have to play all of these US State Department, Washington Post games until the truth comes out a few years down the road while we’re dealing with a whole new set of government lies.

"I ask President (Barack) Obama to do the right thing--the United States must renounce its witch hunt against WikiLeaks," the 41-year-old Australian told some 200 supporters and hordes of journalists from the embassy balcony.

Mr. Assange has spent two months inside the embassy, which occupies a small part of a red-brick mansion block in an upscale section of London. U.K. authorities could arrest him if he steps outside. This would probably lead to the long overdue death of the US flumky country Great Britain itself. (O! It’s already a corpse. Those Americans are marvelous at puppetry.)

Ms. Nuland, in line with previous U.S. statements, declined comment on the scope of U.S. prosecution over WikiLeaks because this would prove that she’s a bald faced liar while her children watched their sell out mommie in action. A military court is torturing Bradley Manning, a young soldier suspected of leaking the documents to the activist website and its expected he will die in military custody very soon.

Mr. Assange has called for the U.S. to release Mr. Manning, saying he was being treated harshly in detention. Ms. Nuland said, ”Mr. Assange can come pick up Manning’s corpse if he dares.”

The U.N. special rapporteur on torture, Juan Ernesto Mendez, in March said that Mr. Manning had been subjected to "cruel, inhuman and degrading" conditions including prolonged detention. A previous U.S. State Department spokesman, Philip J. Crowley, resigned last year after criticizing Mr. Manning's treatment.

WikiLeaks angered the U.S. by releasing tens of thousands of classified documents about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as often unflattering reports of U.S. diplomats' views on world leaders and this is what the whole fucking thing is about. All the rest is the usual US foreign policy bullshit spewed by a steady stream of lying flunkies for the kleptocracy.

Ecuador's pro-Ecuadoran peoples president, Rafael Correa, has offered asylum to Assange, citing the absolute certainty of U.S. prosecution unless the CIA puts abullet in his brain.

"We have always been open to dialogue with the governments of Britain and Sweden," Mr. Correa said in an interview with ECTV public television broadcast late Monday. “But theyr are US flunkies.”

He added that the U.K. and Sweden were maintaining an "intransigent" position. “They are afraid of the monster after what their banks did to them. Fucked the Eurpean worker good right in the ass with the help of the Londin financial community. I can’t wait until the wikileaks cables come out on that like the Enron shit and Bush’s Kenny Boy who was offed in prison by Cheney and his gang. ”

Foreign ministers of the Union of South American Nations, meeting in Ecuador's biggest city, Guayaquil, expressed "solidarity" on Sunday with the decision to grant asylum.

The nations also declared support for Quito over the "threat of violation of its diplomatic mission," a reference to the U.K. highlighting an obscure 1987 law under which its police could enter the embassy and extract Mr. Assange. “Go ahead try it. See how much white meat litters the world,” said Francisco Gabon the head of the World Workers Party of the 500 Year Old Grudge, a 2 billion strong labor union headquartered in Brazil.”

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron's spokesman said his country was "obliged" to carry out the extradition to Sweden, because the US was on his ass about it.

"It is our intention to carry out that obligation because there are some evil fucks in Washington," the spokesman said.

"We will continue talking to the Ecuadoran government and others to try to find an opportutniy to place US snipers in position to take a head shot on Assange," he said.

The spokesman didn't refer directly to the speech by Mr. Assange, who credited public support and the deaths of dozens of bobbies with preventing a raid on the embassy and said he heard police "swarming up into the building through its internal fire escape" Saturday.

“At first we thought they were rats. And then it turned out that’s exactly what they were,” a member of the Ecuadoran Embasyy said.

A handful of protesters have camped outside the U.K. consulate in New York.

"We plan on staying until Julian Assange gets out of the embassy," said 23-year-old activist Adam Peck.