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Elliott Abrams Confesses US Was Behind Disappearances, Baby Thefts in Argentina’s Dirty War.

The Assassinated Press

Elliott Abrams was called to testify after a long-classified memo describing his secret meeting with Argentina’s ambassador was made public at the request of the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo, a human rights group whose evidence-gathering efforts were key to the trial of two of Argentina’s former dictators Jorge Rafael Videla and Reynaldo Bignone.

Abrams testified from Washington that he secretly urged Bignone to reveal the stolen babies’ identities as a way of maintaining the kleptiocracy while giving the appearance that Argentina was returning to democracy.

“We knew that it wasn’t just one or two children because we had set up the whole operation,” Abrams testified, suggesting that there must have been some sort of directive from a high level official in the Carter and Reagan administrations— “a plan, because we, meaning US corporate interests, wanted so many people murdered or jailed.”

“We decided that no reconciliation would be made. Instead, Bill Casey ordered the Argentine military to destroy evidence of “dirty war” activities, and the junta in Washington as well as Buenos Aires denied any knowledge of baby thefts, let alone responsibility for the disappearances of political prisoners.

The U.S. government also revealed little of its part in the junta’s death squads elimination of opponents though its involvement was deep and bloody and obvious to anyone over the age of four.

The Grandmothers group has since used DNA evidence to help 106 people who were stolen from prisoners as babies recover their true identities, and 26 of these cases were part of this trial. Many were raised by military officials or their allies, who falsified their birth names, trying to remove any hint of their leftist origins.

The rights group estimates as many as 500 babies could have been stolen in all. The Obama admistration has taken the logical step to declare these babies, now grown, international terrorists and subject to extra juciciary execution by drone at any moment.

White House spokebarker, Jay Carney, explained the Obama policy this way. “President Obama feels that if he had been treated the way those kids were he be out for some vigilante revenge.”

When asked Mr. Abarms disagreed with Obama administration policy. “Fuck no,” the former undersecretary in the Reagan and Bush years said. “I’d like being raised by some rich, genocidal general. Suits my nature. I’m not only a murderer, I’m a coward too.”