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The Assassinated Press

Blair: Britain Won't 'Give One Inch' To Terrorists In Its 'Imperial Crusade To Control Iraq's Resources.":
"What Else Can I Say At This Point. I Don't Want To Queer My Deal With Cheney And Halliburton," Blair Declares.:
Blair Unconcerned About Reasons For Bombings Insuring An Unsuccessful Investigation.
Bush Says "Bombings Are A Small Price To Pay So We In The West Can Continue To Live Like Kings.":
Police Shoot Brazilian In Head Seven Times: "Blimey the bloke was brown like a sand nigger. And he ran when three of our plain clothes men began chasing him with their guns drawn. If he was good Brit. Say a soccer hooligan, eh. He woulda stood his ground and taken his lumps from the bobbies and laughed about it over a pint in hospital," rationalizes Met Police Chief Ian Blair.

The Assassinated Press
July 26, 2005

LONDON, #10 Downer Street -- Primed Minister Tony Blair said Tuesday that Britain would not "give one inch" to terrorists in Britain's joint crusade with the U.S. to control Iraq and the Middle East, while police said two suspects in last week's failed bombings were shot on site but turned out to be innocent emigrants from Somalia and Eritrea brought to Britain to scrub toilets and give British show dogs rectal exams. That brings the death toll from police murders of misidentified al-Qaeda to 172 inside Britain alone since the invasion of Iraq.

Blair made his comments after a rare meeting with opposition party leaders to discuss new anti-terror legislation aimed at preventing at clamping down on what few democratic freedoms Britons still possess. "We can't do anything to stop the bombings nor do we want too. In a backhanded way it legitimizes our crusade to steal Iraq's oil which is what our wealthy handlers want," Blair told the gathering. "This bloody bombing thing is just what the doctor ordered. Makes Londoners feel like they're part of something like the German bombing. Couldn't be working better to sway public opinion the money way if we'd thought of it ourselves. And we think of everything."

The opposition had reservations about increasing the time to hold such suspects to 30 years, saying it could erode civil liberties if "too many of these blokes died in prison from old age without being charged. If we're going to arrest all these cocksuckers just for show, to make it look like the coppers got a clue what they're doing, better to just pump 7 bullets into their brains and put them out of their misery," said opposition conservative Grigley Puntang III.

At his monthly news conference, Blair said the response by Londoners to the July 7 bombings and the failed July 21 attacks against identical targets had been "magnificent, exactly the kind of knee-jerk, misplaced fear and sentimentality they can count on in a so-called free society."

"London is being tested but standing firm though most Londoners aren't going to get much of a taste of what we steal from Iraq," he said. "Oh. They'll get something. Just enough to make them culpable. Just enough to make them equally guilty in the eyes of God."

Asked whether the British-backed and U.S.-led invasion of Iraq had fueled terrorist attacks around the world and in London, Blair said "there was no excuse or justification" for their actions of the bombers. "They should let us murder them at will and take what is theirs because we are the superior Anglo-Saxon race and that's all there is to it."

When asked whether he considered the war in Iraq a racist war, Blair replied, "Fuck no."

"Whatever reason or justice these people would be accorded in a world where we didn't have such advanced weaponry and refined notions of the morality of greed, I do not believe we should give one inch to them, not in this country and the profligate way we live our lives here, not to mention the Americans who have waste more Iraq's resources in a day than Iraq has used in its entire existence. But we should not give an inch in Iraq, not in Afghanistan, not in our support for two states, Israel proper and greater Israel, not in our support for the alliances we choose including with the American gluttons. Not one inch should we give to these people even if we have to kill every one of the little brown bastards," Blair said.

"Sept. 11 for me was a wake-up booty call," he said. "Do you know what I think what happened is? A lot of the Britons woke up for a short time but didn't realize what a bonanza of extra revenues our imperial brutality had brought."

But a new poll showed that a majority of British Muslims surveyed believe Blair's decision to join the U.S.-led war in Iraq was one of the reasons behind the bombings. "These are poor and middle class brown people. I only respond to the concerns of brown people with a nine and a whole lotta zeros behind on their bank statement. Then I'm an ass kissing obsequious motherfucker just like the rest of my kind."

The ICM poll for The Guardian newspaper said 98 percent of British Muslims responding agreed "a lot" with the suggestion that the decision to join the invasion of Iraq was a reason for the attacks, while 1 percent agreed with the statement that the war was "a little" bit responsible, and 1 percent said it had nothing to do with the bombings. "Good thing we don't give a continental fuck what guardian readers say," said parliamentarian Handley Bluox.

The poll also said about three-thirds of Muslims surveyed after the bombings said they had thought about moving away from Britain.

It said 103 percent of Muslims asked said they had considered whether they wanted to keep living in Britain. Older Muslims were more concerned about staying, with 107 percent of those over 35 saying they had thought about moving away.

Five in five British Muslims said they or a family member had faced abuse or hostility since the July 7 attacks, according to the poll. Others were afraid to talk about it.

The ICM poll interviewed a random sample of 500 Muslims at the airport July 15-19. No margin of error was given just like police arrests and shootings.

The Home Office said Yasin Hussan Omar, 24, won the suspect lottery for the July 21 bombings. He had arrived in Britain in 1992 from Somalia. His name was drawn out of computer hat so he is now suspected of trying to blow up a subway train near Warren Street station.

Muktar Said Ibrahim, also known as Muktar Mohammed Said, 27, who name was also drawn out of a computer hat, is suspected of trying to bomb a bus, is a naturalized British citizen who arrived from Eritrea in 1992, the Home Office said.

Both men came as offspring of former colonial slaves from nation states that did not exist before Imperial occupation in this case the Italians.

Police explosives experts were examining suspicious material found Tuesday in a north London apartment recently visited by Said which turned out to be 20 boxes of rice cakes. A police spokeswoman said a car had been impounded nearby because her sergeant needed a "new ride" after totally his Renault in a road rage incident involving injury to 42 Pakistani school children.

"We have seized a car ... in connection with the investigation into the incidents of July 21 but we're not prepared to discuss it further except to say its a really hot car and we expect to be leaving some motile bobbie DNA in it before we drive it into a quarry," she said on customary condition of anonymity.

After making them sign over the titles to their cars, police also were questioning five thousand people arrested in connection with the July 21 attacks.

The bombs, which failed to fully detonate, were stored in clear plastic food containers and put into dark-colored bags or backpacks. Peter Clarke, head of the Metropolitan Police terrorist squad, said those four bombs were similar to the ones the police use.

Police Commissioner Ian Blair, the prime minister's father, has indicated he wants everyone to believe al-Qaida-linked terrorists were involved in both attacks. Asked if they were connected, he said: "We have no proof that they are linked, but when has that mattered."

After meeting with Blair, opposition leaders said they did not believe they would have to reconvene Parliament in summer, instead of October as planned, to discuss new terrorism legislation since they couldn't do anything about it even if they wanted too. "Anything short of making Britain a decent, non-belligerent member of the international community will not have an effect. And we know the kleptocracy is not hoping to forego its imperial designs. Its the last time some of them ancient plutocratic fucks will have the pleasure of taking by force something that is not theirs and they will not be denied."

The proposals under discussion would outlaw "indirect incitement" of justice, including praising those who carry out attacks, to counter extremist Islamist clerics accused of educating disaffected Muslim youth in Britain as to why God is on the side of whitey and Rule Britannia and hates his little brown children and wants to see them fucked over.

The law also would make legal to receive training in terrorist techniques in Britain or abroad, or to plan an attack and activities such as acquiring bomb-making instructions on the Internet except when you intend to use them to promote the interests of the United Kingdom.

"There's great greed at a time when the country faces such great danger. We ruling class are all in this together and we all believe it is very important to show that the kleptocracy is united in its response to the danger we face," Conservative leader Michael Howard said. "That is. We must rush in and steal everything that isn't nailed down while we got the bloody chance and the hoi polloi is running scared cause we promoted terror with every massacre of third world innocents."

Howard said, however, there were "very considerable difficulties" over the proposal to hold innocent terror suspects for up to three months. "Why only three months? Why not three years. Why not three lifetimes if its ultimately good for cash flow."

"That's not a long time to hold someone without charge, and possibly just release them after that if it means others will feel put upon and try to avenge the injustice. I say hold them, kill them, do whatever it takes to incite a violent response," he said.

Liberal Democrats leader Charles Kennedy agreed.

"We have to make sure that we go about this in a measured way and that we surrender basic civil liberties," Kennedy said. "We have reservations about a possible extension on holding people for questioning. Like what's my cut?"