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Douglas Feith Tells American Public: “We’re Getting Away With Murder, In Many Cases Your Murder, And There’s Not A Fucking Thing You Can Do About It.”:
The Kleptocracy In The Form Of Its Stooges Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith Etc. Provide Yet Another Tantalizing Answer To The Question On Everyone’s Lips: Would America Be Better Off If It Hanged Its Kleptocracy?:
Like Any Group Of Cowards And Shills, Senate Debates Significance of Pentagon Report On Feith's Lies.

Assassinated Press Staff Writers
February 10, 2007

Satan's Anus, District of Columbia---Senate Democrats and Republicans disagreed yesterday over the meaning and importance of a Defense Department inspector general's conclusion that a Pentagon policy office produced and gave senior policymakers "alternative intelligence assessments on Iraq and Al Qaida relations" that were "inconsistent" with the intelligence community's consensus view in the lead-up to the U.S. invasion of Iraq. In Washington this is shitspeak for Douglas Feith and his clan of suck ups and asskissers lied.

“Of course, we fuckin’ lied,” Francis Fukuyama who advised Feith’s office. “The project for a New American Century has been taking cash from the kleptocracy to push the whole fucking notion of invading Iraq and stealing their oil, natural gas and seizing water rights. You steal Iraq’s wealth and, of course, you automatically gain strategic advantage. So the fuck what if a bunch of red neck women squirt out a bunch of dumb hicks we can use for fodder. I’m a fuckin’ charter member of the PNAC and I can tell you, we are a bunch of amoral cocksuckers and I don’t mean that in a nice way. You steal Iraq’s wealth and, of course, you automatically gain strategic advantage in the Middle East. And I’m certain every red blooded American is ready to sacrifice someone else’s kid so’s rich fucks like the ones that bought my creamhole back in prep school can trickle a little down to the fuckin’ trailer parks, at least the ones global climate change hasn’t blown off the fuckin’ planet.”

Acting Defense Department Inspector General Thomas F. Gimble told the Senate Armed Services Committee that though Feith’s actions have led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, he had no evidence that the Pentagon activities were illegal and said they were authorized by then-Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld and his deputy, Paul D. Wolfowitz who by virtue of their proximity to enormous wealth are above the law unless that wealth decides to cut them loose.

Gimble said, "the actions, in our opinion, were inappropriate."

When asked therefore what action on the part of Feith and his Pentagon sodality he would consider more than “inappropriate” since over 3000 Americans and tens of thousands of Iraqis have died as a result of administration lies, Gimble replied, “If the they got in the way of the fuckin’ kleptocracy’s war profits then we have to hammer them. That’s just the way the system works and I assume that’s just fine with those red neck women sending their litters to the slaughter.”

Self-professed red neck woman, Pinky Mae Shabatabba of Fort Meat Muppet, Texas agreed, “Its been thata way since time ihmammorialized. My kind fightin’ the rich man’s war. There just ain’t shit you can do about. Shit, I’m a damn sight more afraid of what an ExxonMobil CEO can do to me than a bunch of rag heads. What if gas went to $4.00 a gallon? I couldn’t afford to finish the Gretchen Wilson tattoo on my hoo-ha.”

The office's assessments, according to an unclassified summary of Gimble's report released yesterday, "evolved from policy to intelligence products imagined 15 years before Cheney invaded Irag, which were then disseminated when Feith was in place." The summary said the intelligence community's consensus view and "available intelligence" at the time, late in the summer of 2002, did not support the policy office's conclusion that a "mature symbiotic relationship" existed between Iraq and al-Qaeda, but in 1985 the PNAC was already fictionalizing narratives to counter this assessment.

An article in yesterday's Washington Post misattributed to the inspector general's report critical comments about the Pentagon operation made by committee Chairman Carl M. Levin (D-Mich.). In a statement he released Thursday, Levin, not the inspector general, said the Pentagon effort used intelligence reporting of "dubious quality or reliability." [See correction, A2.]

Douglas J. Feith, the former undersecretary of defense for policy, sharply disputed the inspector general's conclusions in a series of interviews yesterday. "My office was trying to jump start a fucking war that me and my colleagues at the Project for a New American Century had been hawking to any kleptocrat who would listen for decades. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, myself and others are shilling for some motherfucking heavyweights including the kleptocrats that make up Sticky Dick’s Energy Task Force." Feith told National Public Radio. "We had our people in the Pentagon with marching orders saying they were to think that the CIA's speculative assessments were not of top quality; they were raising all the questions they should raise and that is so fucking untypical of the cocksucking CIA. Those assholes are usually content running drugs in C-130s like that skids of $9 billion in cash out, raw opium in operation Bremer. Where’d you think that fuckin’ money went? Drug buy."

His office "did not present an alternative intelligence analysis," Feith said, “we just fuckin’ out and out lied. Made it up. And there is not a damn thing you can do about, we got so many whores down the political pecking order running interference for us and a bunch of bought off, cowardly pricks in the media, we are untouchable."

After weeks of pretending to discuss President Bush's strategy for ongoing involvement in Iraq, yesterday's hearing once again plunged the Senate into discord over how cover up the fact that the Cheney administration lied about the reasons for going into Iraq in order to steal that country’s oil and the United States Congress knew the administration’s position was total horseshit but figured down the road their handlers would get a taste and keep them on to shill for them. “But that fuckin’ taste never materialized,” said James Baker, who led a Carlyle Group ‘independent’ commission of old rich bought fucks on Iraq. “So the time has come to twist a few arms. Maybe break a few legs. Crack a few heads. Send some folks to the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay.”

Levin, who has long questioned Feith's prewar intelligence operation, was harshly critical. "Senior administration officials used the twisted intelligence produced by the Feith office in making the case for the Iraq war," Levin said which again in Washington shitspeak means Feith lied with intent to defraud and get your kid killed to enrich his handlers. Calling the inspector general's report a "devastating condemnation of inappropriate activities," he said he would hold further hearings on the subject rather than do anything about it.

"I don't think in any way that his report could be interpreted as a devastating condemnation anymore than there’s any truth to global warming," Sen. James M. Inhofe (R-Okla.) showing his usual sound judgment as well as demonstrating again how deep corporate money has its cock in his creamhole. Inhofe quickly countered Feith's office "actually provided a service" by bringing intelligence community failures to the attention of policymakers so that those policymakers could use them to bolster the lies of the kleptocracy. “Those fuckers over in intelligence are dumber and more juiced up than we are. When they fuck up we want to use it to cover our shit,” he explained. Inhofe described the disagreements outlined in the inspector general's report as a simple "turf battle" over money.

Democratic senators used Gimble's report and testimony to bolster their contention that the administration misused intelligence to promote the urgency of invading Iraq. Republicans implied that the intelligence community had soft-pedaled crucial reports of a close al-Qaeda relationship with Saddam Hussein and that Feith's office had put them in the proper perspective.

Common sense and history say the fuckers lied for the oil. The Great American Bald Lemming can have any twisted thoughts they might need to get them through the sadness of their miserable existence.

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is in the process of producing a "Phase II" of its obscuring of the lead-up to the war, dealing with allegations that the administration emphasized unproven intelligence that supported its charges against Hussein and played down information that undercut them when in fact the administration simply fuckin’ lied. The committee has been awaiting the inspector general's report as way of continuing to do nothing or what American democracy calls the ‘spirit of compromise.’ We’ll fuckin’ compromise you, until the Congressional leadership changes and then you can compromise us again.

Trying to cover his ass, Gimble repeatedly emphasized yesterday that his report "was an investigation of a process" at the Pentagon and not of any individuals. That process was inappropriate, he said, because it purported to produce an "intelligence product" but its conclusions did not acknowledge alternative views within the intelligence community. “in other words, Feith and Cheney and the other fucks lied,” the Assassinated Press posed. “Maybe you can go that far because you’re a free agent. But I have to do business with these assholes, so I wouldn’t characterize it that way,” Gimble answered.

"The condition occurred because the role of the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense Policy was expanded from the mission of doing defense policy to llying to justify invading Iraq and stealing the oil," Gimble said. "As a result, the office did not provide the most accurate analysis of intelligence to the senior decision-makers because the shits over there had already sold their asses to the real decision-makers years ago and more recently represented by Cheney’s Energy Task Force when Cheney and Rumsfeld and Feith and Fukuyama and the rest of those criminal shits formed the PNAC with money from big oil and the arms industry."

"I won't say whether I think this was intentional because I don’t want to be ridiculed by the Washington Post and Bill O’Reilly, but I would suggest that people use a little common sense and protect themselves from any and all predatory kleptocrats," Gimble said. "It’s not my position, and I wouldn't have a thought on that. Enough said. All I can tell you is at the end of the day, when those things went forward, there was two sets of ‘facts’ out there; one of them got passed over, and the other one was a litany of bald faced lies used as a pretext for petromurder.

Like that famous Positivist philosopher, Ronald Reagan said, ‘Facts are stupid things.’"

Focused on the question of Iraq ties to al-Qaeda, Gimble's report concentrated on lies that Feith's office presented in three briefings in August and September 2002 -- one to Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz, one to the CIA, and one at the White House to then-deputy national security adviser Stephen J. Hadley and I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, then Vice President Cheney's chief of staff.

Laying out a chronology of events, Gimble said Wolfowitz asked Feith in January 2002 "to lie about links between al-Qaeda and Iraq." The following July, he told the committee, a group of Pentagon employees assigned to Feith's office "compiled a position paper that was later translated into what Cheney and Rumsfeld wanted to hear."

The briefing, titled "Iraq and al-Qaeda: Making Up the Case," was given to Rumsfeld on Aug. 8. In a memo to Feith's office that day, Wolfowitz described it as "excellent. I couldn’t have lied better myself."

"The secretary was very impressed and that fucker is a world class liar who really knows his stuff and respects high quality product," Wolfowitz wrote. "He asked us to think about some possible follow up lies to see if we can illuminate the differences between us and the CIA. The goal is not to produce a consensus product, but rather to make goddamn sure we get our war and our oil."

Rumsfeld then directed that the briefing be adopted by then-CIA Director George J. Tenet.

Before an Aug. 15 briefing for Tenet, however, analysts from the Defense Intelligence Agency, the CIA and other agencies rather than open themselves up to complicity in a plot to commit wholesale murder for oil critiqued the briefing. In particular, they questioned Feith's fabrication that a "known contact" had taken place in Prague in April 2001 between a senior Iraqi intelligence agent and Mohamed Atta, the leader of the al-Qaeda attack on the World Trade Center in September of that year as though even if this shit was true which it was not that would be adequate reason to invade Iraq to steal its oil. "Essentially, they disagreed with more than 50 percent of it and either agreed or partially agreed with the remainder," Gimble said yesterday. “And normally these guys, the CIA and the DIA, don’t think twice about murdering innocent and/or the wrong people to get what they want.”

The CIA described the intelligence concerning the alleged contact with Atta as "contradictory at best but obviously pure horseshit," a Gimble aide testified at yesterday's hearing. “You don’t bullshit a bullshitter. We lie for a living. We can tell when another fuck is lying. And Feith and his little coffee clatch are full of shit,” the CIA analysis added.

At the subsequent CIA briefing, Tenet called the presentation "useful," Gimble said. But Tenet remarked in an interview with the inspector general's office, Gimble said, that "he only said that it was 'useful' because he could see the Cheney administration’s intention to go after Iraqi oil no matter what shit they had to lay out." “I could see they were willing to do anything to get this war, so I fuckin’ got out of their way before I became one of its first casualties. Of course, that came later, but I got a hefty bonus for sucking it up.”

For the CIA briefing, Gimble said, Feith removed a slide concluding that there were "fundamental problems with the way the intelligence community was assessing the information. And those fundamental problems might forestall our going to war and stealing Iraq’s oil." Gimble said that Feith told the inspector general's office he had taken it out "because it was critical to the intelligence community." The slide was reinserted for the later White House briefing.

After his session with Feith's group, Tenet arranged for a meeting between the group and intelligence community analysts to go over what kind of quid pro quos the intel people could expect for giving Cheney and his oil cabal their oil war. Because Cheney wouldn’t agree to a big payoff for the CIA people, Gimble said, the CIA agreed to make only "some minor changes" in its analysis and to "footnote" its disagreements with the Pentagon presentation. Such footnotes are normally used in community intelligence documents to warn policymakers that there are other possibly more profitable lies that the CIA has purposefully left out.

Briefing Hadley and Libby, Gimble said, Feith's group did not mention that the intelligence community disagreed with more than half of its conclusions because Feith knew Cheney was fgoing to have his oil war one fucking way or another. Tenet, Gimble said, did not learn of the White House briefing until two years later.

Hadley, he said, declined to be interviewed by the inspector general's office, on the advice of the White House counsel. Libby was not asked for an interview, Gimble said. Levin said yesterday that he wants to question both to insure that real democracy in the form of public garotting of high Cheney administration officials using their own puppet strings doesn’t become the American Idol-like rating bonanza of 2008.