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‘Class Warfare’ Mongering

The Assassinated Press

So this is where I have to hear the Washington Post admit that ‘class warfare’ actually exists-- Mike Wise’s ‘Unmasking the Real Faces of Steroids’!? And who are the perpetrators of this assault on the poor and dispossessed; this affront to the common man? No, not greed ridden mortgage lenders or lying, self-serving members of the executive branch who fabricated the rationale for a war, a war which has cost tens of thousands of lives. Those are not our class warriors. Those are just our honest, hardworking but mysteriously inept kleptocrats.

No the perps of ‘class warfare’ in America today are none other than rich athletes like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. Funny though, in the past every time I mentioned the term, ‘class warfare’ to a war mongering poobah on the Post’s editorial page, I was dismissed out of hand in a manner best described as snotty, dripping with class distinctions, a veritable sinusitis of class if you will. I have been told repeatedly by various Post staffers that ‘class warfare’ in America is a ‘myth’ and that by wielding this ‘myth’ I am being divisive. Stop being divisive Mr. Wise.

I have been told there was no class warfare involved in the Savings and Loan crisis, just market exuberance, honest miscalculation and a few anomalies involving fraud and the Bush family which have been appropriately addressed presumably by electing two of them President.

There is no class warfare in the current mortgage crisis, nor was there in the tech bubble, nor in the aftermath of Katrina. It’s all good clean capitalist fun with a few bad apples thrown in for dramatic import.

There was no class warfare in Iran-contra or the Invasion of South–East Asia presumably because the under classes of Central America or Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos do not count because class warfare doesn’t include foreign adventures and its impoverished, lower class victims.

And according to the Post, there was no class warfare involved in the Invasion of Iraq, even though Colin Powell, a black man, an icon among his race once held in far higher esteem by African Americans than any mere ballplayer, wantonly and knowingly lied about the conditions for going to war, a war which has led to the death of tens of thousands.

Before the war mongers at the Post contrive a cause and effect between the death of a handful of youthful athletes and AIDs victims and Bonds and Clemens, they must do a serious mea culpa and lay the death of tens of thousands of Iraqis and Americans and others at their own feet where no contrivance exists. Far be it from me to attribute Gary Webb's suicide in part to Howard Kurtz's reckless slander of Webb's research into CIA connections to this country's crack epidemic. Yet, its perfectly okay for Wise to lay the death's of total strangers on Bonds and Clemens.

At the Post even when America’s men and women are thrown into an imperialist adventure, class warfare plays no role. As in the Iraqi occupation and Vietnam, the bulk of U.S. front line forces may be or have been made up of the rural and urban poor. But now that it’s an all volunteer army the line is that nobody is being coerced into going into the military by poverty and a sub-standard education and that this economic conscription amounts to class warfare. Anybody at the Post want to cop to the economic conscription rap? How ‘bout you Mike?

I think the Post should rehabilitate itself before it starts throwing around terms such as ‘class warfare’ which it clearly practices everyday but insists does not exist. A paper whose editorial page routinely rehabilitates the reputations of career murderers and liars such as Robert McNamara, Robert Gates, George Tenet, Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, Don Rumsfeld etal and routinely gives space to various moneyed interests to advertise their agendas should perhaps remain moot on issues such as class warfare for the foreseeable future. The Post’s stance, for the present, should be a tad more reflective.

And for fuck’s sake please stop lionizing Charlie Wilson and this bullshit movie. By the time he came on the scene the CIA was running the most expensive and elaborate ‘clandestine’ military operation in its history in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Public estimates of Congressional appropriations don’t mean shit when it comes to the Agency. They have their own black budget. And besides by 1973, the CIA was running enormous amounts of Afghan raw opium into Pakistan in partnership with members of the Pakistani military and its, CIA/FBI trained, ISI. In a few short years they created over a million new heroin addicts in Pakistan alone. But, oh yes, creating heroin addicts among the Pakistani poor by Post standards is not class warfare. And besides, Gary Webb and Maxine Waters, the Agency wouldn’t push crack here in the U.S. especially not on the poor blacks of South Central L.A. The Post has spoken on the matter ex cathedra, or as its called in South Central--'out his ass'-- through its mouth-piece, Cardinal Kurtz and, like Wise, they just think its shocking, utterly shocking that one might inject race into any of these matters.

Rest in peace, Gary. Arnie