The Assassinated Press

Al-Qaeda Incorporates, Gains Legal Protection Under US Law.
Justice Roberts Says Supreme Court Will Now Uphold Al-Qaeda Initiatives.
‘Death To America, Inc.’ Entitled to Same Corporate Protections Under the Law Rove Says.

The Assassinated Press

Lawrence O’Donnell predicted it and Jon Stewart ridiculed him for saying it. Yet not 48 hours later Jim Demint, Senator from South Carolina, confirmed it.

Maybe Stewart was afraid of L. O’Donnell’s ‘witchy’ powers of prognostication. Or maybe he just likes making an ass of himself.

Because anyone outside the now ‘tea bagged and tagged’ movement and Stewart knew sooner or later one of de facto commandants was going to have to pistol whip the minions with the news that the debt ceiling for the Federal government would have to be raised or the collapse of the US and world economies would be swift and brutal.

Even shits like DeMint know that blowing the entire world economy with the US heartland at the epicenter might trump the bigotry that’s been fueling and buoying the Tea Bagged movement so far.

No, more to the point is Karl Rove’s announcement that global climate legislation is deader than the planet it is intended to help. That’s a relatively slow death perhaps unto the next generation and a couple of more beyond. Certainly, not as precipitous as biblical Armageddon or that ‘created in 7 days’ shit. But not evolutionary either.

Yes, Christine, monkeys will still throw their shit at zoo visitors til the very day all life on earth is extinguished if god like figures such as Karl Rove, Charles Koch and Jim Inhofe got a say in it. And they do, baby. Call me.

But those offspring of the tea baggers will welcome death given what their daddies’ gods have in store for them. Debt and negroes will be the least of their fucking worries. Fuck Bernays, the rich didn’t have to knock the bread out of the poor’s mouth. The white poor and muddled class reached up and clocked their chunk a rye across the room. The Jay Gould’s of the world hardly had to read a teleprompter so powerful remains bigotry and just plain mean spiritedness in white America.

In the immediate future America’s trot toward Armageddon will come in the form of tax breaks for the richest 2% of Americans, people who already are well-versed in income tax evasion, both lawful and unlawful, and armed to the teeth with tax attorneys and pocket judges who make sure, unlike Tea Bag Tillie, the rich don’t pay their fair share or any fucking share at all, private or corporate.

That burnt sienna everyman, John Boehner, will see to it that the rich don’t suffer while Tea Bag Tillie’s suffering is further exploited by the corporations he shills for. He and his corporate pals will play Tillie until she buries her last child in a vacant lot in Duluth and finally sees the light. Then they’ll kill her to the hurrahs of her still deluded fellow Tea Baggers. Happy times for folks like me. I’m shaking with joy and anticipation.

After all in the eyes of the law corporations are individuals too. I mean they do act like pathological criminals. Killers and thieves like Blackwater/Xe, Goldman Sachs, Halliburton, Massey and BP share the individual characteristics of a Lt. Calley, Ernest Medina, Robert Dudley, Ed Gein, Dick Cheney, Tony Hayward, John Wayne Gacy, Karl Rove, Eric Prince, Don Blankenship, Ted Bundy. Indifuckinviduals all.

Terrorist detainees are not individuals. But a corporation defined as a formal business association with a publicly registered charter recognizing it as a separate legal entity having its own privileges, and liabilities distinct from those of its members, is an individual.

Al-Qaeda’s of the World, Incorporate!!

Maybe al-Qaeda should incorporate so the Republicans, the Roberts' Supreme Court and Tea Bag Tillie will snuggle with them, wipe their noses and tell them everything’s okay, we’ll protect you from the ‘huddled masses’ and ‘wretched refuse’--- of Peoria and the likes of Tillie.

A Virtual Panorama of Santayana

I don’t want to imply that white America was duped. They were, but that’s not surprising or new. Not by a fucking long shot. The list is long and the litany laughable in its re-duping.

The Redupification of Tea Bagged Tillie

The power elite and their relationship to the American Tillie resembles a sadist making a cat dance to a beam of light right off the roof of a building.

But White America voted its conscience. And in their conscience they’re bigots. I just think they might have more credibility if they were open about their racial hatred and insecurities the way they are with me in private.

Of course, there is joy in the streets about the US elections. Countries like Brazil, India, Viet Nam, Argentina and China are now virtually assured of furthering their gains on several fronts of the world economy.

Further, an invasion of Iran by the US has now become less likely with the election of Rand Paul. He like his father is vehemently against US foreign military intervention.

So as a man of principle Paul would be expected to block any attempt by the Obama administration to deploy troops anywhere else in the world.

One would assume that Paul would use a filibuster if necessary, legislatively lay down in front of American tanks. The world rejoices at Paul’s election.

In fact Paul acting on principle may block the debt ceiling requirement plunging the US and world economies into a fiscal Ice Age, or should I say Ice Death, by causing the US government to default on its debt. Chew on that Santelli and Wall Street. And no Rick, you fucker, you can’t stay in my rec room. And stop calling. I’m sure if you apologize your mother will let you sleep in her crawl space.

It’s all happening so fast. At no time in human history have so many assholes, DeMint, Bachmann, Paul, Rove, Roberts, Scalia, McConnell, Palin, Boehner, Armey, Geitner, Summers carried the water for so many corporate and banking interests.

Go ahead. Destroy the US and the world in the name of Jesus! Destroy the US and the world in the name of Mammon! Do it in the name of Bigotry or stick to your transparent canards. No matter what the world rejoices at America’s demise.

It can’t come soon enough for me. And we’ve taken some big steps lately, haven’t we. And all over a black president. Who’d a thought? Who indeed.

All those lied we told ourselves coming home to roost! In the immoratl words of Country Jow-- “Whoopie We’re All Gonna Die!!” And that means you, Tillie. And you too, Rove.