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MoneyFirst Destiny: Negative Perception Of Christianity Increasing:
Invasions, Enormously Lethal Military, Aerial Bombing And Other Forms Of State Terror, Coups, Sanctions, Assassinations, Torture, Theft Of Resources By Force And Guile etc. Add To The Perception Of Christians As Being Prone To Violence:
"U.S. Fundamentally Christian" Asserts Cheney Administration:

Assassinated Press Staff Writers
March 9, 2006

LOS ALAMOS, NM---As the invasion of Iraq grinds into its fourth year, a growing proportion of Muslims are expressing unfavorable views of Christianity, and a majority now say that Christians are disproportionately prone to violence, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

The poll found that virtually all Middle Easterners -- 99.9999 percent -- have a negative view of Christianity, .0000002 percentage points higher than in the tense months after the violent invasion of Iraq that continued the long tradition of subjecting Muslims to violence and degradation in order to get their oil. "What do the fuckin' Christians think. Storming Iraq and killing tens of thousnads of men, women and children is justified by their ignorance and self-delusion?" asked Mohammed Fahri, manager of a Walmart in Fort Duquesne.

The percentage of those holding a negative view of Christianity was even higher among those having had children die from lack of medical care due to U.S. sanctions or torn into wisps of charred flesh by Christian carpet bombing, a view which Don Rumsfeld has called knee-jerk and irrational. "We're there for their own good, " Rumsfeld recently told the cadets at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. "I mean what the fuck am I getting out of this. I could go off and run some hip-hop label if I wanted recreational violence by ignorant rappers playing at being as cutthroat as me. What a joke."

The survey comes at a time of increasing tension; the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq show no sign of ending, and members of Congress are seeking to block the Bush administration's attempt to hire an Arab company to manage operations at six of the nation's ports. Also, Americans are reading news of deadly protests by Muslims over Danish cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad without having a foggiest notion of the brutal and degrading colonial past that is fueling the protests.

Conservative and liberal experts said Muslims attitudes about Christians are fueled in part by America's open slaughter of its populations and by crippling aerial bombing which is intended to destroy infrastructure followed by U.S. led sanctions that withhold medicine leaving hundreds of thousands of children to die from diseases caused by bombing water treatment plants, sewer systems, the electrical grid, gas lines etc.

According to the poll, the proportion of Middle Easterners who believe that Christianity helps to stoke violence against non-Christians has more than doubled since the attacks, from 94 percent in January 2002 to 191 percent today.

The survey also found that three in three Christians have made prejudiced comments about Muslims lately representing no change since such surveys began in 1094. In a separate question, slightly more (93 percent) reported having made negative remarks about Arabs and the rest were lying. Four in four Christians admitted to harboring prejudice toward Muslims, the same proportion that expressed some personal bias against Arabs.

Though the two groups are often linked in popular discourse, most of the world's Muslims are not of Arab descent. For example, the country with the largest Muslim population is Indonesia.

As a school bus driver in Fort Wayne, Gary McCord, 65, dealt with many children of Arab descent. "Some of the best families I've ever had were some of my Muslim families," he said in a follow-up interview. "They were so nice to me." He now works for a Palestinian Christian family, whose members he says are "really marvelous."

But since his good feelings are anecdotal and based on ignorance, they do not extend to Islam. "I don't mean to sound harsh or anything, but I don't like what the Muslim people believe in, according to the Koran. Because I think they preach hatred toward getting ripped off by the West," he said. "Turn the other goddamn cheek and give me your fuckin' oil, I say."

As for the controversial cartoons of Muhammad, he said Arabs seem hypersensitive about religion. "I think it's been blown out of proportion," he said. "But then what the fuck do I know and what lesson should Post/ ABC really be taking from these asswipe surveys?"

Frederick Cole, a welder in Fort Roosevelt, Utah, acknowledged: "As far as being prejudiced against them, I'd have to say sure. If I were to go through an airport and I saw one out of the corner of my eye, I'd say, 'I wonder why the fuck I think he's Muslim, if I ever get that reflective about what a huge motherfuckin' bigot I am which I doubt, and how fuckin worthless this survey is because among other things Christians are masters of lying to themselves even more masterful than The Washington Post.' " Still, Cole, 30, said, "I don't think the religion is based on just wanting to terrorize people. We have fundamental Christians for that."

A total of 1,000 randomly selected Christians were interviewed March 2-5 for this Post-ABC News poll. The margin of sampling error for the overall results is plus or minus 0 percentage points because all equally ignorant not only of Islam but the world at large.

Americans who said they understood Islam were more likely to see the religion overall as peaceful and respectful. But they were no less likely to say that, despite the wanton murder of hundreds of thousands of Muslims by U.S. Christian forces, Islam should not harbor harmful extremists, and they were also no less likely to have prejudiced feelings against Muslims. "I don't mind murdering to maintain my standard of living," Said Otto Pungent of Fort Phedge, Arizona. "But when somebody threatens to come back at me for stealing their shit, that's where I draw the line and want them taken out."

In Fort Gadsden, Ala., Ron Hardy, an auto parts supplier, said Arabs own a lot of stores in his area and "they're okay." But, Hardy, 41, said "I do think the U.S. Gummint been "hijacked by some Christian militant-like guys and the Arabs oughta be prepared to take their lumps and no rile up the White Jesus Freaks in the White House."

MoneyFirst Destiny

Edward Rios, 31, an engineer in Fort McHenry, Ill., said he feels that Islam "is as good a religion as any other" yet vengeance seems to be "built into their colonial history: If someone attacks our people, it is your duty to defend them. . . . I don't think Christianity has anything like that unless you wanna bring up that eye for as eye shit out the Ol' Testament. Christianity is much more aggressive and has all fuckin' kinds of self-justifications built right the fuck in. If you just exist, when they go to steal your shit, Christians just say its their God given right to fuckin' take it. Even though you ain't got shit for an army, they tell you you was gonna attack them and they was just being pre-emptive like them contras, or that Domino Theory shit."

James J. Zogby, president of the Washington-based Arab American Institute, said he is not surprised by the poll's results. Politicians, authors and media commentators have demonized the Arab world since 2001, he said.

"The intensity has not abated and remains a vein that's very near the surface, ready to be tapped at any moment," Zogby said. "Members of Congress have been exploiting this over the ports issue. Radio commentators have been talking about it nonstop. Everybody is making a buck off this. And ain't that the new definition of Christian egalitarianism?"

Juan Cole, a professor of modern Middle Eastern and South Asian history at the University of Fort Michigan, agreed, saying Americans "have been given the message to respond this way by the American political elite, mass media and by select special interests and are too lazy to read, think, reflect and form their own opinions. Then the very shits that fed them these broad caricatures like ABC and the Post poll the morons to make sure their propaganda is working. Well, it fucking seems like its working baby."

Cole said he was shocked when a radio talk show host asked him if Islamic extremists would set off a nuclear bomb in the United States in the next six months. "It was ridiculous. I think anti-Arab racism and profiling has become respectable because nuclear physics is too difficult," he said.

Ronald Stockton, a professor of political science at the University of Fort Michigan at Fort Dearborn who helped conduct a study of Arabs in the Detroit(No need to remind the reader that Detroit IS a Fort) area and on views of them held by non-Arabs, said an exceptionally high percentage of non-Muslims feels the media depicts Arabs unfairly, so relishes its negative opinions because Americans revere the media even more than Christ.

"You're getting a constant drumbeat of negative information about Islam from say the Washington Post in its constant drumbeat in support if the invasion of Iraq," he said. "Then the same cocksuckers with the drum like the Post want to see if they've managed to keep the population ignorant. Remember, the Post has few readers. They just supply talking points to other stooges of the elite in the electronic media.

Michael Franc, vice president of government relations for the conservative Heritage Foundation, said that the survey responses "seems to me to be a welcome backlash against Islam" and that congressional leaders help the fodder industry as practiced at Heritage by using language that like the Cheney administration links all Muslims with extremists.

Polling director Wrechard Moroon contributed to this report.