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National Socialist Movement Disavows Any Connection to the Tea Party; Calls Tea Party Too Racist and Anti-Semitic.

The Assassinated Press  

I have been a long time member of the American National Socialist Party. So when the Koch brothers used their billions to found the Tea Party movement, I was drawn to them because of the similarities between the early days of National Socialism and the principles the Koch brothers and the Tea Party stand for. And with billionaire fascist financiers like Richrad Melon Scaife bankrolling the movment perhaps the funding problems for the American Nazi Party would be over. After all is their a aryan blond cunt hair of difference between Koch Industries and Thyssen, Krupp and I.G. Faben. Or US collaborators with the Nazis like Kodak, DuPont and Shell Oil. After all, job creators hate democracy.

Its true that right after the American Nazi Party’s endorsement of the Tea Party, checks started rolling in from the Tea Party Express and the Koch brothers met privately with the American Nazi leadership.

Nazis Ask Tea Party to Remove All George Lincoln Rocwell Posters from their Offices.

But the relationship soon soured as we in the various Nazi bund camps began to realize that Tea Partiers and their financiers were to far too the right. Hitler would have never embraced the kind of dark and sinister bigotry that drives the Tea Party.

Racism and Deceit

The Tea Partiers are simply not honest. They lack integrity and honor. They will not come right out and say they are bigots though in numerous private off the record conversations I found them to be more anti-Semitic and racist than any member of any pro-Nazi organization I had ever met.

This lack of forthrightness is disturbing because it raises the question of whether Tea Partiers can be relied upon for anything beyond their own selfish needs even if that need means embracing a self-destructive cultural xenophobia. Perhaps ‘partier’ is an apt word for such closet bigots hiding behind the racist skirts of Bill O’Rilly, Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck et al ad nauseam.

‘Turkeys at their Own Thanksgiving’

The tea partiers are like their own personal terrorists willing to blow themselves apart rather than admit their bigotry. Don’t stand too close or you might get smeared with type O artificialy flavored cranberry sauce.

Extreme Nationalism

Adolf Hitler began his political life by promoting "Das Volk" - the German people, as being superior and worthy of a better life than they were currently living. Mostly he blamed these circumstances on the Jews, but there were others as well - Catholics, Communists, Unions - basically anyone who had power over the German people. 

The Tea Party is far worse. .They promote an extreme form of Nationalism. If you are not for us you are against America, against Freedom, and against the constitution. You are either American or you are not. If you don't support the Tea Party, well, then, you are against America. 

Yet, they don’t know what the Constitution says or even the basics of American history. Were Nazi era Germans that dumb. No. They were better educated. This portends a Tea Party Holocaust that would dwarf Nazi Germany’s assault on the world.

And the proof is in the ignorance. The Tea Party is overwhelmingly evangelical Christain which believes in Armegeddon and the Rapture. This apocalyptically violent nonsense majes national Socialism look like puppy shit.

Idiotilization of Women

Hitler believed in promoting an "Ideal Type" of woman – a cunt in a blond, stroodle based fright wig like Eva Braun. This type of woman though barren is the mother of the people and represents what the perfect woman should look like, act like, and do. But unlike Tea Party spooge queens, they weren’t bimbos.

The Tea Party also emphasizes how a woman looks over what she really thinks and does because a Tea Party woman can’t think and does little or nothing as a consequence. Consider their prime candidates the Tea Party moves forward as representing their ideas; Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, S.E. Cupp, all the silicone on Fox news, Ann Coulter (who’s apparently has donated her body fat to her fans), and other talking female heads and pussies. Ann Coulter always throws me. She sounds like a Nazi in a Holocaust victim costume.

This is a list of female idiots propped up by wealthy Madison Avenue PR execs. Lok it up. They all got ‘em. But in all fairness are they any less a bunch of fools than say their sexless counterparts Rick Santorum or Rick Perry or Mitt Romney. If Perry’s dick could swing there’d be an inmate hanging from it. And as far as the US legal system is concerned preferably an innocent one.

The men are just as much eye candy for the fat, white, strung out and forlorn as the women. It’s called public relations. Batteries and latent homosexuality included. SELF-LOATHING IS A HUGE PART OF THE TEA PARTY AGENDA.

  A Rejection of the "Others"

In 1584 Giordano Bruno wrote in his Ash Wednesday Supper, [countries like the U.S. have] “found out how to disturb the peace of others, to profane the guardian spirits of their countries, to mix what prudent nature has separated, to redouble men’s desires by commerce, to add the vices of one people to those of the other, to propagate new follies by force and set up unheard-of lunacies where they did not exist before, and finally to give out the stronger as the wiser. They have shown men new ways, new instruments, and new arts by which to tyrannize over and assassinate one another. Thanks to such deeds, a time will come when other peoples, having learned from the injuries they suffered, will know how and be able, as circumstances change, to pay back to us, in similar forms or worse ones, the consequences of these pernicious inventions.”

On the surface this sounds like a critique of modern US imperialism that might come out of the mouth of Ron Paul if Paul were a visionary and genius instead of a political glossomorph. The military industrial complex would assassinate his skinny ass 12 seconds into his first term given his isoltionaist policies.

But you see, Bruno understood how pissy people get when you occupy their land. Osama bin laden wanted US bases closed in Saudi Arabia and two months after 9/11 Cheney did just that. Cheney had his target. Iraqi oil. Fuck the 4billion dollar Saudi Base Tea Party bigots bought with their hard earned meth money. At least, the Vatican had kangaroo courts.

Hitler and National Socialism can be summarized as Germans good, everything else bad. The Tea Party is far worse. Their self-image is so poor they embrace all the worst qualities of their species almost to the point where you begin to doubt evolution because it seems to leave so many white crackers behind.

Michelle Bachmann has classifed Democrats as "Unamerican" and of coure this is true simply by dint of the fact that Democrtas have higher literacy rates. In other words, if you are not with us and unable to perform a lobotomy with the Acme Home Psychosurgery kit and become as ignorant as your Tea Party neighbor you are against us.  

Sarah Palin has consistently targeted (with bullseyes) those she opposes but this is just psychosexual symbolism to draw attention to her anus which is the mean locus of her appeal. There is no room for debate. It’s a tight anus. There is no room for process except the shit that comes out of her duel anuses.

In replicating this behavior Tea Party candidates have demonstrated they do not understand Democracy - at all because they don’t understand anything at all. So this is asking a bit much.

No American has the fogiest notion of what democracy is especially given like Communism or Socialism it is many things in theory and many more in practice.

Tea Party Members Display Suicidal Tendencies

Americans who are literally assholes to a man, woman and child. The Tea Party see the US as a group of people that need to be saved from the "others" though they have wrapped themselves in a self-destructive duct tape in front of their TVs and esphixiating themselves to the dulcet tones of Bill O’Reilly and Rick Santelli. Similar to how Hitler felt the Germans needed to be saved from the "others" and ended up suiciding the part of the country that didn’t outright murder the other part. Some fuckin’ consolation prize.

"I Will [En]S[l]ave You"

Hitler believed he was the savior of the German people. Without Hitler, Germany would fall into complete decay and despair. The Tea Party takes a far worse stance...without "us" to save you America you will fall into complete decay and despair but its driven by an unacknowledged bigotry. 

People lacking such fundamental self-knowledge often display full-blown socio-pathic bahvior. The formation of the Tea Party by the likes of the Koch brothers accelerates these pathological tendencies by reinforcing the underlying hypocrisy of lying about your core motivations.

The self-serving lie becomes ‘muscular,’ entrenched and harder to deny within losing a misplaced sense of honor. ‘It takes a big man to admit he’s wrong’ goes the saying. But the Tea Party is areal dick shrinker even more so than a nazi anti-Semite or fifties racist or any other self-neutered bigot.

You can’t be a man if you put yourself in the position of thinking that cutting them off makes you one.

Is Dope Our Only Hope?

Yep. And lots more of it. Keep it coming CIA. Give the Tea Party all the dope they want. Big Pharma prescription, street shit. Bathtub meth. Colombian coke. Afghan Her-on. Fuck. Put the Tea Party in big naugahyde lined nests in their filthy depends chirping hymns with their brittle little maws open and kick drop drugs from Hueys right inro their insensate gullets as long as it’s the job creators making the dough.

Guinness Book of Records Anyone?

Or maybe the Tea Party is just a rehearsal for the greatest Heaven’s Gate mass suicide in the history of the world. Poor self-image is a bitch.