Watch your body hit the floor,
Spill its blood and shit and gore
Drowning Pool is a nosegay
For cunts and pussies and whores

The Assassinated Press

Heavy Metal: Diaper Music for the Fighting Man!

The Assassinated Press

BURBANK, CA - Ever wonder why our military is so larded with retarded losers. No itís not the heavy metal in the lead paint they eat, though that doesnít hurt.

Wonder no further than the music they listen to like Slayer, Drowning Pool, Mettalica, cracker rapper Eminem, etc. etc. ad nauseam.

This music is the same runny baby boom used to torture those captured by the homicidal army of double digit IQ cretans and zombies that compose Uncle Slimeyís fighting force.

They even use the BeeGees. Now, thatís some sick, sadistic shit!

Or can be seen sucking the ends of their gun barrels to the happy sappy strains of the Theme From Sesame Street that their daddies told them was too faggy while they were being raised like rabbits in the cellar.

So before they destroy, rape and steal the rest of the world for rich white banksters, they first torment themselves with this mental midget two chord after birth, killing brain cells as well as any hope for the future as they spiral toward the world of feudal stupiditude that is the Koch Bros. Vision for America.

Us Mozart lovers have a word for bands like Slayer and Drowning Pool. Cunts.

The assholes are covered in tattoos, a sure sign of low self-esteem. Not to mention that all tattoo inks now contain nano-markers. Donít know what a nano-marker is Head Case.

A nano-marker is comprised of billions of tiny tracking devices blended into inks and paints.

It was developed by the Fish and Wildlife Service, the Food and Drug Administration, the FBI and Monsanto to track all tattooed morons and other endangered sub-species.

How the fuck do you think the FBI knew Slayerís band members were getting their STDís from each otherís mother? Yes, every member of Slayer has proxy fucked and contracted an STD from his mama or worse.

And, of course, thereís meth in their madness. That is pharmaceuticals. All current US service men cop to being high when they go on patrol or torture prisoners or kill babies. Why the fuck else would you do it?

For a country the Banksters and Wall Street owns? The enlisted fucks are too sissy to kill a deserving bankster. You can see why big money stands firmly behind stupid music. A retarded military is their best boot lick.