Is Ted Nugent an FBI Informant?

The Assassinated Press

Is Ted Nugent an FBI Informant?

The Assassinated Press

A couple of years back Ted Nugent told a group of his fans "If Barack Obama is elected, I'll either be dead or in jail this time next year." Promises, promises Ted. This alone would make you blowhard of the year as you try to outdo Donald Trump, Sean Hannity and Ted Cruz.

For someone who claims to find drugs abhorrent Ted sure acts like someone whose strung out like dear meet curing in a Texas sun.

What? No jail time?

But unlike his constituency which is incarcerated regularly for the drug use and the violence that surrounds it, Teflon Teddy can threaten Presidents and elected officials and gets only a casual interview from the Secret Service though he seems to be vigorously campaigning for the job of don’t bend over mop boy at the federal facility nearest you.

Now, it’s well-known that Nugent is a world-class windbag who can’t be taken at his word. Note his statement above, were that he was in in jail or dead. And he’s still blowing it out his ass.

Cop? No. Snitch? Hmmmmmm.

In a Tamps Bay Times article in March of 2014, ‘PunditFact: Is Ted Nugent a cop? No’ staff writer Jon Greenberg quotes Nugent as claiming "I've been a cop in Lake County, Michigan, since 1982 thereabout. I conduct federal raids with the DEA and ATF and U.S. Marshals and the FBI and Texas Rangers and heroes of law enforcement.”

Greenberg checked out Nugent’s assertions and law enforcement found them laughable. Quoting at length from Greenberg’s article:

“Is Nugent a cop? Does he "conduct federal raids with the DEA and ATF and U.S. Marshals and the FBI and Texas Rangers?"

Lake County, Mich., is located about 90 miles north of Grand Rapids. It has about 11,500 residents and describes itself as "an outdoor recreation paradise."

Nugent is a reservist for the county Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Robert Hilts told us. But, "He's never joined us for any raids. Fortunately, we don't have those sorts of problems up here."

Hilts said Nugent has no authority or official responsibilities. The only activity involving Nugent that Hilts could recall was raising money on behalf of the department and for a local boy who has cystic fibrosis.

"We're always searching the woods for a hunter that's lost or hurt," Hilts said. "He helped us buy a four-wheel-drive, off-road vehicle so we could reach people faster."

So Nugent does not seem to be a cop in the way most people would understand that word. The picture was about the same for the federal agencies Nugent named.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) told us, "We are not aware of him conducting any raids with us."

We asked the Texas Department of Public Safety on what occasions Nugent had joined Texas Rangers on raids. Press secretary Tom Vinger said, "In regards to your question about the Texas Rangers, that did not occur."

Joe Moses, a 22-year veteran special agent at the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), told us they have no record or recollection of Nugent participating in any of their operations. However, when there are special projects that involve many federal, state and local agencies, they wouldn't necessarily know the name of everyone who showed up.

At the same time, Moses said there are strict standards for who is involved in an actual raid.

"You would not have someone who didn't hold the status of a police officer or federal agent participate in such an operation," Moses said. The process of arresting a person or collecting evidence must withstand challenge in a courtroom. It is not a place for the inexperienced, Moses told us.

The FBI said it could neither confirm nor deny Nugent's participation in a raid.

When we reached out to Nugent, an assistant did not provide evidence that Nugent participated in raids with the FBI, the DEA or the ATF.

Instead, Nugent's assistant Linda Peterson wrote, "Ted has been active in the following: U.S. Marshal Service FALCON fugitive task force arrest raids in Texas."

That's not quite what it sounds like, either. Nugent and a film crew "went on a ride-along with a U.S. Marshals-led task force in Waco, Texas, in 2005," agency spokesman Dave Oney said. Oney believes they were shooting footage for Nugent's television show Spirit of the Wild.

With the U.S. Marshals, observers work under clear limits.”

But is Nugent just a cruel joke or something more sinister. After all, in the above article by Greenberg, the FBI, among all of the other law enforcement entities interviewed was non-commital. Did the FBI not wish to comment because Nugent is on their payroll?

After all, a relatively large percentage of Nugent’s fans are self-described survivalists, militia members, members of fascist and Neo-Nazi groups, radical religious groups, domestic terrorists, drug produces and purveyors etc., the very kind of folk that the FBI like to selectively bring the hammer down on.

And Ted has access to them all. Who’s in a better position to be an informant than someone like Nugent who is privy to such low level felonious braggadocio unsolicited. Isn’t “low level felonious braggadocio” Ted’s MO too.

Big mouthed asshole that he is, Teddy during his earlier rock’n’roll days gave the FBI beaucoup opportunities to turn him. Was he turned as early as 1982 when Nugent himself claims to have begun working with law enforcement?

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and while on crystal meth it shat itself to avoid the draft, it's Ted Nugent.

Or was he turned earlier where by his own admission he used crystal meth and shat his nappies to avoid the draft for the US Invasion of SouthEast Asia?

Certainly, his right wing affiliations and habit of shooting his mouth off on stage were gaining national attention. Just the kind of blowhard snitch terrified of the big house monkey fuck the cheese are looking for.