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'ATLAS FRAGGED’: Brilliant New ‘Subjectivist’ Novel Describes an Earthly Utopia After all of the Rich Have Been Put Down

By Mealy Sealy
The Assassinated Press

A brilliant new nov el by 26 year old literary phenom Abel Clemens has opened at number three on the New York Times best seller list. In 1400 gore filled pages, the native of Deadwood, South Dakota details the murder of much of the US ‘s wealthiest individuals at the hands of ‘a fed up and starved out citizenry.’

This is neither a partisan nor polemical work of literature. Its basic premise is based on the philosophical movement known as ‘subjectivism’ and its relation to human pathology. ‘Subjectivism’ posits that most people require variety and originality in their everyday contact with other people and their environment. Most people cherish friends and family as well as their surroundings.

However, there exists a tiny group of pathological assholes who spend 24/7 trying to figure out ways to make more money and fuck people over in the process. The normal majority in the novel display a an almost superhuman patience dealing with these murderous, greed smeared fucking nutbars who they allow to lead them into foreign wars and who murder them with toxic technologies and enslave them in formal systems.

Ideas don’t originate with the homicidal fucks who make the majority’s life a living hell. If a good idea comes down the pike they either steal it and market it in some perverse and violent form or they buy up the patents and bury it.

When they do come up with what passes for an original idea or imaginative leap, it invariably takes the form of some greed driven short sighted planet sucking thoroughly corrupted piece of excrement. Think derivatives or Internet IPOs.

Every thing this small elite touches turns to shit. They have a heroine, a patron saint if you will, whose name is Aym Scam. She believed herself to be one of these superior beings . So when her penchant for fucking bivalves is discovered, at first, it becomes fashionable for the elite and many among the ‘subjectivists’ to fuck bivalves.

Even while this practice is spreading a heretofore unknown lethal bacterial disease through ‘necroshagging’ the elite maintain their superiority by fucking rare forms of fresh water oysters while the general population is limited to fucking affordable garden variety mussels and clams.

The planet is on the brink of dissolution when the 2018 G-20 conference prepares to meet in New York. On hand to protest are the usual collection of sissy liberals. But among them are a hardcore group of anarchists who have smuggled automatic weapons into the basement of the Embassy Hotel.

As the protest heats up they enter the Goldman Sachs building next door and kill 78 Sachs executives and brokers as well as several dozen international financiers.

Suddenly the world becomes a better place. The long standing wars in Afghanistan and Somalia come to an end. Several bills designed to aid the poor and elderly pas in Congress largely becuase the lobbyists for the wealthy ‘genius’ class were wiped out in the raid on Goldman Sachs.

The change does not go unnoticed and a revived weather underground allied with several northern California militia groups infiltrate the annual meeting of wealthy kleptocrats at the Bohemian Grove and kill 117 more so-called geniuses. Simultaneously, a band of citizens slit the throats of a 267 lobbyists on K Street in Washington DC.

Again, the world brightens. The air seems cleaner because it fucking actually is. Wars and foreign adventures end. Money and goods are redistributed and, after the wealthys’ fortunes are cashed out, there still exists a surplus which is spread across a hungry planet feeding and clothing the entire world.

A few thousand more well placed killings of the ‘superior’ class brings about a virtual Utopia. A violent pathology has been excised. Its attendant lies are exposed. People become aware of the death and destruction a population of rich freaks and their minions can cause and seek ways to ferret out future individuals with this planet destroying disease.

Clemens book is a must read. With the 400 top wealthiest ‘Americans’ owning as much as the bottom 150,0000,000, Clemens’ novel soon may become something more than fiction.