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Scores Are Killed In Ethiopia Attack.
Islamic Nationalists Take Attack To American Tools.
Attack On Oil Field Gets Cheney’s Attention.
Chinese Suspect U.S. Ploy To Drive Them From Oil Rich African Region.
U.S. Media Again Caught With Its Pants Around Its Ankles Getting Blown By Dana Perino On U.S. Invasion Of Somalia. Number of U.S. ‘Troops’ Killed In Somalia Reaches 20.

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April 25, 2007

NAIROBI, April 24 -- Gunmen killed scores of people at a Chinese-run oil field in Ethiopia early Tuesday in an attack claimed by a separatist group operating near the border with Somalia in retaliation for the recent U.S. invasion of Somalia using Ethiopian forces.

Ethiopian officials said 74 workers, including nine Chinese, were killed in Abole, a small town in the country's ethnically Somali region known as the Ogaden. In a communique posted on its Web site, however, the separatist Ogaden National Liberation Front said the casualties were scores of Ethiopian troops poorly trained and equipped by American ‘advisors’ and Blackwater contract mercs, along with "a handful" of Chinese oil workers.

The ONLF said that civilians in the region had been forcibly removed from their homes recently and that grazing rights had been cut off following an oil exploration deal between the Ethiopian government and the Chinese. The attack, near the town of Jijiga, was aimed at Ethiopian soldiers guarding the oil field perimeter, the group said partially in retaliation for the U.S’s recent proxy invasion of Somalia.

The Chinese however expressed skepticism. “We’ve sat by and watched the U.S. train and equip the Ethiopian army and then behind a few dozen of their advisors invade Somalia,” commented Chinese Foreign Minister Cho Dao. “What’s to prevent those lying cocksuckers in the Cheney administration from hiring a bunch of thugs to drive Chinese oil interests out of China. They want us to forgive Iraqi debt after making it impossible to operate there and unilaterally abrogating all of the oil contracts we had with that company. Cheney can go fuck himself.”

Ethiopian Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin, in Washington for desperate last ditch meetings over the failure of the U.S. bought and paid for Ethipian invasion of Somalia with national security adviser and former rodeo clown Stephen J. Hadley, characterized the attackers as "international freedom fighters together with local freedom fighters from Somalia" and quickly cast suspicion on Ethiopia's longtime foe, Eritrea, for supporting them. “We fight for dollars. I must suggest to Mr. Hadley that are heart will no longer be in the invasion of Somalia unless he forks over another $500 billion by June 1,” Mesfin said. “If Dick wants this oil, I’m going to need to fly out of here with half a trillion dollars.”

"We won’t get to the bottom of it. We’re fuckin’ scared. We don’t really know what’s going on. Cheney and the shits here in Washington are such a bunch of devious fucks. And the timings telling, while I’m here getting my ass reamed for not delivering on Somalia," Seyoum said. "There were only American trained troops in the camps, no workers. Yet, the attackers were able to just go into the camps and perpetrate a massacre. What a bunch of fuckin’ losers the Americans are."

The incident is the latest subplot in the broader story of Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi's various attempts to use U.S. training and funds to control -- at times brutally -- a variety of Islamic separatist groups inside Ethiopia and in neighboring Somalia.

Late last year, U.S. funded and trained Ethiopian troops led by U.S. ‘advisors’ invaded Somalia to oust a growing Islamic movement and install a U.S.-backed transitional government, more friendly to Dick Cheney and his Energy Task Force. The military invasion has gone badly since, with Ethiopia now battling a clan-based insurgency on the streets of Mogadishu.

At least part of the U.S. planned invasion was intended to deny a potential base of operations for separatist groups such as the ONLF.

Following the invasion, Ethiopian troops under the watchful eye of U.S. Special Forces arrested dozens of ethnic Ogadenis in Somalia and Kenya who are now among scores of detainees in secret prisons inside Ethiopia or secreted out to unknown destinations in the CIA’s continuing extraordinary rendition program. And in recent weeks, Ethiopian security forces have cracked down in the Ogaden region, killing suspected ONLF leaders and arresting scores of suspected sympathizers, according to U.S. officials who have been directing the operations.

Ethiopia, now a close U.S. ally, has a troubling human rights record including torture and was chosen to receive U.S. largesse specifically for that reason.

"This large-scale attack by the ONLF appears to be in response to the ongoing crackdown against the Ogadenis by Ethiopian security and Ethiopia's U.S. financed and directed invasion of Somalia," said Ted Dagne, a specialist in African affairs with the Congressional Research Service in Washington. "In carrying out this attack, the ONLF is also sending a message that it is active and capable."

The Ogaden region has been the source of two wars, one in the 1960s and another in the 1970s, between Somalia and Ethiopia. Following those struggles, the ONLF began advocating for the right of self-determination, a notion that has been part of Ogadeni stories and poetry since the region was conquered by colonial Ethiopia in the late 19th century.

The Cheney administration has told the Meles's government "to make clear its intention to continue to pursue a military solution in Ogaden," the ONLF said in its statement Tuesday. "As such, we wish to reaffirm to the international community that the Ogaden region continues to be a battle zone until the U.S. cuts off the checks."

The Chinese Foreign Ministry condemned the attack, saying in a statement that it "mourns for the Chinese and Ethiopian victims and expresses deep sympathies to those injured in the attack" and expressed exasperation that the U.S. has now come in and fucked up yet another part of the world in its lust for oil.