The Assassinated Press

Cucci-Coo-Coo: Michelle Duggar, Mother on “19 Kids and Counting” Expecting Number 20.
“The first three were Jim Bob’s, the next 10 were trucker fucks, then three by the Lord and, now, three by me eldest son,” Duggar told a cheering crowd while counting on her fingers and toes.
“I pray one day Michelle will honor me with a self-righteous, unprincipled rug rat, we can call our own,” the Papist, Ken ‘Cooch’ Cuccinelli, tells the crowd.
“Smells like loaves and fishes up in here,” Jesus said.

The Assassinated Press

At a rally at African-American unfriendly Lynchburg, Michelle Duggars, the TV mom with 19 severely psychologically damaged sociopaths in waiting, told the crowd that despite having to wear a training bra to hold up her twat, she was expecting her 20th child, and her third by her oldest son, Oedipus.

Black state trooper, Harold Colmes, sensitive as the situation might be, could do little more than stand by in a town named after ‘lynching’, listening to a bunch of white crackers bragging about nothing more than indiscriminate breeding, bringing litters of soul damaged home schooled mental defects into the world.

Don’t ask for no help from ‘Coochie’s’ government, Duggars, if your misbegotten show gets cancelled.

It was ‘O, the lord this. And ‘O. the lord that’ as though any god would fall for the petty self-serving horseshit of the Duggars. I mean we are talking about a god here, right? So the dumb fucks will have to do better than their one note anti-abortion schtick as the world becomes awash in children and the planet faces over-population and extinction. Rubes sounding like rubes. What a surprise!

“Look. If you’re going to overpopulate the world,” a woman in the crowd named Maybell Thurmond said, “the Duggars must drastically improve their product. Their kids aren’t the least inquisitive. Can’t think for themselves. Those brats give incest a good name. Can’t say much for the rest of the baby mongos in this crowd. Not to mention the adult ones starting with the ‘The Cooch’.”

And the historically challenged home schooled pussy turds in the crowd and the Duggars litter insist on comparing abortion to the Holocaust . Several million human beings died in The Holocaust because a group of power insatiable sociopaths led by a homicidal sociopath decided that they didn’t deserve to live based solely on their religion, sexual orientation , ethnicity and mental capacity.

It’s hardly a stretch to glance over this ‘Hooray for The Coochie’ crowd cheering for a disingenuous whore to corporate power, the very political nexus of National Socialism, and pick out that next world hating homicidal demagogic sociopath and his power hungry minions, the kind of tiny twistos the Duggars and their kind breed with such alacrity.

Everywhere in the crowd one is stunned by the presence of a stunted little Hitler in waiting hardly equipped to do anything in the world but destroy it and harm its flora and fauna; a kid unfathomably bitter and hostile at having been raised in an atmosphere of total ignorance and lies.

Undoubtedly the next Hitler will come from the ranks of the ‘ultra-patriotic ‘ American. He’ll probably come from a crowd like the one at the Cooch rally. Or from Liberty University where you can go and remain a stunted, ignorant, unworldly asshole into your mid-twenties and then become a world class, motel room blow job politician or preacher or lobbyist on the take from the Koch brothers.

Or if you show the requisite psychopathic talents, the Koch brothers will make you a Hiitler like I.G. Farben and Siemens etc. etc. ad nauseam... did.

I’m certain as a child that Cuccinelli had fantasies about leading millions to the ovens. But, alas, it is not his time. And he’s left with the self-parody that is the Duggars.