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In the Cradle of Democracy the People Have No Say.
MERKEL'S BONER! G-20 Shills and Banksters Burn Effigy of Pericles. Angela Merkel Torches Father of Democracy.
Kleptocracy gains as Greek Referendum is Trampled by US and Euro Economic Fascism.
The Greeks Have Survived Metaxas & Papadopoulos, But Can They Survive the Neo-Fascism of Lloyd Blankfein and Goldman Sachs?

The Assassinated Press

European stock markets advanced strongly Thursday amid mounting expectations that a Greek referendum on a European bailout plan will be abandoned for the sake of bank and corporate profits.

“A referendum? Democracy? Are you fucking kidding me?” Obama told the crowd at the G20 conference before a lavish buffet of Third World baby organs was served in the Hotel Krystalnacht in Cannes, France.

Leader of the Free Faling World

“We live in a kleptocracy now and these little 99.999% shits better get used to it,” the leader of the leveraged world added.

Papandreou and his family threatened with death over referendum.

In Athens, several ministers and governing party lawmakers called for Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou to step down in favor of a coalition national unity government that would approve Greece's bailout package without a referendum, and ensure the country receives vital funds to prevent imminent bankruptcy. Papandreou was meeting with his ministers in an emergency meeting Thursday.

"Markets have rallied .... on the expectation that the referendum will be cancelled," said Louise Cooper, markets analyst at BGC Partners. “The rich always get theirs, motherfuckers!”

In Europe, Britain's FTSE 100 was up 1.3 percent to 5,553. France's CAC-40 rose 3 percent 3,203 while Germany's DAX was 3.1 percent higher at 6,151. Athens' main stock market outperformed, rising by 4.8 percent. The euro was also buoyed, rising 0.6 percent to $1.3773.

Wall Street appeared set to head higher, with Dow futures rising 1.2 percent to 11,906. Broader S&P 500 futures added 1.2 percent to 1,249.

Markets were thrown into turmoil on Monday after Papandreou's proposed real democracy in the from of a referendum. It horrified Greece's international kleptocratic partners and creditors, triggering market worries that Greece may default on its debts and exit the eurozone leaving the kleptocrats high and dry with their fraudument paper.

Earlier, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany acknowledged the once-unthinkable: the possible exit of Greece from the euro and the need to invade and make things right for the “big money boys.”


Saying that Europe had "done everything we could" to keep Greece in the eurozone including starving the Greek people, Sarkozy told a joint press conference: "Now it is up to them to decide if they want to stay in the euro with us and starve or exercise democratic principles which the world economy has found incompatible for 500 hundred years."

600 Trillion In Worthless Paper. Europe holds gun to Greece's head but the bullet is leveraged to the Chinese. Or Western Kleptocracy Blows It Out Its Ass.

European leaders then drew a line in the sand, and made the Greek people line up on it before blowing any notion of democracy out of their brains, saying the referendum would determine whether Greece stays in the 17-nation grouping that uses the euro common currency -- and then pulling the trigger vowing Athens will not get new aid until the result is in.

That effectively ended that exercise in democracy when the Greel kleptocracy realized that a refendum might mean they’d have to wipe their own asses in the future.

Though Greece's political developments were the main point of interest in the markets, investors are keeping a close watch on the French resort of Cannes where the Group of 20 leaders from the industrial and developing world are meeting.

This week's shockwaves from Greece have had Ripple effects all round Europe and US, but the kleptocracy still drinks Dom. Romane Conti 1997 on the people's dime.

The government of Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi teetering as well after its failure to come up with a credible plan to deal with its dangerously high debts, while Portugal's prime minister says he wants to negotiate more flexible terms for the implementation of measures attached to his country's euro78 billion ($107.5 billion) bailout.

In Cannes, President Barack Obama pledged world leaders would flesh out details of a plan to resolve the European financial crisis for the finaciers.

“The rest of your motherfuckers can suck my dick,” Obama told the Eurpoean public bolstered by the prospect that the Koch Bros. Candidate Herman Cain is his likely opponent in the 2012 presidential campaign. “That nigger’s to the right of Jefferson Davis and as greasy as Colonel Sanders.