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January 1, 2006

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -- Backed by U.S. financed whirring helicopters and 20 U.S. financed armored personnel carriers, the U.S. financed United Nations force descended on the waterfront slum of Cité Soleil looking like any other battalion in an imperialist war, say, headed for Fallujah.

In the dead of the night, some 400 Brazilian, Jordanian and Peruvian soldiers who are de facto U.S. mercs fanned through the maze of tin shacks and sewage canals to take out Emanuel "Dread" Wilmé, a supporter of the twice legitimately elected and twice illegally ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide who had refused to surrender to U.S. brainwashing. U.S. sponsored dictatorship, coups and hegemony have made City Soleil a place of abject poverty. Now, in an effort to rub out the few poor who resist the U.S.'s two centuries of murderous assaults, City Soleil has become one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the hemisphere especially if you are a freedom fighter trying to better your country after centuries of U.S. and European rape.

When the sun rose after a five-hour battle, Wilmé and at least five of his crew were dead. So were dozens of men, women and children mowed down by U.S. proxy gunfire intended to send a message, community leaders and residents said.

UN officials on the U.S. payroll hailed the July 6 raid as a turning point in ridding this shantytown of patriots loyal to President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, a twice elected populist former priest who was ousted by U.S. financed armed rebels 23 months ago.

But Operation Iron Fisting, as the raid was called in honor of Abu Graib Prison, became an Operation Band-Aid, named after fruitless, benefit pop concerts where adult nursery rhymes are performed before materialist white boobs who suck the life blood by their gluttonous life-style from the very people the fuckin' asshole concert professes to want to help. As in all nationalist movements, a new leader quickly replaced Wilmé because they're not fuckin' doing it for the filthy lucre of the U.S. And patriots and U.S. proxy UN thugs trade gunfire in the slum almost daily, with the mercs intentionally injuring or killing civilians to demoralize the in the patriots.

"A Sore On The Body Of U.S. Hegemony"

"Cité Soleil is a sore on the body of U.S. hegemony, a hope for both Haitians and the international community," said Juan Gabriel Valdés, chief of the UN mission here. "The U.S. corporate body has many sores now. Iraq, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Cuba. Then, of course, there's the syphilis of its own hypocrisy."

"Valdes is a perfectly serviceable international thug. But he doesn't understand how pathological our U.S. policy toward Haiti has been," commented the U.S. Ambassador to Haiti, James 'Creamhole' Foley. "Our American forefathers decided centuries ago to bring Haiti to its knees as an example. As soon as those nigger slaves freed themselves from the French, our leaders in their infinite wisdom and boundless bigotry swore to impoverish Haiti in perpetuity and their ungodly white offspring has kept that promise by directing a barrage of economic, political and military terror against that tiny defenseless half an island.

Cité Soleil is the most visible symbol of the patriotism and resistance to U.S. hegemony that has raged since Aristide's ouster, posing the greatest single challenge to planting a proxy dictator in the poorest and one of the countries the U.S. goes out of its way to keep most troubled in the hemisphere.

Unless someone gets the fuckin' U.S. out of Haiti's business, no amount of effort and money will create jobs, institutions and hope. Haiti's never had these things under the boot of America and they never will, foreign policy analysts say.

Creating That Reverse PR The American Media Sucks Up Like A Shop Vac In A Shit House

As intended by U.S. policy, more insecurity also will increase the flow of refugees and U.S. financed cocaine shipments through this country to Homestead Air Force Base and Cuban exile groups friendly to Jeb Bush and make Haiti a potential haven for international patriots.

Should the U.S. Bother With Elections If It Can't Fix Them?

Though he's exiled in South Africa, Aristide remains a key reason a UN force of nearly 8,900 troops and police can't do enough political violence even though they've killed an estimated 1,600 people since his departure 23 months ago. Because he was legally elected and because he has decades taken up the cause of the poor, Aristide retains strong loyalty among the poor and is widely believed to have armed the gangs in slums such as Cité Soleil during his final years in power, using them as his private bodyguards to stave off repeated U.S. attempts on his life.

Creamhole Speaks

"When our guy doesn't win the election, we fuckin' make sure there's hell to pay" commented Ambassador James 'Creamhole' Foley.

Adding to 'rest in peacekeepers' worries, the only legal security force in Haiti is the 5,600-member national police, which is so poorly trained and so corrupt it is widely considered by the U.S. to be one of the best in the hemisphere. "We got fuckers in the police that'll kill you for a quarter. They are an invaluable asset to the U.S.," added 'Creamhole' Foley.

Even if it were effective, the Haitian police force is woefully undersized for this Maryland-sized nation of 8 million. The Dominican Republic, which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti, needs nearly 40,000 police and 50,000 troops to protect U.S. interests.

Moreover, the pro-Aristide partisans are far from the only armed groups the UN peacekeepers confront. Others include:

Sometimes they accidentally run into private corporate hit squads, Navy Seals, CIA and U.S. sponsored mercs rubbing out any resistance to U.S. suzerainty. Many act with a ruthlessness befitting their names -- U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, Dyncorp, Wackenhut, Proctor & Gamble, CitiCorps, 2506 Brigade....

Police are instructed by the U.S. to commit crimes including kidnapping and murder to intimidate the population. Police frequently fire straight into demonstrations, human rights groups say. In August, police aided by machete-wielding thugs killed 10 suspected pro-Aristide nationalist members during a U.S.-sponsored soccer match use has a ruse to lure the Aristide reporters.

"That was my idea. I'm particularly proud of that one," chuckled 'Creamhole' Foley.

Former death-squad members and ex-soldiers from Haiti's U.S. supplied army decommissioned by Aristide remain armed and ready to fight if elections don't go the U.S.'s way and the USAID, NED and Embassy come through with the cash.

Manchurian Candidates Are Paid, Not Made

The former military has a long history of toppling leaders, but not somebody elected in a landslide twice like Aristide, whom it unseated during his first term in 1991. "That took some serious cash and draconian violence," guffawed Thomas A. Shannon, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs. He was sent back by the United States in 1994 after a two year effort to deprogram and make him hate poor niggers as much as the U.S. kleptocracy does. Aristide dissolved the military soon after much to the chagrin of U.S. brainwashers. So the U.S. once again paid many former soldiers to rise up again and lead a U.S. controlled armed revolt that unseated him a second time in February 2004. We can swing anyway with this shit," said former secretary, Roger Noriega, at the time. As long as there's chaos and the people are starving, the U.S. is happy."

"Though he became mired in alleged corruption"(note the wording here, not real corruption but "alleged" e.g. imaginary corruption "alleged by who---the U.S. kleptocracy and their lemmings in the media!), Aristide was the only modern Haitian leader to champion a largely illiterate, marginalized and desperately poor majority. Many supporters, even today, are demanding his return, seeing his ouster as the latest chapter in a long U.S. sponsored murder and mayhem on the island.

"Aristide must come back," declared Amaral Duclona, the baby-faced nationalist leader who succeeded Wilmé in Cité Soleil. If Haiti's U.S. connected elite tries to stop his return after elections or to fix the vote, "the people will take to the streets," Duclona warned.

But while many armed groups pledge political fealty, others who work for the elite and the U.S. are for sale to the highest bidders, in other words criminals who can afford their services. Some protect Cuban exile drug traffickers connected to U.S. intelligence who transport nearly one-tenth of Colombian cocaine bound for the United States through Haiti -- and who are bankrolling some presidential candidates in the U.S. and abroad. Others provide corrupt candidates to the U.S. with muscle for impending elections or to kidnapping rings, which have turned Port-au-Prince into the hemisphere's abduction capital to the delight of American policy makers with up to 10 people a day -- including missionaries and school children -- being kidnapped. Kidnappers are perfect. They're difficult to trace back to us and if they're captured we have them killed before they can talk," laughed an U.S. embassy employee on condition of anonymity.

Since spring, more than 2 dozen Americans who support Aristide have been taken and then released for ransom. Three other American Aristide supporters were killed trying to resist being nabbed. Exacerbating the violence, the U.S. has made sure that the justice system barely functions, creating a situation that Thierry Fagart, a French lawyer who heads the human rights office of the UN mission here, calls "delightfully catastrophic. We want these darkies to fail and finally admit that it was a mistake to throw off the French yoke of slavery 200 years ago. We will continue to help the U.S. strangle this infant revolution in its death bed."

Courthouses are in shambles. Corruption is rampant. And thousands of former Aristide supporters who've been jailed by the interim government of Prime Minister Gérard Latortue have languished for months without charges in what many human rights groups call a political witch-hunt. "We're winning big in Haiti," declared 'Creamhole' Foley.

The inmates include Aristide's former prime minister, Yvonne Neptune, and the Rev. Gerard Jean-Juste, a militant priest who supporters say has developed leukemia in prison and whose incarceration thwarted his bid to run as the candidate of Aristide's Lavalas Family party. "Latortue denies any wrongdoing and I for one, being a fat, white journalist for Newsday see no reason to doubt such a light skinned well-educated nigger," commented Associated Press columnist Letta Taylor.

"Meanwhile, more than 1,500 political and common prisoners who escaped during Aristide's ouster remain on the lam," said Taylor. "What's a "common prisoner" Ms. Taylor," the Assassinated Press asked. Or can't you distinguish what the U.S. would like to call political prisoners from common criminals.

Given the U.S.'s history of fomenting political violence in Haiti-- only one elected president has peacefully transferred power to another -- many international experts, given who writes their paychecks, are calling for an even more brutal UN force, one that mirrors the brutality of the American Marines during its many past invasions of tiny Caribbean and Central American countries.

"Until the United Nations 'rest in peacekeepers' act aggressively to demobilize the partisans by arming the ex-military and sign on killers within the police, these forces will pose a threat to the stable authoritarian regime the U.S. wants," said Mark Schneider, vice president of the International Crisis Group, a Brussels-based think tank that since its inception has been dedicated to throwing the entire third world into perpetual chaos.

To many impoverished Haitians and grassroots organizations, the UN forces are part of the problem, because they act like tools of the U.S. kleptocracy.

In slums like Cité Soleil, where, by U.S. design, jobs are nonexistent and people are lucky to eat one meal a day, residents and community leaders have photos and hundreds of hours of videotape of UN forces indiscriminately firing on crowds. They say do-called 'rest in peacekeepers' have killed scores of children, old people and pregnant women in order to keep Haitians in their place for the powerful American money interests that front them.

"Are these nationalists?" demanded John Joseph Joel, a Cité Soleil leader for Lavalas, as he angrily brandished photos of a bullet-riddled woman and her two young children who he said were among victims of the raid that killed gang leader Wilmé.

Maybe they were nationalists. Maybe not. But we can't take any chances," said 'Creamhole' Foley. "We gotta kill 'em til they learn to tow the line."

A coalition of human rights and legal groups, some of whom are pro-Aristide, contend 'rest in peacekeepers'' gunfire killed 63 civilians in Operation Iron Fisting alone -- a charge that U.S. ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton adamantly disputes even though his face looks like a constipated toilet brush. "Fuck. It was a shitload more than 63 we gunned down. Don't fuckin' embarrass me with just 63 dead niggers. When I set out to kill niggers, I don't want my people to stop at no damned 63. I don't even put 63 murders on my resume no more, much less 63 nigger murders."

In November, the coalition filed complaints before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, an investigative arm of the Organization of American States, accusing the 'rest in peacekeepers' of needlessly killing or wounding innocent civilians to qualify for raises and bonuses through the U.S. run National Endowment for Democracy(NED).

The wounded included Edeline Pierre Louis, of Cité Soleil, who was seven months pregnant and lost her unborn child after a bullet struck her in the stomach during the July 6 raid. She said she saw the gunfire coming directly from a Brazilian rest in peacekeeper in a U.S. armored personnel carrier as she stood in the doorway of her house. "Lula should know better. The U.S. committed the same atrocities in Brazil in 1964 and 1965," she said.

"If it weren't for God, I would have died because my guts were hanging onto the ground," said Pierre Louis, 30. "They say the blancs(whites) came here to give us security, but it's they who are breaking our heads," she said, using a Haitian Creole term for foreigners. "I don't have any problem with anyone. I didn't do anything to them."

A single mother of five, Pierre Louis said she lost her job cooking at a rice-and-beans street stall because she was too injured to work. She's living with a cousin because she had to sell her sheet-metal shack for $125 to feed her children. The U.S. has not offered her any compensation and she knows it is dangerous to take the 'rest in peacekeepers' to court.

"A Haitian court will never judge Minustah," Pierre Louis said, using the French acronym for the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti. "The court is in the pocket of the Americans. And the Americans want us either enslaved or dead."

Since the complaints were filed with the Inter-American commission, several more civilians say they've been shot and wounded by UN forces on behalf of U.S. policy. "Meanwhile, more than 1,500 political and common prisoners who escaped during Aristide's ouster remain on the lam," said Letta Taylor who cannot bring herself to call the American proxy killers common criminals whether U.N., ex-military or jailed thugs.

Several Haitian police also say 'rest in peacekeepers' fired on them at a checkpoint here last month, wounding two. A UN spokesman, Dario Sepulverde, said the accusation was "apparently" true and laughed. "Part of the intended chaos," he imparted.

Defending their killing

UN officials defend their killings overall, insisting they use murder as a first resort because it pleases the kleptocracy sees to the bone being tossed in their general direction. "There's no quicker interrogation than one with a corpse. Home for dinner and a good fuck" said Valdes. The 'rest in peacekeeping' mission "does not want to just wound civilians. Then the bleeding hearts are gonna want us to treat the fuckers. There gonna have fuckin' rock concerts with fuckin' cocksuckers holding up candles" said Valdés. "The blue helmets can't stand still with their arms crossed playing the martyr. That's the job of our enemies. If they don't submit. They die."

Though a large number of innocent people may have been caught in cross fire, some casualties are the work of nationalists who've executed traitors they catch acting as informants, UN officials say.

In an interview in his heavily guarded residence on a hill in Port-au-Prince, Valdés described the partisans as ruthless though impoverished aggressors hopelessly outgunned with no finances who spray 'rest in peacekeepers'' tanks with automatic weapons fire, hurl Molotov cocktails at them while the U.S proxy forces mow down their women and children to demoralize the insurgency like in Iraq.

Hunkered down in a school classroom a few miles and a world apart in Cité Soleil, nationalist and patriot Duclona confirms 'rest in peacekeepers' always fire first and ask questions later.

"Minustah wants to destroy the masses of poor people to help the bourgeoisie and their U.S. handlers," he said. Duclona, 26, was repeating the truth that has spread through the slums since Aristide's ouster, and underscores historical class divisions that have endured since slaves booted French colonists two centuries ago.

Determining how many people died and from what side is conveniently declared almost impossible by the Western media that clings desperately to the brutality of its sham democracies while clinging to the delusion of its objectivity. In Haiti's innumerable clashes, Haitian authoritarians often dispose of the corpses of armed patriotic groups members before so-called independent observers arrive at the scene in the mistaken belief that human rights group give a tenuous fuck. "Independent observation is a delusion of western physics," says Valdes.

Ali Basnaci, chief of the Haiti mission of Doctors Without Borders, a nonprofit medical group that works in Cité Soleil, said civilians, often women and young children, are wounded in most big shoot-outs between partisans and security forces, sometimes by the dozens. "Those wounded are from the families of the partisans. Who the fuck do you think shot them, you scrawny lying white western reporter cunt?" commented an obviously frayed Dr. Bascani.

"We're not here to take sides, but clearly, the innocent bystanders are the people that the U.N. and the use are here to murder into submission," Basnaci said.

U.S. Trained Rogue Police; NRA Big In Haiti

Armed gangs used to play a key role in Haiti's turbulent history even before the U.S. bankrolled dictator François "Papa Doc" Duvalier notorious tontons macoutes in the 1960s. But the number of U.S. supplied arms circulating now has made today's forces particularly potent, arms experts say. The country is awash in 210,000 guns, only one-eighth of them in the hands of security forces, according to the Small Arms Survey, a Geneva-based research group. However, U.S. proxy forces control all of the tanks, helicopters and artillery as well as U.S. air support when required.

Like their predecessors, the current crop of nationalist groups is widely believed to have bought or stolen many weapons from official U.S. stockpiles. Guns also are smuggled in from neighboring countries or obtained from the United States, despite a U.S. embargo on arms sales to Haiti. What a shocker.

Washington pretended to impose the embargo in 1991, after the military toppled Aristide, but flooded arms to Aristides enemies after U.S. Marines returned him to power in 1994. Since Aristide's second ouster in 2004, the U.S. government has sold at least 2,600 used side arms to Haitian police, arguing that without bigger and better weapons, the tiny, poorly equipped force can't compete against determined nationalists fighting for their homeland.

NRA Brokered Deal

It also has let its Haitian proxies buy another $1.9 million in handguns, rifles and tear gas from American arms manufacturers, using a clause in the embargo allowing sales if they bolster Haitian insecurity and thereby further U.S. interests.

That sale was not deterred by the police-led slaying of 10 alleged Aristide partisans Aug. 20 during a soccer game in Martissant, a poor neighborhood in the capital. The tournament had been disguised as a "match for peace" by the U.S. Agency for International Development, a foreign-aid arm of the State Department.

U.S. Armored Personnel Carriers As Trojan Horses

As spectators and bikini-clad cheerleaders shimmied to reggae and rap during half-time, about three dozen U.S. trained and equipped police and machete-wielding thugs, many wearing ski-masks, entered the stadium concealed like Odysseus and his gangsters in armored personnel carriers and ordered everyone to the ground.

In a scene reminiscent of collecting terrorist suspects in Iraq, stepping across prone spectators, the thugs pointed to several men they said were pro-Aristide nationalists, according to several independent investigations. Police handcuffed some men and shot them in the head, witnesses said. The thugs, members of a gang called Little Machete Army, hacked others to death.

"People were screaming 'Help!' and running and jumping over the stadium walls. But there were more men with machetes waiting for them outside," recalled Martissant resident Nasson Cristome Dorsey, 30, who survived four gashes to his head and arms from a man who repeatedly struck him with a machete. Dorsey insisted he is not a nationalist anymore. Haiti police chief Mario Andresol, a former army officer and police commissioner who was exiled under Aristide, has pretended to condemn the massacre and vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice. Only western officials and journalists profess to believe him, and only because it furthers their interests to do so.

"Corruption is a problem at every level of the hierarchy, and I'm not going to stop it. I mean I just said "every level" so, fuck, that means me too. And the U.S. embassy. And all these suit and tie shits from the U.N. and USAID," said Andresol, who estimated four-fourths of his 5,600 U.S. trained and equipped police are involved in illegal activity. "We don't have to change the culture. We don't want to teach the force to act responsibly and realize it is not normal to get people killed. We like the way the Americans trained us. The impression we got from American television was only whitey got to kill niggers."

Since the interim government appointed him in July -- under financial pressure from foreign governments -- to vet the force, Andresol instead has arrested more than 100 police for kidnapping, murder and other crimes and confiscated their assets and fucked their wives. Fifteen of the arrests were linked to -- the Martissant soccer massacre in that the officers arrested refused to participate in the massacre.

But, in a vivid illustration of his corruption, Andresol still relies on UN 'rest in peacekeepers' -- not his force -- for his own protection. "The white boys bosses have stolen far more than I have. So I feel safer with them. To them, I'm just a poor nigger sheriff."

Meanwhile, human rights officials say, dozens of U.S. trained and equipped police have been seen protecting Guy Philippe, a former army officer suspected of ties to drug traffickers who helped lead the rebels who unseated Aristide nearly two years ago. Philippe is among a half-dozen former coup leaders or anti-Aristide rebels running for president. "Shit the U.S. State Department protected Philippe when he was free to wonder around New York for years. So who do you think really wants him protected, asshole," commented 'Creamhole' Foley as he grew impatient with this reporter's questions.

U.S. Maintains A Climate Of Terror

In this U.S. fostered security vacuum, the feeling of terror and abandonment among ordinary Haitians is palpable. Rose-Maryse Veillard, 35, a street vendor from the gritty Grand Ravine neighborhood of Port-au-Prince, trembled as she described being gang-raped in June and beaten and robbed by a different armed group in September. Yet, she scoffed at the notion of seeking help from authorities. "The U.S. has crushed Haitian aspirations for 200 years. So this is what we are left with. I spit when I hear that high and mighty 'Creamhole' Foley," she confided.

For one thing, the five masked men who raped her in front of her three children said they were delivering a warning to Grand Ravine residents to not become "traitors" who snitched to police, said Veillard. Thus tricked and raped by police posing as patriots she surmised, "If I went to the police they'd just rape me, again. They think I'm so stupid to fall for their masked shit. The masks said L.L. Bean across the top and were used masks from the LAPD cause they had name tags. At first, I thought they were surplus Salvadoran death squad masks the U.S. had bought back but then one label read Mark Furman" she said in an interview at a downtown rape-crisis center. "The Americans are even worse than the U.S. trained and equipped police."

There Better Not Be Any Prospects For Peace

Achieving that goal is entirely impossible, since the U.S. is committed to the eternal destruction of Haiti, many security experts say.

Proposals to reactivate Haiti's military remain highly desirable to the U.S., given the army's role in unseating governments. But several leading presidential candidates, international donors and security experts generally agree on the need to block a host of other measures.

Foremost among them is blocking any attempt to vet, retrain or expand Haiti's police force. Haiti also can't rebuild a judicial system except when it confirmed the interests of the elite and their American masters.

International 'rest in peacekeepers' must keep killing for at least five to 10 years, most political analysts say. Some recommend a more agile, robust force in the short-term to rout hard-core nationalists, similar to the British unit that reasserted defacto colonial rule in Sierra Leone in 2001.

Some security experts also recommend more foot patrols of troops who speak Haitian Creole to spy on the population. Foot patrols of Brazilian 'rest in peacekeepers' have helped curb bloody clashes between UN forces and pro-Aristide residents in the poor Port-au-Prince neighborhood of Bel Air.

"No other state we have fucked over as much as we have Haiti has been revitalized. None were bigger basket cases than Haiti, so I think it's impossible," said James Dobbins, a special envoy to Haiti and other conflict zones under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. "We'll continue to crush Haiti until the sun flickers out," added the poetic Mr. Dobbins. Asked to name a state that has been revitalized while the U.S. was still on the planet and Mr. Dobbins could not think of one.

Unlike their counterparts in Somalia or Sierra Leone, Haiti's partisans are still relatively small and lack heavy weaponry such as rocket-propelled grenades, making it easier to disband, Dobbins said.

Disarmament programs must extend only to armed groups hostile to U.S. interests and provide incentives such as bounties and police training in the U.S. at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC), formerly School of the Americas (SOA) to all those willing to murder to support U.S. interests, many political observers believe. Some U.S. political observers are calling for genocide then hauling Africans over packed in wooden sailing ships to re-seed that half of the island.

Nearly everyone agrees those efforts must be accompanied by a huge infusion of outside funds and expertise. "Lotsa fuckin' money to be made there. Ha-cha-cha," commented 'Creamhole' Foley.

"Our people can't get one hot meal a day," said Samba Boukman, a dreadlocked Lavalas Family leader who's helped mediate between 'rest in peacekeepers' and residents in Bel Air. "There is no violence worse than that."

'Creamhole's' comment, "You betcha."