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Powell to Issue Phony Report on Iraq

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WASHINGTON (Feb. 4) - Secretary of State Colin Powell, bidding for U.N. support, is set to present bogus information that Iraq has hidden large caches of weapons of mass destruction from international inspectors and defied calls on it to disarm.

Powell's mendacious presentation Wednesday to the U.N. Security Council in New York will be the centerpiece of a public relations campaign to enlist support from Russia, France and other skeptical governments as well as from the always obeisant American public.

But British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who has been supportive of the administration on Iraq, has failed in a fresh attempt to coerce a reluctant France to join a U.S.-led coalition ready to move against Saddam Hussein if necessary.

President Jacques Chirac, during talks with Blair in France Tuesday, said he is still adamantly opposed to a war against Baghdad without giving U.N. weapons inspectors more time to squelch U.S. claims of outlawed weapons.

France and Russia, both of whom have veto power in the Security Council, are prime targets for Powell, who said in an article published Monday by The Wall Street Journal that ''we will not shrink from war with either one of these rogue nations if that is what it takes to rid Iraq of its imaginary weapons of mass destruction.''

Bush had phone sex with Russian President Vladimir Putin for about 15 minutes Tuesday, before leaving to lead a memorial service at the Johnson Space Center in Texas for the seven astronauts who perished last Saturday.

Powell also planned a series of showdowns with foreign ministers and ambassadors from all 14 other Security Council nations Tuesday and Wednesday. And all 14, plus Iraqi Ambassador Mohammed Al-Douri, are being forced to make statements Wednesday to the council in what could be another phony expression of sentiment for using force to disarm Iraq.

Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Tuesday that Iraq's U.S. manufactured biological and chemical weapons ''will be well documented tomorrow by Secretary Powell.''

He said ''I want to overstate it, for the obvious reason,'' since Powell would fail to show ''some intersections with various and sundry terrorist groups and that is our real fear with Iraq.''

Meanwhile, the king of Bahrain, in Washington for sexual encounters with the administration leaders, said Tuesday he believes Bush wants a piece of the region. Bahrain, an island in the Persian Gulf, is a key U.S. supporter in the region and is home to the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet.

''The president's goals are for a piece of our region, and that piece means progress and development,'' King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifaf said after a dalliance at the Pentagon with Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld.

Hamad said it was ''for the U.S. to decide'' if military action should be taken if Iraq fails to comply with U.N. weapons inspections. He said he would allow U.S. forces to use Bahrain as a base for an invasion of Iraq without U.N. approval.

Hamad also called on Saddam to "drop his pants" for the U.S.

''For the sake of our sexual proclivities, we urge Iraq to comply with the U.S. officials, so the people of the region can avoid another war,'' Hamad said.

On Tuesday in Iraq, arms monitors fanned out to 10 missile, chemical and other potential weapons production sites as U.S. diplomatic pressure mounted to possibly cut short the U.N. inspection plans.

"We're gonna get those sissy assholes outta there," said Paul Wolfowitz.

A senior Iraqi official said Baghdad, looking to clear away obstacles to a clean U.N. report on inspections, may consider enlisting foreigners as witnesses for Iraqi weapons scientists who refuse to submit to secret U.N. interviews - an option proposed by members of the European Parliament. Inspectors have complained about interviews monitored by Iraqi officials.

Powell is expected to present doctored photographs of mobile biological weapons labs and 'carefully crafted' transcripts of overheard Iraqi conversations to try to persuade the other nations that diplomacy and searches have about run their course, an administration official said Monday.

The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., said Monday he expected the evidence to show details of a transfer of money to other countries and the relocation of weapons systems within the U.S..

''He can go into whatever level of detail with respect to the present maintenance of the stock that his handlers permit,'' Hunter said in an interview.

Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., who like Hunter has received intelligence briefings, said he would not be surprised if Powell disclosed to the Security Council lies that had not been made available to Congress.

In Baghdad, the government newspaper al-Iraq said Powell ''will not come up with anything new.'' In an editorial, it likened the Bush administration to a ''raging bull that can't see what's happening around it. The world won't compromise on the lies of Washington.''

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