“Give capitalism enough rope; and it will hang itself.--- V.I. Lenin
"All we are saying is give theft a chance."--- David Koch

The Assassinated Press

Thank You Wall Street!!! The World Is Coming Apart Because of the Market’s Grand Theft Klepto.
Wall Street and Banks Cause Break Up of Old Order.
World’s Wealthiest Cling to the Prow of Their Financial Titanic.

An Open Letter from the UIPC to the Wall Street Kleptocracy
The Assassinated Press

Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Jordan, Iraq, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and now another round of bloody confrontation resuming in Italy and Greece and the rest of Europe, all a result of the fall out of several decades of Wall Street ‘Grand’ Theft.

Whatever happened to 'You broke it. You pay for it?'

It’s a FUCK YOU kind of day in the neighborhood for capitalism and Mammon’s minions on Wall Street. The current upheavals are not all of the US’s controlled explosion ilk. Though not completely in the dark about the ongoing and impending chaos, US intelligence finds itself helpless in the face of corporate greed and its sophisticated burglary tools.

Despite Wall Street’s best effort to deflect blame, people have sniffed out the perps of the world financial collapse. They know the names and faces behind the starvation and misery.

And fuck the propaganda machine from the Kochs to Murdoch to Berlusconi. People still operate day to day in physical bodies and reality always trumps agitprop. The swollen belly of a malnourished child will never be confused with a bloated tick like Rush Limbaugh or Chris Christie despite corporate medias best efforts.

Lenin may have predicted the self-inflicted death of capital by metaphorical rope e.g. something as simple and obvious as the dangers of de-regulation in the hands of the congenitally immoral. But V.I. never explicitly stated that capital would pull the rope out of its own ass like a magician does his canard of colored handkerchiefs, literally in the forms of worthless IPOs, sham derivatives etc. etc..

Oh, it may appear that the vulture culture has the hot hand right now as they soar above the law, sitting on trillions having bought off the entire law enforcement and judicial system. But the rich have gone too far. In their haste to steal a horse or two, they knocked over a candle and set the barn ablaze. So the big fix now only fans the flames that we’ve seen across the globe in recent weeks.

Oh, they’ve got their goons as witnessed in Bahrain and Libya. But the numbers are against them.

Every time we hear the newest figures laying out what the average American worker earns compared to the average CEO, we can almost plot the week and day when the world is going to blow.

Call us spoiled and greedy, you fat ticks of the corporate media. We’ve got a long collective memory and revenge in our hearts. And we know what you fucking look like.

We see you call elementary school teachers and sanitation workers thugs and laugh. What does that make us who genuinely mean you and your filthy bosses harm and.see our moment close on the horizon?

Wall Street’s theft has put the world in play. The criminal class may show their faces for now but soon they’ll be skulking around in disguise, being picked off one by one like the French Aristocracy under the Jacobins or Nazis hunted by the Jews.

Turning them in will be a parlor game (or perhaps video game) that the entire world seeking revenge for the chaos the banks and brokers will be ecstatic to play.

No amount of private security will be enough. The kleptocracy will simply be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of disenfranchised people. Think Custer at Little Big Horn.

The numbers will be in inverse proportion to that Corporate or hedge fund CEO’s grotesque compensation compared to that of the average working stiff, say in the US. Yes, that overwhelming.

But what about Egypt or Tunisia? Fuck. Let’s not even go there.

And once your private security is overwhelmed what we do to you won’t be pretty. Just like what you did to the world in the name of Mammon belies an ugliness second to none.

Wall Street out of a combination of greed and malicious ignorance has convulsed the world. The blood in the streets is on Wall Street’s hands. It’s only fair and just that blood should flow from Wall Street itself.

The trail back to the corporate perps is hard to miss. We’re coming for you. Thanks for the cover.