The Assassinated Press

Wall Street Protesters Beware Now That You’ve Backed the Banking/Corporate Rabid Dog Sociopaths Into a Corner.
Shamar Thomas’s Life’s Now In Danger from Very Powerful Forces.
Tea Party Anti-Government Canard Exposed for What It Was --- Bigotry Co-opted by Big Money and Populated By Pussies.

The Assassinated Press

So far there have been no recorded murders of Wall Street protesters. Scott Olsen, the ex-marine, hit in the head by a tear gas canister in Oakland is expected to recover to some indeterminate degree.

But if Wall Street protests persist and continue to gain public sympathy, the Wall Street kleptocracy will begin gunning people down.

Normally, this kind of death squad activity would turn public opinion in favor of the protesters. And no doubt to a large extent it will now even with the protesters being portrayed as dirty, hippie bums.

But as far as the kleptocracy is concerned public opinion matters not at all. Seen a nano-iota of contrition for destroying the world economy from any one of these pricks?

Public opinion already favors jail time for Wall Street white collar fraud but those polls and the general population are ignored by the elites.

This, of course, was the situation in many other countries where the US would step in and prop up the kleptocratic elites that they put into power in the name of national security.

Venezuela leaps to mind. Venezuela didn’t defy the US and elect Hugo Chavez until 80% of its people were living in abject poverty, a poverty so deep few Americans can apparently grasp it if you believe the assholes in the corporate press.

The kleptocracy will not hesitate to use its power to round up people and imprison them or summarily execute them even unto the so-called middle class if they feel threatened. And Wall Street feels threatened.

The murdered will not be limited to the Black Panthers or the American Indian Movement. No isolated Wacos or MOVE killing fields. Without a blink they’ll murder Teamsters, other union members, school teachers, small town mayors, ecologists, intellectuals, health care workers and doctors, and war vets. And if that doesn’t work, they’ll kill openly and randomly to strike fear and terror in the population.

It’s all documented in Vietnam, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia etc. etc. as nauseam. Obviuosly simply being an American you curry no special favor from an avowed INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION with the emphasis on INTERNATONAL. You see, corporations like to be ‘socialized’ over several countries.

When the general public began to understand that corporations by shipping jobs overseas through free trade agreements didn’t care about Americans having jobs, it should have been obvious that they don’t care if you live or die.

The bad news is that by law corporations are considered individuals. If that’s true, they have demonstrated that as individuals they are psychopaths.

And right now they are the psychopaths with all the guns. And they ain’t afraid to use them. Just ask the rest of the world.

The Tea Party fools at the Republican debates will continue to cheer death row and boo their own history probably long after the Wall Street kleptocracy begins blowing their heads off on main Street.

Oh, its class warfare alright. It has been for a long time. And for a long time many people have raised their voices and asked Wall Street to stop slaughtering its own people as well as people around the globe.

After all it was Satan in Milton’s Paradise Lost that said, “To wage by force or guile eternal warre.” That fucker should be engraved in stone above the New York Stock Exchange it so fuckin’ apropos to the ‘War Is a Racket’ crowd that Major General Smedley Darlington Butler so elegantly exposed in his book of the same name.

Butler fought for the kleptocracy at the turn of the century through the First World War. But the elite hasn’t slowed its record of slaughter one nano-second.

If anything since this its last gargantuan fuck up, Wall Street is stepping up its class war. They don’t see any threat to themselves when it comes to force. They have all the guns because the Tea Party/NRA crowd are cowards, afraid of the rich.

They’ve witnessed how their hand picked autocrats hold power for decades. And when finally ‘overthrown’ the kleptocracy has adeptly put in place a new kleptocracy. Witness Egypt. To them Chavez and Evo Morales are just a hiccup. Iran and Cuba simple aberrations in an otherwise spotless landscape of murder and exploitation.

The Wall Street kleptocracy went for a long time little detected as the elephant gun in the slaughterhouse protected by gaggles of bought off stooge governments and a slavsh, asslicking corporate media fulfilled in the apotheosis of the brownfaced, brown shirts at FOX.

But Wall Street got even too greedy for the Great American Bald Lemming to ignore. Fatty ran out of Coors money.

Wall Street had issued $600 trillion dollars in worthless paper and fucked up the economy of every place in the world except Antarctica. All unbeknownst by the Great American Bald Lemming.

Kleptocratic factories and consumption are taking care of that particular Antarctica ass fuck.

As for the factories. Yeah, Fatty Tea Party worked in one and took huge wage and bene cuts to keep his job and told the Greens to shut the fuck up because they were killing jobs. Then the Koch brothers moved the plant and his unemployment has run out and he still blames Jimmy Carter but cheers Herman Cain when that shallow dickwad says he should only blame himself. Huh!????????

The kleptocracy doesn’tlike to be exposed. At least, not the faces behind the faceless logos that the Supreme Court dubs individuals.

The Kochs are incensed that they are mentioned hundreds of thousands of times a day. Mostly their press is bad unless it’s the corporate press. But they don’t give a shit. They don’t want to be mentioned at all.

They’re already seeing red and making arrangements with local death squads be they the police or less official thugs or professional mercs, all with the intent to make certain there is American blood in the streets.

And they don’t particularly care whose blood it is. Tea Party shills are fair game. Then Bill O’Reilly can spin it. “Wall Street protesters are responsible for spreading a climate of fear that led Dyncorp employees, most from Central African nations, to gun down 60 attendees at a church sponsored picnic in Tuscaloosa today. “ Or some such tendentious shit.

It starts with character assassination and ends with real assassination.

So be careful Sgt. Thomas. And you too Occupy Wall Street people. And you too you Tea Party cowards. Your asses all up for grabs. Its starts with cahracter assassination. The kind you already find in the media esapecially the shitbags at FOX. It ends with real assassination.

Wall Street Mammonites exposed themselves for what they are through their own greed. Suicide would be the honorable thing for the Blankfeins and Dimons and the Kochs given the millions of lives they have destroyed/taken.

But these are not honorable people. The kleptocracy is comprised of diseased individuals and their diseased corporate entities.

They attribute blame to everyone and everything else but themselves. Classic sociopathic behavior. Even with their teeth marks and feces littering the scene of the crime.