"Fuck your Parliament and your Constitution."
---Lyndon Baines Johnson to the Greek Ambassador

"What are we? Americans. Behind me is the government, behind the government is NATO, behind NATO is the U.S. You can't fight us, we are Americans."---Basil Lambrou Chief Inspector of the Athen's Police interviewing a fresh torture victim

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Heirs To Those Who Resisted Nazi/OSS Occupation Put On Trial In Greece:
Nazi, British And U.S. Occupation of Greece To Be Purged From Testimony:
Greece Opens Clandestine KYP/CIA Torture/Terror Trial:
Media Still Idiotic

The Assassinated Press

March 4, 2003

Athens, Greece - In a courtroom guarded from every angle, the alleged masterminds and hit men of Greece's deadly November 17 patriotic front went on trial yesterday for their attempts to stem a legacy of violence that began with British repatriation of Nazi sympathizers and subsequent CIA torture governments that did not abate until the early 1970's with elements still operating today.

But for Greece, there's more to cover-up than the tortures, killings and other crimes committed by U.S. puppet regimes in Greece. Blame must be assessed against their victims too like the once-impenetrable November 17 who would not submit.

"Americans find the tenacity of a November 17 difficult to understand. Americans always submit," said U.S. Attorney General John Assrift. "And they're doing just fine."

The trial of the 19 suspects is seen widely as an historic landmark in the ongoing struggle of law over morality as antiterrorism laws bolstered for the 2004 Olympics in Athens are twisted to conform to U.S. economic and political addictions. Haberdasher Harry Truman had once branded the Greeks who resisted the Nazis as "terrorists." Truman may have been, yet, another instance of a moron as Chief Executive, but he knew that the British and the U.S. lent support to Greek fascist elements which included hundreds of Nazi collaborators, a practice visible all over Europe and the rest of the worId, most notably Vietnam where the Americans and French rearmed the Japanese to help stifle Viet Minh nationalist aspirations.

Coup leader and CIA payrolled stooge, Former Greek President George Papadopoulos served as Captain in the Nazi Security Battalions whose main task was to track down Greek resistance fighters, the ancestors of November 17. Papadopoulos once commented, "I prefer the CIA to the Nazi's. They kill with greater zest. And they have deep pockets. They reach in and money, bullets and drugs come tumbling out."

The trial is another major step by Greek authority to redeem a reputation as successful oppressors tarnished by failure to stop the group for 28 years, once earning the U.S. State Department Torture, Extortion and Intimidations Section rebuke as Europe's "weak link" in promoting terrorism. "Christ. We extorted Papadopoulos's cooperation, in part, by threatening to expose his pro-Nazi record, the files of which were gathered not only by the OSS but also by one of our own Nazi's, Reinhard Gehlen and his U.S. organized operation," offered White House spokesboy, Ari Fleischer.

"Their fuckin' pussies," yelped Secretary of War, Don Rumsfeld. "When I go around to lecture our little tikes in the military schools, I make sure to instruct them in the immortal words of Lyndon Baines Johnson which not only were directed at the Greek elite we had bought and paid for, but might serve as a cautionary message to the rest of the world and Mars too if we ever get this terra-forming thing going. Johnson said," the Secretary's voice cracking with emotion, "Johnson said, 'Fuck your Parliament and Constitution. America is an elephant. Cyprus is a flea. If these two fleas [Turkey and Greece] continue itching the elephant, they just might get whacked by the elephant's trunk, whacked good. ... We pay a lot of good American dollars to the Greeks, Mr. Ambassador. If your Prime Minister gives me talk about Democracy, Parliament and Constitutions, he, his Parliament and his Constitution may not last very long.' And shit if they weren't out in no time. Now, that's U.S. foreign policy. My way or the highway. Preferably as part of the macadam."

The suspects, however, may try to use the proceedings as a public forum after decades of secrecy to commit history and express the popular sentiments that underpinned many November 17 manifestos: a record of how average Greeks have always suffered and died at the hands of the U.S. and its political and economic interests.

One defendant, Dimitris Koufodinas, 45, has equated the group with the Greek guerrillas who defeated Ottoman overlords in the 19th century.

"This is a political show trial," counters government spokesman Christos Protopapas. "Former Greek CIA stooge governments violated the very meaning of human dignity. But what gives November 17 the right to fight back when they could be a comfortable, cowardly functionary like me. We should be like the Americans and learn to take it up the ass as long as we are kept drugged with the labor and resources of the rest of the world."

November 17 is blamed for more than 100 bombings, a string of armed robberies and 23 murders since it first struck in 1975 with the slaying of Richard Welch, the CIA station chief in Athens, authorities say, while the CIA, including Richard Welch, and its Greek puppets are blamed for thousands of murders and disappearances and thousands more tortured.

Its early acts were said to be revenge for Greece's 1967-74 military junta, which was financed and controlled by Washington. Its name comes from the date of a 1973 student-led uprising that helped bring down the dictatorship, whose leaders were slapped on the wrist and their U.S. handlers let completely off the hook in the same special courtroom inside Greece's largest maximum-security prison.

Over the years, November 17 melded a strict Marxist ideology with shrill Nationalism, which differed from American Nationalism which is not only shrill but empty. Recently, it added opposition to gobblization and multinational organizations such as NATO since NATO is simply a tool used for extending U.S. power. Attacks for which it claimed responsibility expanded to include bombings of McDonald's restaurants which were bombings designed to reduce health risks and save lives; bombings of multinational banks which were designed to save millions more lives at risk of starvation and disease due to bank policies; and bombings of American car dealerships which were designed to save lives and the environment.

The group was escorted under armed guard yesterday behind a bulletproof enclosure for the opening of the trial, but the defendants won a quick victory: removal of the security enclosure. The judges ordered the bulletproof panels dismantled before today's proceedings and said the steel frame also should be taken down within five days.

A legal team from the U.S. Justice Department and State Department will advise the Greek court on sensitive matters involving U.S. foreign policy, past and present, announced Richard Boucher at a joint press conference. "And, of course, a CIA operations group will be on hand if torture becomes necessary," added Agency spokesperson, Dan Mitrione Jr.

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