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Ailes/Murdoch Memos Reveal Effort to Coax a Violent Response from Muslims, Discredit Obama and Open Way for Invasion of Iran.
Murdoch Calls Mosque Flap "A Canard."
Murdoch Tells Ailes that NewsCorp investor Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Would Like “To See American Boots on the Ground in Iran by late December.”
Objectives Are Invasion of Iran and Race War.

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The Assassinated Press has acquired several memos from an anonymous source at Fox News which reveal a blueprint for triggering a violent response from the Muslim world. The memos which take place between Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes over several days further discuss how to exploit the current canard over the Park51 Project and how to best promote bigotry and divisiveness.

The first goal is to of foment some violent act by Muslims no matter how small or even trumped up. This preferably should be an act which can pinned on Iran and which will discredit the Obama administration. After the war in Iran has started, the so-called mosque project will allowed to go forward.

Master Race Theater

On June 3rd, Founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of News Corp Rupert Murdoch wrote to Roger Ailes, president and CEO at Fox and a furtive student of Edward Bernays: “We missed the boat on this mosque thing when we had [Feisal Abdul] Rauf on Fox and supported the project. Let’s turn it’s on its head.” Later he adds, “There’s some of those tea bagger bigots and whatnot making specious connections but I think we should run with them. Who the fuck among the public isn’t going to go with their racist gut. I think this is just the kind of bullshit folks need to abandon their uncomfortable liberal veneer and let the hate out.

Ailes then sends a memo back saying a Muslim attack, either fabricated or real and no matter how small, could be used to accuse the Obama administration of “mollycoddling” Muslim terrorists and the Muslim world because he himself is a Muslim.

Murdoch replies that Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal a member of the Saud Royal family and the second largest stockholder in News Corp. “would like to see American boots on the ground in Iran by mid-December” right after midterm elections in the US.

Ailes replies, “Tell Walee no problem. I’m on it.” ‘Walee’ is a nickname for Alwaleed bin Talal given to him by his classmate at Oxford, Tony Blair.

In a later exchange Ailes suggests that after he has created a violent incident that can be placed at the feet of Islam and Iran, that Israeli forces be the first to invade Iran. But Murdoch quips, “Walee says he’d prefer American boots be filled with American feet.”

Ailes writes apropos of the Park51 Islamic Center project that it provides the perfect catalyst to “go to war with Iran.” He goes on to express admiration for Truman era propagandist Robert Lovett. Lovett, a New York public relations expert, is credited with shaping and the cold war and the Soviet threat to an unwitting American public on behalf of wealthy corporations like Westinghouse, Bechtel and Union Carbide. “In my opinion that was the greatest piece of PR horseshit in the history of the world, even greater than Goebbels and Nazi Germany” who were also great admirers of Ailes’ mentor Edward Bernays.

At one point, Murdoch scolds Ailes for what he calls “taking his eye off the ball.” “The mosque canard is just a pretext. We’ve got to make something happen or it will all blow over and we’ll have to feed the gullible knuckle draggers another load of shit. I know that’s easy but I’d rather bring these Obama people down now so that they’ll be forced to go along with an invasion of Iran.”

Dumb Is the New Smart.

Murdoch then writes, “Use that Pamela Geller woman. And bring those Fox and Friends ninnies up to speed, and [Glenn] Beck and [Sarah] Palin. But make it clear they are not to mention Alwaleed bin Talal by name.”

In the last exchanges Murdoch and Ailes discuss various ways they can promote bigotry and divisiveness among the general population “until supporting the troops is all anyone can agree on.” “Then the rallying point becomes the military,” Murdoch explains. “And we get to do what we want with the miserable unemployed, undereducated little fucks and they don’t have a clue.”