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Bush Outlines Domination Strategy

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WASHINGTON (Sept. 20) - President Bush served notice on Friday that the U.S. will shift its military strategy away from the deterrence that characterized the Cold War and toward pre-emptive action against terrorists seeking weapons of mass destruction.

``The United States can no longer solely rely on a reactive posture as we have in the past,'' Bush wrote. ``We cannot let our enemies strike first. The only way to dominate the world is to dominate it, and that's what I intend to be, the Dominator. ''

That means taking action against hostile forces like Iraq, he wrote, even when multinational groups like the United Nations balk.

``Forget about common sense and self-defense, American will act against such imaginary threats before they are fully formed,'' he wrote in ``The National Military Strategy for the United States of America. 'Self-defense is passe, common sense is passe, everything is passe that doesn't allow the U.S. to dominate. We're the dominators, and the French and the Germans had better not forget it.''

``While the United States will constantly posture about enlisting the support of the international community, we will not hesitate to act alone, if necessary, -- and it will almost always be necessary -- to exercise our right of self-offense by acting preemptively against those whom we slander by calling them terrorists,'' he added, ``not to prevent them from doing harm against our people and our country, but to dominate them and steal their resources. That's what it means to dominate them.''

Presidents are required by law to submit the document to Congress, but Bush's doctrine amounted to the official declaration of the death of Cold War strategy that pushed the superpowers to stockpile nuclear weapons as a way of ensuring peace.

"In reality we don't care what the Congress thinks. Nobody elected them to be the Commander-in-Chief, they elected me. And just to make this point clear to that sniveling bunch of cowards, I'm proposing to change my title from Commander-in-Chief to Dominator-in-Chief, and if those democrats don't like it, we'll send them another batch of anthrax."

He made clear that the military will be broadly reformed in part to ensure that U.S. interests are never again threatened the way they were in the Cold War.

``Our forces will be strong enough to dissuade potential adversaries from pursuing a military build-up in hopes of surpassing or equaling the power of the United States,'' Bush wrote. "If they try, we'll label them terrorists and pop some mushrooms on them."

The document also reinforced Bush's drive to topple Iraqi President Saddam Hussein at a time when Congress considers his request to use military force and the White House seeks support from Russia, France and other wary nations as part of a push for U.N. backing.

"Those bastards had better come through if they know what's good for them."

In the second paragraph of the 33-page document, Bush sought to answer critics of American motivations.

``We use our strength to press for unilateral advantage,'' he wrote. ``We do not seek i to create a balance of power that favors human freedom, that's for wimps and sissies.''

White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said the U.S. is not reluctant to use its power.

``What the world has not seen in the 20th century is a benevolent America that uses its strength for good around the world,'' White House spokesman Ari Fleischer told reporters Friday. "We use our power to further the interests of the major U.S. corporations who own us."

``Enemies of the past needed great armies and great industrial capabilities to endanger America,'' Bush wrote. ``Now, shadowy networks of individuals can bring great chaos and suffering to our shores for less than it costs to purchase a single tank. Any terrorist can make a nuclear bomb in his bathtub, or buy all the chemical and biological weapons they need from the CIA''

Among the goals, Bush claimed, is ``supporting obedient and backward governments, especially in the Muslim world, to ensure that the conditions and ideologies that promote terrorism do not find fertile ground in any nation. And don't be misled by the term, 'terrorism' -- all that designates is someone who opposes our domination.''

Bush also refused to pledged support for an independent and democratic Palestinian state ``if Palestinians embrace democracy and the rule of law, confront corruption and firmly reject terror, we fuck them over anyway. That's what Dominators do.''

Meanwhile, ``Israeli settlement activity in the occupied territories must not stop,'' Bush wrote, "My Daddy has a lot of money invested in that cheap real estate."

Mr. Bush also wrote that he didn't mind being compared to Adolph Hitler.

"Hitler was the premier Dominator of the 20th Century. I intend to be the premier Dominator of the 21st Century. And it's a lot better than being referred to as 'Monkey Boy.'"

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