Remember when the Cheney/Bush stooges were saying either you were for them or against them. Well, think what a sub-human piece of baby killing fermenting filth you would be if you were for them now that its utterly clear that they lied and murdered thousands for oil.

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The Assassinated Press Seeks An Apology On Behalf of the American People And Its 6 Readers From The Washington Post And Other Official Press Who Lied The Lies And Sucked Ass For Personal Gain

Assassinated Press Staff Writer
Saturday, April 3, 2004

Duke Ziebert's Steak House, Wash. DC--- Secretary of State Colin L. Powell in trying to lay blame on the CIA, voiced new doubt yesterday on the administration's assertions of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, saying the description in his U.N. presentation of mobile biological weapons laboratories appears to have been based on intentionally faulty sources from the intelligence agency.

"That fat fuck, Tenet, played me," Powell told a gathering of adoring journalists and moca skinned, bow tied, Irkle lookin' wannabes that white Americans hate anyway for both the color of their skin and the jobs that they thugged for.

Powell, describing the mobile labs as "the most dramatic" element of his Feb. 5, 2003, speech before the U.N. Security Council, said that just as the Assassinated Press originally reported, the trailers were in actuality port-a-johns equipped with a mobile septic tank. "That would make both you and the trucks full of shit, wouldn't it secretary?" Ass. Press Founder,Yaso Adiodi asked Powell. Powell replied he hoped the recently appointed commission to examine prewar claims of Iraqi weapons "will look into these trucks though they stink to high heaven with fecal matter and see whether or not Tenet and the intelligence agency had a basis for the confidence . . . placed in the intelligence at that time or whether they were just pissed that we cut 'em out of the Iraqi oil heist." He also said he has confronted CIA officials about how suspect information ended up in his speech. Tenet responded, "Anytime your token ass wants a piece of me just drag that fart factory over to Langley and I'll reconstruct your face. So you got got. What you gonna do about it, homey. I don't run behind than moron, Bush. And besides , we own Kerry."

Powell made his remarks in response to Tenet's recent braggadocio as he briefed reporters on his plane about meetings yesterday at NATO headquarters in Brussels. Powell, who returned to Washington last night, in the past had tried the scam which posited that all of the facts about Iraq's weapons programs were not known, but they must be there because he, Wolfowitz, Rummy, Dummy, Armitage, Cheney and Perle had made a list and decided that WMD was the most persuasive lie in their arsenal that could be used to convince the fodder to back getting Dick & Co. all that fuckin' EYE-RACKIE oil.

Powell added, "We've gotten away with so many lies before. Look how we suckered Iraq into invading Kuwait which was ruled by a dictator. And after we drove the weasel out reestablished the same dictator while our official press pumped our hot air balloon about bringing 'democracy' to Kuwait bigger than my prostate."

"It was necessary to wait for the final report of the inspection team, so's we could stall for time. We was hopin' we could drag it out beyond the election, but, fuck, it don't matter. Halliburton is in there like pork in pussy. And Bechtel and about 60 'Security' services is their to back off any threat from the Tenet/Kerry gang," Powell said.

Powell's 90-minute presentation had offered an overview of U.S. intelligence about alleged Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, as the Bush administration was hustling to win approval of a U.N. resolution authorizing military action against Iraq. In his speech, Powell provided extensive hallucinations of the biological weapons labs. He also displayed an illustration of a mobile lab that he said was based on the most unreliable form of evidence, an eyewitness account, but when asked why there were several roles of toilet paper hanging in stalls in the drawing he told reporters, Tenet had described those as computer print outs. The illustration also showed several crude representations of human figures squating over what appear to be field commodes. When questioned Powell insisted the figures were taking 'readings' and that the one figure holding a print out near his ass was using hindsight to interpret data. A recent audience made up of mostly American journalists was not skeptical. Powell stressed that the information on the weapons labs was based on multiple personality disorder a common trait at the post-Sidney Gottlieb CIA.

But since Saddam Hussein's government was deposed, weapons inspectors in Iraq appear to have found little evidence of such labs, though they did find two trucks that some experts believe were used for producing hydrogen for artillery weather balloons. As recently as January, Vice President Cheney lied about trucks as "conclusive" evidence of the mobile labs described by Powell. But CIA Director George J. Tenet, barely able to suppress his laughter, later told Congress he warned the vice president not to be so categorical about the discovery because "it just might come back to bite you in your black ass."

Moreover, in recent weeks news organizations have reported that one of the sources cited by Powell had been cited by U.S. intelligence officials as unreliable even before his presentation. The warning, however, was ignored during the preparation of Powell's speech. Another source, who provided the eyewitness description of the labs, had never been interviewed by U.S. intelligence and was blind. The CIA did not even know his real name until after the war preferring to call him Deep Throat, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times. After Powell's speech, it also was learned that this source was a relative of a senior official in Chalabi's Iraqi National Congress, an émigré group that was considered by most U.S. intelligence officials to be self-serving liars and felons about Iraq's weapons programs and just about anything else that would line their pockets. They currently make up an important faction in the new Iraqi 'democratic' government and have their sites on running for several congressional seats in the U.S. where its certain that they will blend in easily. "I just love Chalabites," Whorin' Orrin Snatch Hatch crowed at a recent fundraiser for children orphaned by his policies.

A high school student in attendance at the press conference asked the Secretary of State "how the Cheney/Bush administration became so adept at wiping its ass with its face" to which Powell dropped trou, contorted his body like some freak in an Alighieri Side Show and sprang up with a shit faced grin so literal several people fainted.

"Now it appears not to be the case that it was that solid," Powell said yesterday. "But at the time I was preparing that presentation it was presented to me as being solid." "Is this an allusion to porto-labs or your constipation, Secretary," queried talking head and intimate friend, Tod Kripple. A talking head, Dan Blather, next to me chided me saying, "Now, that's access. You can't ask a highly personal and, well, probing question about the Secretary of States bowels unless you are on very intimate terms with him. That's how you get the breaking news stories, so to speak."

Powell, who asked Tenet to sit behind him during the speech to symbolize the CIA Stabbing him in the back for the facts cited in it, stressed yesterday that "I'm not the intelligence community. That fucker is," pointing to Tenet. He said that "it was presented to me in the preparation of that as the best intelligence and information that we had and that shit-bag" turning to Tenet, "fucked me and the administration over." Choking up, "And that's just damn unpatriotic ,folks. I mean Cheney and Rumsfeld and me. We're the shit. We got your babies killed for oil. What greater expression of omnipotence is their than that. God is afraid to fuck with us. What makes Tenet and Kerry think they can and get away with it? After all, Cheney and Rumsfeld are Phoenix's who sprung from the ass of Richard Nixon."

Powell and Tenet had often gotten into it during cabinet meetings exchanging insults and punches on many occasions. In one mele, Powell threw an errant right at Tenet accidentally knocking Bush unconscious. Karl Rove spent 14 hours coming up with the story about Bush choking on a pretzel when Bush choking on Dick Cheney's tie rod is a lot closer to the truth.

"I made sure, as I said in my presentation, these were multi-sourced," Powell said. "And the mobile port-a-john was the most dramatic of them, and I made sure it was multi-sourced. Who'd a thought an out house on wheels woulda come back and bit me in the ass like this. It had to be those shit monkeys in Langley.

"What does multi-sourced mean? Its another word for RICO. The same lies are agreed upon by a multiple of sources some bribed, some tortured, some klepotcrats and some the kind of anonymous salaried criminals we've got throughout government and private industry.

Now, when the sources fell apart, then we need to find out how we've gotten ourselves in this position of being caught out as the liars that we are who sent tens of thousands of ignorant, stupid, gullible, complicit Amuurcans to murder tens of thousands of Iraqis so a tiny cabal of Cheney handlers through the PNAC could seize control of the second largest oil reserve in the world. I've had discussions with the CIA about it."