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Obama, Homeland Security Shit on the First Amendment, Beating, Trying to Silence Occupy Wall Street Protesters, While Second Amendment Pussies Cower at the Power of the Banksters.
Guns Do Cowards Make.

The Assassinated Press

All my friends got guns. Lotsa guns. And all my friends are dirty. And some live in tents. So what makes them different from the Occupy Wall Street crowd? You fuckiní got it. The guns.

But even though heavily armed, my Second Amendment buddies are cowards, all talk when it comes to Wall Street. I know if most of the shits ainít drunk, theyíre scared of the missus not to mention the cops. But the fuckiní Constitutionís at stake here yet gun owners are acting like a bunch of whiny schoolgirls.

Ainít none of the assholes read it e.g the Constitution. That goes without sayiní. But theyíll scratch their asses and claim theyíll defend it to the death.

But this only applies to the Second Amendment, the mentally abridged version of the Constitution. And only if the entity threatening the Second Amendment is some crystal meth, Glenn Beck induced hallucination that crawls out of TV screen and chases their stinkiní ass all over the double wide.

The NRA is so full of vest wearing pussies who are as we speak being butt fucked by Wall Street. Every true red blooded American, starting with the Occupy Wall Street folks, should refuse to drink with the frightened twats at the NRA.

Gun owners in this USofA are such cunts, as a Brit from the East End might say, Theyíll watch from the safety of a bar stool while unarmed protesters show genuine courage and take shots from the hired junk yard dogs of the kleptocracy.

What pussies gun owners are. They knock back a Coors while somebodyís daughter of 19 gets her head stoved in by an armed NY City Donut Equalizer even as the Coors family puts his shot gun barrel up their gun owning sissy bitch ass.

Cunts and Pussies. Thatís all the gun crowd is. Oh and cowards. What? They think the Koch brothers or Jamie Dimon or Lloyd Blankfein isnít stealing from them too. The big bad gun owners let a bunch of pasty shits rip them off and just sit there. Fuck gun owners. They donítí deserve to own guns.

If thereís one thing I canít stand more than a pussy with a gun. Itís a pussy with a gun whoís afraid to use it when a Koch brother or someone from Goldman Sachs or Rick Santelli comes up behind him and greases his stink hole in preparation for another plunge up his sorry, cancerous, sold down the river sphincter.

Second Amendment? Why even have the fucking thing when itís not there to defend the rest of the Constitution. Otherwise itís just there to defend itself. So gun owners are selfish little pricks along with being Constitutional cowards and timorous twats.

Gun owners. Pussies and cunts once again making the unarmed do all the heavy lifting. What shits gun owners are.

We all know Wall Street isnít going to give up without a fight. If the Occupy movement became a real threat, Obama and his goons would fire on US citizens on behalf of the kleptocracy that owns the entire political class. Obama will kill them by the hundreds. By the thousands if necessary. And Wall Street would throw a party while the berks at the NRA looked on frightened and shaking.

Gun owners are full of hot air and warm shit. They think the best way to keep their guns is to be quiet and play along with Wall Street. But Wall Street donít give shit about them as proven by these decades of fraud and theft which has made gun ownership a ludicrous anachronism.

In Portland, gun owners who support the Occupy Movement wanted to appear at marches and rallies armed. But the Occupy people turned them away.

This was a mistake and a clear underestimation of the murderous psychopathic nature of the enemy banksters on Wall Street. As in China, Egypt and elsewhere, on a personal level, the Occupy protesters cannot afford to fail because they will be hunted down by the powers that be. This kind of vindictive shit seems to be in Obamaís DNA except when it comes from big donors.

I suspect the pussies with the guns, card carrying members of the NRA, will help their victimizers hunt down protesters.

I havenít seen anything but cowardly whiny bitch behavior on the part of the sad frightened gun toting right. Guns doth cowards make.